Bones Review: "The Truth in the Myth"

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This week Bones added another fluff episode to its repertoire, this one dealing with mythical creatures and titled "The Truth in the Myth."

The content was okay, but it was not the plot-heavy, edge-of-your-seat case or B&B moment that I have desired for such a long time.

I appreciated the Nigel Murray confessions, but even those felt contrived and, quite frankly, awkward. The only redeeming thing about it was Hodgins insistence that he wasn't angry over Nigel Murray's lies about sleeping with Angela. The prank was juvenile, but funny.

Hodgins and Brennan Picture

Contrived is also a very good word to describe the two instances of laughter which Brennan partook in during this episode. She laughed once at the "moon" comments that Booth made, which, I have to admit, was kind of funny. But it immediately got old when she laughed at Nigel Murray's confession about telling his friends they were "lovers."

It was so out of place, borderline creepy, and sincerely felt forced.

What were kind of natural and funny were the moments when Booth swore he couldn't laugh, lest he drive the car off the road. If that wasn't the smoothest "I don't think you're funny" brush-offs, then I don't know what was. Funny thing is, I think Brennan actually bought it.

On another front, I have also begun to notice a disturbing trend emerge in Bones as of late, and that's the tendency for the show to reveal the culprit in the closing five minutes.

They spend the entire episode building the case and weeding through the suspects and evidence, only to have minimal time to neatly unravel it all and reveal the killer.

I would be okay with this if they chose to pursue more intricate interpersonal story lines or depart from their normal repertoire of characters. But they haven't done that. And for this reason I have found my mind wandering throughout the episodes.

The motive for murder this week wasn't even substantive, it was a hunting accident. And then a desperate lodge-owner and apparent opportunist thought he would essentially make the dead body into tourist attraction; this was also not very substantive.

Seeley Booth, FBI

I appreciated the moment in the diner when Booth called Brennan out for not listening to him about what he saw in combat. The Yeti discussion was a serious moment that had me flashing back to "The Daredevil in the Mold." I kind of like those moments, only this episode's were less emotionally charged.

Overall, it seems that when I watch this series my brain tends to turn off. That's not a feeling I like having, nor something I want to associate with this show.

So something needs to change... soon. It seems that Bones is having a string of off-weeks. And, unfortunately, my hope for next week's "The Finder" spinoff introduction isn't high, either. Am I grumpy, or am I onto something?

Sound off below.


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I enjoyed this episode. Booth and Brennan were adorable. I don't feel like an in depth comment right now. It means that I am going to say the episode was entertaining and good for me. As I make my exit feel free to carry on with the hate as I laugh.


Brennan is an idiot. If I was her friend I would be beyond embarrassed at a grown woman acting like child. Cringe. Fix it Hart.


Ita. Horrible epi. I detest Brennan when she acts like a dead brain moron. The Finder epi looks crap too.


where can you rate this episode?


Booth has always been preachy toward Bones, but it's only this season they make her out to be this stupid and insensitive. And it's only this season that Booth has become so condescending while his own life is such a mess. I totally get the complaints, and it's been killing my love for Booth episode by episode. Much more than the love scenes with Hannah ever did.


@toast what are you talking about? the polygamist one totally made sense with Booth's one person thing. and he's been 'teaching bones things' from year 1, so it's weird that's your issue


The tongue in cheek spoof episodes work once in awhile. But ONLY if they're actually funny. Or it needs to have a strong plot. Or good drama. The whole Yeti thing was beyond the pale. And once again, Booth is allowed to use a stupid example (like the polygamists episode) to twist it into his own moralizing and “teaching Bones a lesson� moment.


I think this episode was horrible, along with most of this season. I'm not asking for heavy stuff every episode- no one needs that. But the writing is contrived and it seems like they aren't even writing for these original characters anymore. It's more than just normal growth for characters, it's out right weird and poorly thought out. I'm really shocked everyone isn't up in arms about this season, and episodes like this in particular. So bad.


urgh, not every episode needs to be heartbreaking, or reveal something about each other. just because they don't have brennan crying at the end of it doesn't mean it's filler. it means it's a tv show, and if every episode had crying, yelling and revelations I would be exhausted watching. Sometimes it's fun to just watch a crime show with well rounded characters


I don't think you're being grumpy. I need more from an hour long crime drama. I think this is like the 4th or 5th time they copped out on even having a murderer. Crime, personal drama, or humor. The show needs at least one area to be strong. It used to fire on all 3 areas, now we get weeks of weak episodes. I must be even grumpier, because the diner scene with Booth picking on Bones yet again for lacking faith or just not being nice felt like the 100th time the show has done it. Why can't we get a scene where Bones gets to tell Booth to think more clearly. The Yeti was too weak a premise to question Brennan's logically inclinations. And she gave into him again.

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