The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 52

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What sort of book does Katherine read? TV Fanatic fan "Laurie" knows, which is why her simple entry - posted underneath the photo below - has been chosen as this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest winner.

Thanks so very much to all who participated, and don't feel badly if you didn't come out on top.

There's always next week!

Deep in Reading

"How to kill an Original For Dummies"

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Katherine: He's gonna propose!
Damon: ...what?
Katherine: The Chief! Ellis Grey wrote that he was going to leave Adele and get down on one knee and propose but I don't think he ever did!


katherine: damn it! why'd the microwave stop working!
damon: well that's what cook-books are for. cant live on frozen food forever.
katherine(thinking):wait a minute..
damon:yaaa, i forgot to tell you, we're cooking dinner for elena.
katherine: great (thinking) now where did i put that bottle of poison?


Damon: I've been reading this thing for seven hours straight and still...nothing.
Katherine: Keep trying, hon. It isn't called "How to Brood Like Stefan Salvatore" for nothing.


Katherine: I love this L. J. Smith's book, but that Katherine is such a bitch!Heeeey... Wait a minute...


Katherine: And so then at the prom, they drop buckets of blood on her to embarrass her- Damon: I thought Carrie was a horror novel, not erotic literature!


Nina(thinking):Lucky Ian , the camera is not on you.I have to be so serious and pretend to read this dusty installation guide of a washer machine...Who has this on him???????


Kathrine (thinking) : I used to be sooooooooo fun when i came back.But they locked me up half of season in that tumb ,now i have to read borring stuff and i have to pretend i want to help Elena!It's "year of the Kat" , remember? Think , Katherine , think!

Lemor aquarius

damon & elena are both looking for hope & love !.


Elana: damon you were so evil Damon: well duh, i am a vampire. Elana:I want him so bad [to herself] Damon: I just want to bite her and make her mine, damn stephan always ruining my fun.


katherine: where is klaus? you, stefan, mason, elijah, jonathan you become all sooo boring, i need another blood type
damon: why not try the tyler? oh no, he's still a puppy...

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