V Second Season Finale Review: Who Died?

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So much happened on "Mother's Day" that it was almost hard to keep up. How did V bid farewell to this season? Let's break it all down...

V Season Finale Scene

Erica and the Fifth Column devised a plan to make it look like Lisa was captured and held prisoner so that she could finally put an end to Anna by killing her. Of course, Anna survived by playing on Lisa's human emotions. She pretended to care for her daughter in a way that Lisa so badly wanted to believe was valid.

In the end, though, we learned that Anna is pure evil.

Diana had such great plans for her kind. She believed that human emotion was a gift and her people should embrace it. All seemed to be falling into place until Anna came back and showed Lisa how to kill a mother by spearing Diana's heart with her tail. I was expecting more gore, but we got a fill of that later on in the episode when the replacement Lisa killed Tyler.

Poor Tyler. He truly loved Lisa and by the sheer look of horror on her face when her clone mated and then ate him, you could tell Lisa truly loved him, too.

Now Lisa is trapped in the same dungeon where her grandmother was kept for all those years. Why didn't Joshua kill the clone version of Lisa and bring the real Lisa to Tyler? Or, better yet, get the clone to believe that she belonged in the dungeon?

The Fifth Column may not have been the brightest terrorist group to fight against such a powerful force as Anna. Shouldn't they had realized that Anna had technological advances much higher than our species? It was easy for her to figure out who the traitor was. Chad Decker really should not have gone on camera as one of the terrorist. His fate doesn't look to be that promising.

Erica v. Anna

Was I the only person who was clueless on where Kyle went?

Why did Kyle just disappear when he promised Erica that he would be there to follow and support her? I was really hoping that this one-night stand would last longer than an episode or two. Erica needed this type of emotional support and I thought that Kyle could have been that for her.

I was very sad to see that the second main character to die was Ryan.

From the pilot, he had been one of my favorites and to die by the hand tail of his own flesh and blood was sad to watch. All he wanted was a normal family life, but instead he never stopped running from one thing or another. Hopefully, Amy will one day find out the truth about who and what she really is.

Amy became the most surprising character on V. Besides her ability to rapidly grow, we learned in the last few minutes that she could control the human race with her bliss. What would this mean for humankind? If the whole world (minus a few underground) was mind controlled by Amy and Anna, how would anyone be able to stop them?

Erica's boss and partner weren't trying to spy on her for FBI purposes, but for the bigger picture: to recruit her into their underground resistance called Aries. At least Erica isn't alone in her ever-decreasing terrorist group. She is now a part of this other world of people who know that the Visitors are not of peace, always.

This was an epic episode for this series and I hope to see many more like it in the third season. If there is a third season, that is.


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I too was looking for episode 11 tonight, blissfully (pun intended!) unaware that episode 10 was the finale!! It was a brilliant show, I loved all of it and just pray that ABC has the sense to bring it back for at least one more season. V and Dexter should go on forever in my view!!!!


I must agree with you the fifth column has not done anything good ,they are sooooo pathetic they drive me nuts and on top it everything else ryan is dead my favorite....Anna is incredible as the queen actually the all "Visitor cast "is great,the fith column needs to smart up .i cant wait for the next season!it would be nice if josh could fix ryan .


They should have just left the whole thing alone. The first season was bad and the second season was worse. Everything was predictable and tacky. the acting was forgetable, the script and storyline was something my 6yr old son could write. The new V had the advantage of special effects to back up an original and better storyline than the rubbish they had.


That sucked, I'm done w/this show...


Well, I must say that the finale was interesting. But I don't like how they killed off a lot of the characters. Please, Please bring Tyler, Ryan, and Dianna back! Marc Singer and Jane Balder didn't even have a scene together and I loved their scenes in the original V. I also must say that I hope that Amy turns around. She killed her own father without letting him explain! But then again, it's not her fault. She's been brainwashed practically her whole life. I hope that she turns to the fifth column. And yeah, that doesn't make sense that since Joshua knew what was going on and knew that Tyler was Erica's son, that he would allow him to die. After all, he remembered everything. That and Erica is too big an ally for him to make an enemy of and if there is one way to make an enemy of Erica it's allowing her son to be killed or just standing there without warning her when you know her son is going to be killed. I'd like to see the clone Lisa die. Because if the clone dies then Anna will loose a lot of power because her plan revolves on having a next generation of V's, thus why she wanted Lisa to get close to Tyler. But the clone needs to die, and the clone's children. That and Ryan needs to come back and convince his daughter. Dianna needs to come back also, for she would be a great ally to the fifth column. But I must say, I know for sure who's side Erica, Lisa, and the others are on, but who's side is Dianna on? Just because she's against her daughter Anna doesn't mean she's for humanity. And just because she's for emotion doesn't mean she's for humanity. I think she just wants the throne back. After all, she's acted fishy before. Did you see that episode when Lisa gave her that little ball thing that the fifth column uses to communicate? She was smiling almost like Anna does when something goes the way she planned it. And when Dianna was talking to Marcus she was claiming that the fifth column was an enemy and that if Marcus gave her his loyalty then she'd do something about it. So that makes me wonder, is she even trustworthy? Maybe only for now. But once Anna's out of the picture... So anyway, I hope the show is renewed, Tyler turns fifth column but realizes that Lisa really loves him, and I hope they bring back the ones they killed, Tyler, Ryan, and Dianna. Hopefully their only temporary deaths or their some other explanation given so that their alive.


Definitely need a better actress than Elizabeth Mitchell for a lead. Too vanilla!


OMG.. I watched the episode not knowing it was the finale, and then when I was checking to see when episode 11 is going to be aired I found out this is the final episode of season 2!! Ryan Dead! Tyler Dead (thank god), Diana Dead, Lisa is held prisoner, project aries, the whole world is blissed (including Jack) and Hobbes has dissapeared.. OMG, too many events have happened in this episode.. Pleeaaaase let there be a season 3... I was so depressed when I found out it was the finale.. I will cry if I find out the show will be cancelled!!


@Yossarian - The more I look back on it, the episode did leave a bit of a bad taste in your mouth, I agree. Wouldn't like this to be the last episode for a good series. You're right about her not being of royal lineage, her being able to bliss doesn't make a lot of sense from that point. But the full blooded V's would have been blissed many times before, and they would know what is actually happening, and prepare themselves to stop it. Being exposed to things more can make it easier to build up a resistance? Dunno. Probably just trying to make excuses for silly writing :P ... @Tomalak Geret'kal - Lot's of valid points there. But I'm assuming Erica didn't get blissed as the Aries base she was in had some kind of protection in place to prevent bliss? Hopefully there able to fill in these many plot holes with season 3, and make what seems like silly writing actually make sense, and fingers crossed that this isn't where everything is left at, seems like a waste ... Completely sick and tired of good TV shows getting cut off short, so then people who are true fans, get stuck with a unfinished show. Seems the same will be happening with No Ordinary Family ...




I thoroughly enjoyed this episode in many aspects, but I did expect more if this really was the last episode ever. I hate how shows end in a cliffhanger and we never get to find out what happened!
I also agree with everyone else that I am glad Tyler is dead! And bring back Ryan! Save his soul! LOL..

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V Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

And this God you have so much faith in, I hope some day to meet him.


Erica: What the hell are you doing here?
Anna: No one understands what it feels like to have the weight of an entire species on your shoulders, but you. You understand.