All My Children and One Life to Live: Cancelled!

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It's been a good, multi-decade run for the world of daytime dramas.

But it effectively came to an end today, as ABC announced the cancellation of both All My Children and One Life to Live. The soap operas have been around since 1970 and 1968, respectively. They will be replaced by two talks show: The Chew starring Mario Batali and The Revolution starring Tim Gunn.


Said Brian Frons, ABC's Daytime President: "We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways. A perfect example of this is The View, and that factored into our decision."

All My Children will go off the air in September, while One Life to Live will follow in January.

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Upon hearing this news I felt like I was getting a diagnosis of only 6 months more to live, a very sad turn of events. Just what we need another cooking show, and another talk show. They must be kidding! Do they really think we're going to watch that? What a joke! After OLTL is off the air and I can't watch Erika Slezak at her best anymore I will never watch an ABC show again, ever!!!!! Good thing I have years worth of OLTL shows in my archives.


This is totally crazy. Just what we want is another cooking show and some revolutionary
Show. We have enough of those already. I am done with ABC. Why did they move
All My Children to California? How many people uprooted their family? You are taking so many jobs away for a cooking show? Don't you realize we love watching some mindless television where
We don't have to concentrate on our problems. I started watching All My Children
With my mother 40 years ago. ABC. You suck


I will also stop all abc shows!! And I watch mostly abc. Did you take into account now that tons of time shifting goes on that you have no idea who and how many are watching?? every person I know time shifts to the dvr or tapes on the soap channel. now almost every show is some non scripted junk...I am so tired of it at least give us some variety.....and I just wont watch...have a great life abc. And I am not one to ever comment on anything so statistically that means there are hundreds of thousand of me with the same opinion and I loved good morning america but I too will find another morning show....and they just got their act back together..AMC was really getting some story lines. what a mess up you have made. some things you keep for programming purposes I promise you I PROMISE the replacements announced wont get anywhere...because we dont need more like that. IF it was something creative , but those are reproductions of no go shows or like talk trying to iduplicate
the view it cant and should not be done....and then you turn around and do it!! shame on you!!.....


I have watched these two shows from day one.There are so many devoted watchers,I don't know why you would cancel a sure thing and for a talkshow none the less,come on ABC, you just lost me as a viewer.Sorry I won't be watching the new talk shows or any other ABC show, after you cancel my OLTL!


thats sad i love them 2 shows now i dnt no wat 2 do is there a way 2 get it bace on help us soap watchers


So sad-yes they are canceling more soaps and replacing it more talk shows as it costs way less to put on a talk show instead of paying actors.. But "WE" the viewers DON'T want more talk you get it...WE DON'T WANT MORE TALK SHOWS...I will also be boycotting ABC..I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!


I am so disappointed with ABC about cancelling my favorite show, One Life to Live! It is the best written and most interesting soap on ABC. I have lost interest in GH with all its mob storylines. If they realy take them off the air, I as a soap fan will be watching soaps on another channel!!!


i am sooo heart broken that oltl will no longer be airing ive been watching it for as long as i can remember and i want to knw if there is anything that us fans can do to change this? really for cooking shows...who says that cooking shows are better then soap opera's i for one do not agree!!!!!!!


If All My Children and One life To Live are cancelled I am also done with all ABC programs. I love Good Morning America,The Bachelor,Dancing with the Stars and quite a few other shows,but if these 2 shows are cancelled I promise I will be watching The Today Show,NBC network news, etc. I will never watch any show on ABC again. That is a promise.


I watched AMC since I was a little girl. The reason people watch these shows is an escape from their real life. Maybe we have a lot of problems and don't want to watch another talk show talking about"real issues." Maybe some of us have enough reality in our lives including unpayable bills, desperately seeking a job in this economy and can't work out having a love life if they tried. That is why I go to movies, watch TV and go to the theater. I don't want to listen to some more people talking about all the problems. I feel bad for the actors who are going to lose their jobs. You can bet they won't be watching those talk shows. Neither will I. I used to have a job where I worked late afternoons and nights, so I missed some of the evening programing and I watched some daytime. When is this going to happen? I hope they don't just leave the storylines hanging in the air. Hope the talk shows bomb.

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