V Second Season Finale Review: Who Died?

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So much happened on "Mother's Day" that it was almost hard to keep up. How did V bid farewell to this season? Let's break it all down...

V Season Finale Scene

Erica and the Fifth Column devised a plan to make it look like Lisa was captured and held prisoner so that she could finally put an end to Anna by killing her. Of course, Anna survived by playing on Lisa's human emotions. She pretended to care for her daughter in a way that Lisa so badly wanted to believe was valid.

In the end, though, we learned that Anna is pure evil.

Diana had such great plans for her kind. She believed that human emotion was a gift and her people should embrace it. All seemed to be falling into place until Anna came back and showed Lisa how to kill a mother by spearing Diana's heart with her tail. I was expecting more gore, but we got a fill of that later on in the episode when the replacement Lisa killed Tyler.

Poor Tyler. He truly loved Lisa and by the sheer look of horror on her face when her clone mated and then ate him, you could tell Lisa truly loved him, too.

Now Lisa is trapped in the same dungeon where her grandmother was kept for all those years. Why didn't Joshua kill the clone version of Lisa and bring the real Lisa to Tyler? Or, better yet, get the clone to believe that she belonged in the dungeon?

The Fifth Column may not have been the brightest terrorist group to fight against such a powerful force as Anna. Shouldn't they had realized that Anna had technological advances much higher than our species? It was easy for her to figure out who the traitor was. Chad Decker really should not have gone on camera as one of the terrorist. His fate doesn't look to be that promising.

Erica v. Anna

Was I the only person who was clueless on where Kyle went?

Why did Kyle just disappear when he promised Erica that he would be there to follow and support her? I was really hoping that this one-night stand would last longer than an episode or two. Erica needed this type of emotional support and I thought that Kyle could have been that for her.

I was very sad to see that the second main character to die was Ryan.

From the pilot, he had been one of my favorites and to die by the hand tail of his own flesh and blood was sad to watch. All he wanted was a normal family life, but instead he never stopped running from one thing or another. Hopefully, Amy will one day find out the truth about who and what she really is.

Amy became the most surprising character on V. Besides her ability to rapidly grow, we learned in the last few minutes that she could control the human race with her bliss. What would this mean for humankind? If the whole world (minus a few underground) was mind controlled by Amy and Anna, how would anyone be able to stop them?

Erica's boss and partner weren't trying to spy on her for FBI purposes, but for the bigger picture: to recruit her into their underground resistance called Aries. At least Erica isn't alone in her ever-decreasing terrorist group. She is now a part of this other world of people who know that the Visitors are not of peace, always.

This was an epic episode for this series and I hope to see many more like it in the third season. If there is a third season, that is.


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Now I regret watching the show. I don't like being fed with great cliffhangers yet the show's future is very unlikely. However, I really loved that they killed Tyler. That's just his purpose on the show - to be the breeding shit for the V's. Also, I don't like Ryan being dead. He started the show great with very much potential for characterization. But when season 2 came and he had that freak of a baby, they just ruined that potential and now they don't have a choice but to kill him. I hope Joshua revives him! Also, I don't like the blissing humans thing, it's just stupid and seems to be very hard to resolve. And oh, that Project Aries was just awesome! Now we are sure we get to see some action, IF EVER the show returns. And where's Kyle? Don't kill him please, he's the only hot character in the show! :) If there's no season 3, a wrap up episode will suffice just to unhang the cliffhangers! Please!


So, since this show will most likely be cancelled, we have to settle for mankind being enslaved for ever by....Bliss? That's almost as bad as extracting the soul. Who came up with these upsurd ideas? Who's idea was it to bring Jane Badler back only to have her in a dungeon for 9 episodes? Probably the same people who wrote for these cardboard characters that really didn't have any debth.
The show had potential but the show runner ran it into the ground and killed the show.


Worst dumbest show ever. Good luck explaining that disaster of an episode next season. Not like there will be a next season.


I was a fan of the show since it first premiered. Where was Hobbsss?? How about when Marcus over heard Lisa and Erica talking. He heard it all right??? Didnt tell Anna, he seems a off to me. Lisa is the dumbest bitch alive, cant stand her at all. she should know her mothers intentions. She always ruins everything. I saw right through Anna from day one, and she had first hand experience and still didnt have a clue. Killing Tyler was amazing for all of us but do you really think it was the real Tyler??? I dont think they would do that to Erica. Diana didnt do much of anything for me, when I heard she was coming I thought she was going to change everything but all she did was talk and led her no where. Ryan got on my nerves this season so if he is dead for good, I could care less. His daughter story line was dumb too and they should of gave the viewers more clues of her powers from the beginning. I really dont believe that Joshua went according to Anna's plan because he was a huge part last season, you know he had something up his sleeves. I hope they renew the series its the only sci-fi show I ever watched and I loved it. They did rush alot in the finale but I liked it. Please bring it back, but I am certain 100% positive it wont be returning.


Haha, i love how most people here can't stand Tyler! I'm glad i'm not the only one with an irrepresible urge to punch him.
Now, this episode was awesome! Yes, i agree it's a little odd how a young, inexperienced girl can Bliss the whole human population - even if she's a hybrid, because that's a skill only the Queen and her descendants have. The girls is not of royal lineage (as someone else here said).
I really hope that there is a season 3 because otherwise it's kinda cruel that there are all these unresolved plot lines. Just one more episode could have wrapped the series more neatly...but a Season 3 is still necessary!!
Poor Diana, thank goodness for Tyler, didn't care much for Ryan...why didn't he tell his daughter "Anna stole you from me, I've been trying to rescue you for a long time but Anna kept getting in the way " - he deserved his death for his lack of tact, i think.


LOVED this episode!!!!!!! I really do hope they bring this show back - there's so much that needs explaining. I agree it is a little strange that Amy could bliss the entire world, but Anna couldn't. Obviously it has to do with her being half human. Hopefully Tyler is dead...he annoyed me. Where in the world is Kyle!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


I thought parts of the finale were excellent in terms of twists and turns but also had a lot of questions about things. I am not sure that Tyler is really dead, Joshua knew what was going to happen and he had plenty of time to clone Tyler in some way. His character is somewhat annoying but how will Erica go on without him? Ryan, no way he is really dead, first, so sick a way to go, 2nd again Joshua is back on the human's side, so he can revive him. What about Marcus, he comes clean, why? Anna is his queen again or did he think she would find out about him realized she figured out that the voice was Chad? Diana is dead (is she, does anyone die on this show if they are no immolated?) Now one thing that did really bug me was how Diana died. Last time I checked there was no way to "beam in" on this show, so how did 6 people wind up on a round stage behind Diana and she never saw them coming? Really? Anna..."that's the way you kill your mother" Oh s...t that was so cold - what a line. The Project Aries thing....well I figured we weren't total morons someone had to be planning something, but not sure how that will play out. There will be a season 3 I am sure but it will end up on SYFY, ABC never knew what to do with this show. Overall I would give the finale a B+ and look forward to how Lisa is going to get out of prison in season 3. BTW why doesn't Anna just kill Diana/Lisa and the rest? Didn't she ever watch a James Bond movie? Every time you leave someone hanging around for revenge or that really slow spectacular death you have planned for them it always comes back to you in the ass!


@Brad_Of_Aus Something about your explanation doesn't sit well with me. Yeah, she is half-human half-V, so she has the capacity to understand human emotion more so than Anna. However, you should remember that there are V's capable of resisting the Anna's bliss; a full-blooded V that is able to resist the allure of the Queen's bliss. The Queen! So something seems amiss when this half-human hybrid, with no royal lineage, blisses the ENTIRE population on the surface of the Earth. I highly doubt there will be a season three after this. And doubt even further that the writers will be able to explain themselves. Kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you realize this will be the last episode.


I for one really liked the show! The finale was cool especially since they killed Tyler! What a way to go! Did feel sorry for Lisa and she did a pretty good job this episode. I wasn't a fan of the actress but she seemed to have pulled it together. Seeing Jack Blissed was sad but he should be able to resist. I hope Chad does not die. I was beginning to like his character. And Ryan what a waste! I liked his character! I hope he somehow survives! As for Hobbs why would be people like him? He's a messed up guy that got Erica's husband killed! Granted he was manipulated but he's been playing both sides for way to long. The guy is going to get his! Hope they don't cancel the show! Keep it going ABC!!!


This is going to go down as yet another cliffhanger that makes people clamor for more, but it will end up being the series finale. I don't see ABC renewing it. If they had any commitment to it at all they would have given it a full season not half of one. So V is probably this year's Flash Forward. Oh well, maybe they will continue it in the comics like they are doing with Jericho, Buffy and Angel.

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And this God you have so much faith in, I hope some day to meet him.


Erica: What the hell are you doing here?
Anna: No one understands what it feels like to have the weight of an entire species on your shoulders, but you. You understand.