Brad Dourif to Play Key Role in Fringe Season Finale

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A key role for Fringe‘s Season 3 finale will be filled by Deadwood alum Brad Dourif.

He will play a mysterious character named Moreau in the sure-to-be-intense installment airing Friday, May 6. The interesting wrinkle regarding this casting move?

Producers sought “well-known Japanese actor who speaks English” to fill the role.

B. Dourif

Dourif is not a Japanese actor, but he does have a long resume filled with fright film credits, most recently playing the sheriff in Rob Zombie’s Halloween redos.

He also played The Lord of the Rings‘ Wormtongue, and since Fringe fave John Noble was Denethor ... well, that doesn't mean much, but it's a fun coincidence.

Any thoughts on what this mysterious new character could be and what his role could be in the Fringe season-ender? Sound off with your comments below.

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