True Blood Season 4 Teaser: Shirtless, Confused Eric...

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Alexander Skarsgard attended PaleyFest 2011 this weekend in Beverly Hills, bringing something intriguing along with him to the event: A behind-the-scenes teaser video that depicts a shirtless, confused, child-like Eric.

“Things are definitely not stable for Eric,” Skarsgard said of his character's upcoming journey. “He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He’s very lost.”

Might this have something to do with the witches that will play a major role on season four? We'll have to tune in and find out, but fans can enjoy the following tease below for the season to come:

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Eric is SO heading to Sookie's house!


in what book can i read the shower scene? thanks!


does anyone know what to actual date is for season 4 or have they not announced it yet? ERIC IS SOOOOOOO SEXY!! i hope they do show the shower scene!!


is there a nickname for Sookie and Eric yet?
how about Sookeric?


Gosh he looks so absofuckinlutely amazing!So vulnerable and lovable


I'VE RED THE BOOK. there will be a shower scene with eric and sookie and more...


Well, maybe him and Sookie will FINALLY hit it off.


OMG He's HOT!!! I want 4 season, I want shower scene, I WANT TRUE BLOOD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
tired of waiting(((


HAHAHA YES!!! can't wait.


omg we gonna have amnesia eric; maybe also the shower scene!!

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