V Review: "Uneasy Lies the Head"

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Erica Evans proved to be the leader that the Fifth Column needed on this week's episode, "Uneasy Lies the Head."

In order to stop Anna from moving forward with her plan, Erica infected a bunch of humans. She knew that there was no guarantee of what the virus could do, but she moved forward anyway.

Uneasy Lies the Head Scene

Not many people could pull off the attack she did without feeling any remorse. And from the looks of it, Jack wasn't too pleased with her actions.

After Erica took an extreme chance by double tapping the security guard and then distinctly lying about the entire operation, I doubt Jack will ever look at her the same again. Might this mean Jack is opting out of the Fifth Column? Going forward, how will he be able to be okay with innocents loosing their lives because of their actions?

I am still unsure how I feel about Diana and whether or not the Fifth Column could really trust her. She claims to be against Anna, but does that really mean she is on the human race's side?

It was also rather shocking to find out that Marcus is on Diana's side. Having Marcus be Dianna's biggest ally only worries me that whatever she's planning isn't any better than her daughter's scheme.

Since last year, Marcus has been Anna's right hand man. Killing any Visitor that may be a traitor or show feelings. Now, we learn that he has stronger ties to Diana. Does this mean that he believes in human emotion? Now that he knows the truth about what happened to Dianna, which side will Marcus choose?

Lisa proved herself to be a good ally by helping Ryan escape. Ryan promised his daughter that he would be back for her, but when Anna gets word that Ryan is gone, why wouldn't she use her powers to cause his child pain again?

Kyle admitted that the Visitors killed someone he loved to Erica. This scene either proved that Kyle is a great liar or he truly believed that his wife was killed. I like Kyle, but I am still not sure if I fully trust him. He was the reason why Erica's ex-husband died, wasn't he?

Was I the only one shocked to see Kyle at Erica's door at the end of the episode? We all knew something was going to go down when he pulled out the bottle of liquor. What I wasn't expecting was how hot the scene would be. This was primarily due to their ridiculously in shape bodies.

I am glad the writers finally put in a love story for Erica, but I'd still like to see something go down with her and Jack.

The episode ends with Tyler getting the first dose of human DNA from Anna. This serum is imperative to Ana's plans to impregnate and rule the human race. Since this week's operation failed, I can't wait to see how the Fifth Column plans to stop Anna and her plans to move forward next week.

What did everyone else think?


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This show gets better every week. I hope ABC picks it up for another season. I loved he end with Hobbes and Erica. They both needed some stress relief and I never saw Erica getting together with Jack. Now I can't wait for next week.


WOW.... cold shower time. I love Hobbes so seeing him with no tight shirt on.... yummy. The show needed some sex (besides Lisa and Tyler, which is disturbing to watch). I don't like Hobbes and especially Erica becoming so ruthless and alienating (haha) Jack, but you'd have to be in a situation like this.
Sorry but I've never seen Jack getting together with Erica - he's a priest and doubt he'd have sexual feelings for her.
Marcus against Anna - interesting and yeah, totally out of nowhere.
Joshua coming back - excellent.
Does anyone really think they'll tell us who survives the "bloodbath"???????
If all episodes were like this one V would not be in danger. Please please write to ABC (handy Contact ABC link on their page) and ask for more. A proper final season would be good to have.


We don't know at all that Marcus has stronger ties to Diana than to Anna. All we know is that -- bloody ages ago -- Marcus had strong ties to Diana. How does Diana know that working for Anna for all this time hasn't changed his mind?


I think that this was one of the most well rounded episodes of the season which has proved to be very consistent so far. Focusing on the main thread, it is evident that they are taking Erica Evans on a journey, bringing her to the edge of darkness whilst exploring topics of justification and sanctification. Hobbs and Landry are being used as a physical manifestation of these two topics. Like attracts like, and right now the loss of Erika's husband and the abscence of her son has effectivly caused her to lose her heart and soul rendering 'Erica' dead. The more she delves into the darkness the more she pushes Jack away who values the heart, soul and sanctity of life above all else, and the more she gravitates towards Kyle who is also lost. It's been proven in literature time and again that acts of passion commited in moments of intense grief are doomed to destroy the relationship of those involved. The unlikely couple have cut their own switch and unknowingly started a chain that now can never end with them finding happiness together. Whether Erica and Jack will hook up is yet to be seen. I predict that her dark streak will climax resulting in her having to experience a painful process of redemption in which Jack will play a major part. Sorry For the mini essay... I do a lot of writing ;)

Alyssa lucker rawls

The only thing I can say is 'GET SOME ERICA'. Erica needs some romance in her life, even if it is only a fling. She and Hobbes both are emotionally scarred so it makes sense they would comfort each other. There is more to Hobbes than meets the eye. He used to be one of the good guys before he turned terrorist, and that my friends, is what we need. More Hobbes backstory and to find out what happened to him. I think we'll find he's more altruistic than he lets on. Perhaps this will play out like it did for Erica's ex, Joe. Hobbes finally saves Sara from the V's and inadvertently she gets killed by something that Erica does without telling the rest of the group she's doing. It would serve the purpose of being able to keep Hobbes and Erica together.
As for Jack, he just left the priesthood. I don't think sex is on his mind right now. Maybe later on as he adjusts to not being a priest, but in essence..that kinda creeps me out. He needs to distance himself from being a priest before I would even think of him as a love interest.
Erica is turning a little more mercenary, but as horrible as that sounds, she's doing the right thing. It's gonna take someone with an iron stomach to have to fight the V's outright and in SECRET no less. I think when she finally meets Marc Singer's character in the last episode though, she will gain some powerful allies in addition to the 5th column. It will be nice to finally see that our government isn't completely taken in by the V's and they'll probably be able to offer Erica some sort of immunity, or better yet, somehow take her off the 5th column task force and assign her to something else that will enable her to work full time with 5th column and not having to tap dance around the FBI anymore.


I am old enough to remember the original V. All I can say is "wow" and "wow". I hope they can keep the series going and I am excited to see new revelations each week. Cannot wait to see where the writers are going. Will they keep to the original as they have been doing or are the going off on different tangents? I cannot wait till next week.


Most of the episode was okay, but I LOVED the end! This seems to be a pattern with V. I think Erica did the right thing, but she probably should've reassured Jack a bit more - like told him that though she feels bad that these people died, it was necessary to save the lives of billions of people who COULD die. Of course, I LOVED Kyle and Erica - I think it's about time they hooked up! I liked that he opened up to her a little bit, and she told him that she wasn't really doing too well. As for Erica/Jack - honestly, I know it's going to happen at some point, but he annoys me so much. If she was with him, she'd have to sugarcoat everything for him - he's so hesitant and oversensitive, it's ridiculous. Can't wait to see how Kyle/Erica act next episode -- so much SQEEEEEEEEEE! :D


I see they're turning Erica into Hobbes' kind of woman - a cold-blooded bitch. And I don't like it.

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V Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Tyler's gone. Anna took him from me. If we are going to win this war, we need to stick a dagger in Anna's plan.


Now that I've decapitated the leader of the Fifth Column, my plans can go ahead on schedule.