When Will Tyler Return to The Vampire Diaries?

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Is Tyler Lockwood at werewolf camp?

We doubt it, but Michael Trevino joked about that possibility over the weekend at an event in Chicago. The Vampire Diaries star seemed legitimately unsure about what Tyler would be up to when he returned to Mystic Falls, but he did let slip that we'll soon see the new werewolf again.

"The night shoots are bad," Trevino told reporters on the scene. "I got picked up at 8 a.m. this morning in Atlanta, and I wrapped at 4 a.m. last night."

How do we know this confirms an appearance by Tyler on season two?

Because a TV Fanatic reporter is on the set in Atlanta right at this very moment! Return every day this week for an update on what's going on, exclusive interviews and intriguing spoilers.


This makes me very happy, I am team forwood all the way and I love the chemistry between Tyler & Caroline. Just hoping neither one of them die in the Season Finale.


just saw this! love michael's character tyler, glad to hear he'll be back soon. look forward to a possible love triangle between matt/caroline/tyler. just want to agree with the Forwood fans, totally loved caroline/tyler together, they are so amazing to watch.


Forwood fans this is what Julie Plec said on a recent interview! The beauty of Candice as Caroline goes right back to the pilot when she’s like “Why doesn’t anybody ever pick me?� You see this bitchy mean girl that’s is exposing her most vulnerable fear that she’ll always be the second choice. One of our goals when we went into season two was we have to give our family, our team, let them shine. Kevin’s the one who came up with the idea to turn Caroline into a vampire, we already knew Tyler would be a werewolf. The two of them have this terrific chemistry so we were able to tell both of their stories at the same time and they took on a life of their own both individually and as romantic potential pairing that has given us a lot of opportunity.


I really love his reaction when he realises he accidently spilled that he is back. Cutest thing ever.


please please come back next season tyler don't die I love him and caroline and I hope they can get together.


I'm not a big fan of Tyler, but I really liked Trevino in this interview!


YES YES YES !! And when he comes back i hope he is all sexy wolf badass !! They better not kill him off because his caracter and storyline with caroline deserve a season 3 !!!


THANKS TV Fanatic for going out there and get every info you can get for us.. You the best!!! I am sure Tyler will be back no doubt about it....

Gaby ee

I really hope Tyler doesn't die!


Tylers coming back and hopefully the main reason is Caroline!

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