The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 50

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An embrace between Matt and Caroline only yielded 66 responses to this Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, but it did deliver one that made us laugh out loud.

So, thank you, "Christy," who earns this title after sending in the entry posted below. Who will come out on top next time?

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Caroline and Matt

Caroline (singing): Is this burning, like eternal flame?
Guitarist (thinking): Nope, pretty sure it's just chlamydia.

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Caroline:"You are the hottest fan I've ever dated."
Matt:"And you're the hottest vampire I've ever dated."

Forwood 3 3

Drummer : There's still a chance for Forwood


caroline: matt im so Glad i didnt kill u the first time i bit you matt: oh car.... Wait what (caroline with look of compulsion in her eyes) "you are getting sleepy very sleepy" ( whispers into matts ear) matt breaks out into song: i dont wanna be a chicken i dont wanna be a duck ( caroline runs off in hurry)


Matt: I'm so glad we worked things out Caroline (thinking to herself): I only picked you because your bite isn't fatal like Tyler's.

Rhianna speranzo

"Is this burning an eternal flame?" No thats what a vampire normaly feels when they're about to die


Vampire Barbie and the compelled band.


(thinking to herself)
man, your just not as good as tyler....


Caroline (singing): Is this burning an eternal flame?
Guitarist (thinking): Nope, pretty sure it's just chlamydia.


Matt: You watch me when I am sleeping? I guess that makes you my Edward Cullen!
Caroline (thinking): And you don't even know I'm a vampire.


Matt: Did you hear about Charlie Sheen? He has tiger blood
Caroline (thinking to herself): Mmmm. Tiger's blood has to taste better than bunnies
Caroline (out loud): See ya!
*Caroline runs out at vampire speed*

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