Will Callie Lose the Baby on Grey's Anatomy?

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Grey's Anatomy has played the miscarriage card before. Is Callie headed for a similar tragedy in the wake of the car accident that set the stage for this week's episode?

Obviously, the question of whether her unborn child with Mark will survive the accident is a major question of the musical event that has been hyped for weeks on end.

Will Callie and the baby make it? Here's what Sara Ramirez had to say:

Sara Sings!

Sara in the studio prepping for her biggest episode yet.

"Maybe Callie getting pregnant with Mark's child isn't really an accident in the bigger picture," the Tony winner teased to TV Guide. "This child may teach Callie, Arizona, and Mark something they had no idea they needed to learn and grow from."

What do you think she means by that? Will tragedy strike? Or will they all come out of this fine, with a renewed commitment to their unconventional family unit?

Comments and theories are welcomed below ...

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OMG this was the best episode yet. I absolutly love this episode. It added sparkle and jazz to the show.


OMFG I loved the musical episode. It really added to the emotion of the episode. Has anyone seen ahead as to wether sophia die or live?


I think the episode was fantastic i love callies singing it is beutiful!!! And the baby is going to live i am sure of that.


Im with Stacey Herzog stop the singing I love the show and especially the great dialog and I feel like the singing took away from the show. Not to say they were to go at it but I feel like the singing took away from the severity if the situation.


I LOVE Callie & Arizona together!!! Their storyline is by far the most interesting! They need a wedding. The Music Event was phenomenal, especially the scenes with Arizona by Callie's bedside. Heart-wrenching. And for the record, Sara Ramirez better be getting an Emmy nomination for her role as Callie. She has won us over this season boy! Such a powerful actress! Callie's baby needs to live. They cannot kill this baby off! Only 3 more episodes left in the season from what i understand. Praying that this intense Callie/Arizona storyline continues! Season 7 has been a huge comeback for Greys thanks to Jessica Capshaw & Sara Ramirez!!!


dont know about anybody else but i loved this episode it was something different for a change.also didnt know there where many good singers on greys good job to all.


The chances of a baby born at 23 weeks survivng is between 4-10%. If this baby makes it, it's a miracle indeed...


stop the singing. I'm confused as whether they want me to be concerned for the character or turn away because it's too embarassing to watch. it's one thing if they were singing around Callie, who may have a severe brain injury, but to sing when they're nowhere near her...They don't come off as her hallucinating these things and I think someone became too GLEE obsessed. Bad choice.


This is just plain terrible, I'm just watching to see if they knock her off. This show was starting to get better after a drought but its falling back into the abyss.


My God this episode is absolutely absurd. Just trying to be hip and definitely not making it.

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