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Wow. That sums up the reaction to last week's Criminal Minds, for better and for worse.

After bidding farewell to A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster - the latter in what really felt like a season finale Wednesday - how does the show pick up on March 30?

“We are all reeling, and yet, there is work to be done, and there’s a case we need to summon our professionalism for and dive into,” Thomas Gibson (Hotch) says.

Hotch Close-Up

Gibson in last week's powerful and controversial episode, "Lauren."

“We have a community who needs us, and they need us no less in that particular moment in our family’s history, no less than they would in any other moment. I think as the unit chief, [Hotch] is trying to keep everybody focused and keep himself on track as well."

"It’s something that obviously could be a cause for collapse," Gibson tells Entertainment Weekly, "but there’s simply too much at stake to let that happen.”

As chief and backbone of BAU, Gibson says Hotch takes his role even more seriously as the loss of Emily Prentiss threatens to briefly derail them.

“She feels like one of the essential limbs of the team, and now that limb has been cut off and they are missing it and missing her. They very acutely feel the loss,” he says.

“I think, at that point, he doesn’t have internal dialogue about that. I think the internal dialogue needs to take place, and it will take place at an appropriate time and moment, but it should not take away from the time the team is needed and when they need him.”

“There are going to be repercussions emotionally, and it’s not going to be easily digested and moved on from.”

While Cook and Brewster are gone, if not forgotten, Rachel Nichols (Seaver) is here to say.

Is there a chance she and Matthew Gray Gubler's Reid might forge a romantic connection?

Probably not, says the actor, who seems to have other ideas for a Reid love interest:

“I think Reid’s girl would be more of a champion knitter. I think he would fall in love with someone who couldn’t kick down a door. He’d be happy with a masseuse, or a woman who makes candles, or a champion yodeller. Oh, or a Himalayan Sherpa,” says MGG.

“Someone from the Himalayan mountains would be his dream girl.”

Well, there you have it. Tough luck, Seaver.

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They need to bring back the orginal crew and leave Hotch on there the show is excellent I have been watching this show since the first time it aired and never miss and episode .Please dont keep destroying it by replacing character . When does the new epoisodes begin cant want Jean


WTF... CBS could have just put a white refrigerator instead of this new girl and I bet the refrigerator would have shown more personality and would've been alot more interesting I feel insulted, first they take JJ and Emily " oh Emily " and expect us to just keep watching the show ?!?!?!? FYI: more make-up and tighter clothing will not make this girl interesting,


Let's pretend I am from the Himalayans. xoxo


I guess tonight she grad how excited are we she is a expert now.
I just dont get that they think we should buy all this. The show is just not the same without jayjay and emily. Something needs to be done about this.


Crinminal Minds has done these before its nothing new back in season 4 they had a storyline of terrorism in which they try to blow up a Hostpatle where the president was at


I can't believe they would hurt a major show that is doing so great to start another that you are not even sure how it will do!!! By the way its awful so for !!! Here you got rid of two great characters of the show. JayJay has been with the show from the start and was a great accect of the show. That wasn't enough damage to the show when you got rid of her, then this happens. Then to even bring someone new who has not even finished her schooling for this line of work and then try to pass her off to us as someone as good as jayjay or emily is so wrong. For one thing we are not that dumb and you are damaging a great show that is loved by so many. what is wrong with cbs everytime they have such a great show going they just down right ruin it.


i just started watching the show and have seen alot of the episodes that they have on a&e and ion television and then i watched the luaran episode they had on cbs and i am so mad that they decided to break up the team now i mean come on cbs what were you guys thinking who ever produced the show is going to force them to come back cause they are going to lose millions of viewers


@micchael: OK, International espionage and terrorism are also investigated by the FBI, but they not in line with the character of the show. That's what I should have said. The BAU hardly ever develops profiles based on single events.
In any case, I am not watching another episode until they unfix the fix of the show that wasn't broken. :-)


I hate the fact that CBS made Cook and Brewster leave! Criminal Minds was EXCELLENT the way it was!!! I hate this new character. They think that ANY female character is going to cut it for us and guess what CBS it's not! Not just any female character will do. I hate this forced character. She will never replace Cook. It's just not the same. They cut out 2 female characters, what now? I'm just waiting on who's going to get cut. I really hope it's not Hotch. They've been kinda hinting in earlier episodes that Morgan would make a good leader...so let's hope this doesn't happen because I will stop watching.


I agree no Office love that why I hate the people who want Ziva and Tony to get together

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