American Idol Cuts Fan Favorite; Field Down to Six

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American Idol bid farewell to a performer last night that:

  1. Has been a fan favorite since the start
  2. Has been in the bottom three already
  3. Has been on borrowed time for weeks

As American Idol results shows go, this was not a big surprise. The bottom three were more or less predictable, as was the one aspirant sent home Thursday.

So who's out? Haley Reinhart, Jacob Lusk or Stefano Langone?

Stefano Langone on Idol

It was a good run, but Stefano Langone has reached the end of the road.

The wild-card finalist from Kent, Wash., was probably lucky to make it this far, and harbors no hard feelings about his ouster from the competition.

Asked by Ryan Seacrest how Idol had changed his life, Stefano replied: "It started my career, man. That's something you can't put a price on."

"That's everything. I'm so blessed. I came this far. It's great; it really is."

What do you think? Did America make the right call this week? Did Stefano deserve to go, or would you have preferred he stick around longer?

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Haley has grown on me too!!! Jake doesn't have that great of a voice, but if he does what I say to do, he will do well with a gospel back up!!!


Haley sing "American Boy," Take me on a trip I'd like to go somewhere. Casey sing "Tupelo Honey," by Van Morrison. James Durbin sing "Southern Man," by Neil Young. Scotty sing the Country version of Michael Bubly's "I wanta go home," and Jake sing "Looking for you," by Kurt Franklin and get a whole gospel backup!!! I haven't thought of a good song for Lauren yet. I'll get back on that one. How about Shania Twang?


Stefano should have gone next week; Jacob should have gone this week. Haley may be the underdog, but I actually really want her to win!