Thomas Dekker Cast as Male Lead on Secret Circle

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The CW has found a male lead for what it hopes will be its next supernatural hit.

Thomas Dekker - best known on the small screen for his role on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - has been cast opposite Brittany Robertson on Secret Circle.

Thomas Dekker Pic

Dekker will portray Ada, the oldest member of a coven of witches and a love interest for Robertson's Cassie.

Secret Circle is based on a book series by L.J. Smith (The Vampire Diaries) and centers on a girl who discovers her role in a long-time battle between good and evil.

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I love you thomas . you are the beSt. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU


I have to admit I am not certain about Thomas Dekker in the role of Adam as well.Hope the show will be good though.


Not the Adam I had always imagined to be... :( And so are some of the other characters

Rhianna speranzo

i think that thomas dekkar is pretty hot but if he is gonna play Adam i think he should be cleaned up a bit. For some reason Adam is a nice cleanly shaved guy in my head. Maybe Nick should look something like this but NOT Adam. Anyways i'll still watch the show


When I saw his picture I thought he was Nick, he looks more like Nick. But hey, Nina Dobrev doesn't look like the Elena from the books and she's done an amazing job, so let's hope he plays a great Adam.


Great choice! He's a great actor. Him and Brittany will look good together too.


The story mite be totally different compared to the books, which wouldn't be a bad thing...
I hope she writes more books like she did after TVD series started


No! Im not really hoping that the characters will look exactly the same as they were described in the books but I don't think Thomas Dekker will be a good fit for Adam. And he's not that good looking (for me) to be liked by Diana and Cassie. Just no. And if they will push through with their choice to make him as Adam, then I'm gonna wait to know who will be playing Nick. He might be the better one. After all, I've been pinning for Nick for Cassie in the novels.


Well I read TVD n True blood n d series are better, but there is a reason that they need to look the way they look. Its sorta integral. Besides they casted well on TVD but they jusy chose the wrong adam. That's all I'm saying.

Matt richenthal

Well said, vampirelover 08. Shows such as PLL and Vampire Diaries and True Blood use books as outlines.... but none of them follow the novels strictly and none of them cast according to the looks of characters in the books.
Those shows have all done rather well for themselves. At least give Secret Circle a chance before you freak out.

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