Claire Forlani Cast on NCIS: Los Angeles; Will She Replace Linda Hunt Next Season?

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Veteran actress Claire Forlani has been cast on NCIS: Los Angeles in the role of operations manager for the Office of Special Projects, according to TV Line and others.

The big news here is that the role is currently occupied by Linda Hunt as diminutive taskmaster Hetty Lange, making for an intriguing and surprising plot development.

Is creator Shane Brennan planning a power struggle for the office's top spot?

Forlani joins the CBS procedural in the recurring role - her character's name is Lauren Hunter - in the penultimate episode of the spring, Tuesday, May 10.

Claire Forlani Photo
Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange

Is Hetty going to be replaced on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Claire Forlani's character, according to reports, is described as “attractive, authoritative, cool and calculating” and in possession of “a dangerous quality that suggests she is much more than your run-of-the mill operations manager.”

That just sounds foreboding, doesn't it?

Both Forlani’s character and Hunt’s Hetty will figure into the second season finale airing May 17, raising the question of who will run the team come September.

We've seen several shakeups at the top on NCIS over the years, so it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented for LA's producers replace pint-sized powerhouse Hetty.

But will they? Should they? And if so, how?

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My guess is since Lauren Hunt knows Hetty so well, she was deliberatly placed as operations manager by Hetty in order to protect Callan and the team, and as a line of communication, while Hetty takes care of unfinished business involving Callan which shecan only do if she's no longer affiliated with NCIS...and/or this might be a stretch of the imagination, but it would not suprise me if his sister was alive and well somewhere (Lauren looks an aweful lot like the picture..)


KEEP HETTY = Along with the rest of the cast it is a great mix and would be a great loss to replace her.




Listen up Shane. It's pretty clear from the post that no one wants Linda Hunt to be written off the show. Now granted, if she leaves because she wants to there is nothing we as fans can complain about however, if she leaves because you force her out or you write her out of the show, you will lose a ton of fans. Yes, Claire Forlani is a wonderful actress but she cannot replace Linda one can. The way Linda Hunt's character has a connection with the others on the show is something that cannot be replaced. Let's hope she's gone for just a few episodes to handle issues in Prague but the fans don't need an unnecessary change. The show is just fine the way it is. The first intro of Claire Forlani on tonights show was less than impressive. She came across with an attitude and that definitely was not needed! Shane, keep Linda. You will have your fans forever.


Please do not cut Hetty out of the show. NCIS LA is already weaker than NCIS but with Hetty gone it could be a disaster for that LA.


As the old adage goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"! I knjow others have said it because it's true! There are dozens of attractive, interchangeable actresses around, but there is only one Linda Hunt! Her dynamic portrayal of Hetty brings such class,strength, dignity, richness, humor, compassion, humanity, complexity and heart to the role. She is an actor's actor and the show should be honored to have her on board. PLEASE DON'T REPLACE LINDA HUNT! SHE'S IRREPLACEABLE. That's why there is only one Linda Hunt! If she goes, I'll go, too!


If Hetty goes so will I she is the best part of this show


What a shame it would be to lose an actress with Linda Hunt's depth and maturity. She is the anchor in this excellent ensemble. I have admired her talent since first seeing her in The Year of Living Dangerously and my respect has only grown. IMO it would be a staggering loss to the show.


I hope you are not getting rid of Hetty. She is the "character" who pulls the show together. Don't mess with what works!


Are you guys nuts??????? If Hetty is not on the show next season, my family will not be watching...

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