Who is Getting Knocked Up on 90210?

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Naomi is totally getting knocked up.

On TV columnist Michael Ausiello's Facebook page this week, he announced that a 90210 character will discover she's pregnant on the show's May 16 season finale.

So, why do we suspect Naomi as the mother-to-be?

Max and Naomi

Because previous spoilers revealed that something will take place between Max and Naomi later this season that will prompt the former to stick around into season four.

This pretty much settles it, doesn't it? Or do you suspect someone else will get pregnant? Sound off now in our 90210 forum.


i cant stand annie! she is just annoying and def. does not deserve liam who is amazing. So i think annie should get knocked up by liams brother. Although it would be sad to watch liam hurt it would be entertaining to watch annie suffer. Ugh i really dislike her character she is a brat. Liam needs someone spontaneous and exciting. also someone attractive annies to plain.


The pregancy storyline has already been done by the best actress on this show: Jessica Lowndes. Has anyone else noticed how practically every storyline this season is the exact same as those in the previous two seasons?


i hope it's liam and annie!!! ilove them together sooo, much. And everyone has been waiting for them to get together from the begining so they can hardly kill the relationship soon but it may get boring if they carry it on to long so they need to add a twist in to keep it alive.They would make amazing parents they should get married and everything. And lets face it there kids would be beau!!


If they do an abortion storyline, I will quit watching.


I do hope it's Naomi because it will be interesting (in my opinion) and I really love Max so far and want him to stick around for a long time! However, something's telling me that it's going to be Silver.


@lannie I do hope it is Annie actually give a good twist and it was just a role everybody gotta start somewhere


i think and hope it is Ivy...


God it's going to be painfull watching mccord butcher this.


I hope it's Annie and her and Liam decide to keep the baby, that would be an interesting twist on the storyline and also allow their relationship to grow stronger as they are adorable together!!! Please not Naomi as Max is really annoying and just reminds me of how he strangled loads of women in desperate housewives!!!!


awww... Max is too cute to be a daddy.. :D

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.