Who Will Get Whacked on Bones?

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It's looking increasingly likely that someone on Bones is going to die.

This development has been hinted for months, and was foreshadowed more than ever in last week's episode. The sniper, Jacob Broadsky, is not going down quietly - and before his story concludes this spring, will claim the life of someone we know.

But who's it going to be?

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Will someone close to Brennan and Booth breathe their last?

Says executive producer Stephen Nathan to TV Line:

“Our people work in a very dangerous and risky job,” Nathan says, ominously. “One of them will realize the extent of that danger. And it will be shocking.”

It sounds like the sniper story may serve as a means of bringing B-squared together, but at the same time, it could also tear the Jeffersonian team apart.

Gulp. One early theory - that Hannah would be felled by the sniper - is off the table after her breakup with Booth. But what about Daisy? Or someone even bigger?

Share your comments and theories here.

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a lot of people seem to think that max might die, but i just have to say that he is in the promo pics for the finale. hope someone is a little happier to hear that.
a character i would really hate to be killed off is caroline. i mean, not as much as the fully awesome regulars (e.g. bones, booth, angela and hodgins) but i adore her character. she is so strong and i don't think she should die.
i think though that maybe it could be cam. she was meant to die in the man in the cell, so she is 4 seasons overdue. i know hart loved the character and all, but maybe she has been there for longer than he wanted. and every episode i find numerous more reasons that i don't like her. she's just so unlikeable.
but saying that, i don't have any preferance to who should die. i love all the characters too much. a loss of just one person is going to be devastating.
what i dont understand, is why does everyone think daisy is a goner??


One of the theories I seem to see the least is the most likely in my opinion: Dr. Zack Addy.
Scenario: Something happens, Zack gets out of McKinley Mental Institution, sniper finds out, boom, bye-bye Zackaroni. Even if Zack doesn't get out, the sniper might see him going to the mental institution instead of prison as escaping the legal system and find some way to kill him inside the Institution. Or Broadsky could be trying to kill someone else and Zack gets in the way. Anyway, no matter how he dies, Brennan will be upset. The Jefforsonian loved Zack, that much was obvious in Pain In The Heart and the Broadsky's goal is to hurt Booth. The best way to hurt Booth is to hurt Brennan. Remember the name of episode in which we find out Zack is aided Gormogon? The Pain In The Heart. The Hole In The Heart. I think that's just a strange coincidence, but still... I do not want Zack to die, but I think it is most certainly possible.


Sorry what I mean is "I am not sure about this but for sure this person should have the most emotional attachment to the whole team and BB, because the title speaks for it "The Hole in the Heart"


I also think of the possibility of Caroline being killed, it may also be Max but he's not a part of team but he may be a target because of his criminal past. Bones might be put to danger and get killed but miraculously survive, which might make her open to some things that science can't explain. I am sure about this but for sure this person should have the most emotional attachment to the whole team and BB, because the title speaks for it "The Hole in the Heart"


I love Bones and i have to say Hannah's story line was awful and was not interesting at all. Now if some one were to die i think it might be Bones father. He always has danger around him, it might put Booth and Bones closer together. Angela is a runner up since now she is prego with the posibility of a blind baby(hope not). Although the sniper kills ppl he thinks are some how wrong or bad. Caroline is the only one that fits that description. I sure dont want her gone too.

Sue ann

I am second to none in wishing to never see either Daisy or Sweets again. However, it seems irrational to say that the lab squints have a dangerous job (except when Hodgins is blowing something up). Bones is the only lab person with logical danger attached to her activities, if one assumes that killers are aware of her. The FBI characters, on the other hand, have more dangerous jobs, to a degree. It makes no real sense to kill off Sweets or Caroline, because it requires a suspension of disbelief to which I cannot reach, but they won't kill off Booth, because he is the star of the show. Gordon Gordon Wyatt no longer works for the FBI. I fear for Caroline. I really love her character, more every time I see her, and losing her would be a bitter pill to swallow. The writers already proved to my satisfaction that they are idiots, though, with the Hannah story line, so anything is possible.

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