Claire Forlani Cast on NCIS: Los Angeles; Will She Replace Linda Hunt Next Season?

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Veteran actress Claire Forlani has been cast on NCIS: Los Angeles in the role of operations manager for the Office of Special Projects, according to TV Line and others.

The big news here is that the role is currently occupied by Linda Hunt as diminutive taskmaster Hetty Lange, making for an intriguing and surprising plot development.

Is creator Shane Brennan planning a power struggle for the office's top spot?

Forlani joins the CBS procedural in the recurring role - her character's name is Lauren Hunter - in the penultimate episode of the spring, Tuesday, May 10.

Claire Forlani Photo
Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange

Is Hetty going to be replaced on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Claire Forlani's character, according to reports, is described as “attractive, authoritative, cool and calculating” and in possession of “a dangerous quality that suggests she is much more than your run-of-the mill operations manager.”

That just sounds foreboding, doesn't it?

Both Forlani’s character and Hunt’s Hetty will figure into the second season finale airing May 17, raising the question of who will run the team come September.

We've seen several shakeups at the top on NCIS over the years, so it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented for LA's producers replace pint-sized powerhouse Hetty.

But will they? Should they? And if so, how?

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I can't believe what I'm seeing with these comments wanting Hetty to return.First let me say,there's not one federal or any other agency that would hire a midget to become a field agent.Can you imagine someone as small as Hetty to disarm an enemy agent or anyone else by (hand to hand) combat?It's ridiculous to think that someone her size could function effectively as a field agent.Oh,maybe she could abuse their shins or maybe she could hit them in their knees and bring them down.You people have been so brainwashed into being politicly correct you've stopped being logical.OK,lets keep Hetty and maintain this political correctness and the series will be popular with all of these brainwashed sheeples but that won't change the stupidity of the casting of this series.I know I'm going to catch alot of flack from you sheeples but I had to expose this joke.


Linda Hunt is the most believable character on the show. If she is replaced the show surely die a slow death. Who knows, maybe the network has made enough money on this show. What’s next, replacing Mark Harmon or the zany Pauley Perrette on NCIS? Better think twice! I have gotten used to these characters in my living room. It’s sort of like “Two and a Half Men� (yawn) the writers have gotten boring! Just like the boring “Playboy Club� show. You’ve been good in the past, but what have you done for me lately. Don’t mess with success.




Not to mention it isn't every show that can boast an Academy Award Winning Actress.. Linda Hunt. (The Year of Living Dangerously) Now, WHO can name the INFAMOUS lead actor in it?


I do hope that Hetty's health is OK. Only and ONLY if she leaves NCIS LA for personal or health reasons we, the viewers Do respect that. Thank You


PLEASE PLEASE keep awesome Hetty on the show. She is a legend and I agree with others, she is the glue that holds the team on NCIS LA together. She, along with her team, makes the show. And I also agree, No Hetty .... No Watch!


If Linda Hunt is replaced, I will not watch the show ever again,


leave Linda Hunt on this show; she is so so gifted and she makes the show what it is with the relationship she has with the rest of the talented cast. Don't mess with a great team!


I'm not going to be watching NCIS:LA if Hetty isn't in it. That thing that seems to be taking her place is lousy!!!!! I guess that the brass at the show wants another "piece of ass" instead of talent. Sad, but I don't watch the show for that reason. I watched it because it was a well thought out show. Have the idea that it's going to continue going downhill, replacing Hetty was just the beginning!!


Wasn't Claire Forlani's voice dubbed in this week's NCIS LA episode?

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