Coming to NCIS: Los Angeles: Deeks' Ex!

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Marty Deeks has a former love interest?

It looks like it - and we'll get to meet her soon on NCIS: Los Angeles! So says Barrett Foa (Eric) who Tweeted this after Tuesday's episode, "Rocket Man":

"And here is ur scoop from our [executive producer]: in a future episode we meet a love interest from Deeks' past. It WILL impact Deeks and Kensi."

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Barrett's Tweet comes on the heels of several episodes in which Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) have really shined on the second-year procedural.

They're sort of a couple ... a "will they or won't they" couple.

There's a healthy dose of sexual tension under the surface, and plenty of witty banter above the surface. Would they ever go there? Who knows, but they're awesome together!

Perhaps Deeks' ex (we can't even guess what Shaggy's "type" is) will offer more insight on just how deep Kensi's feelings run, not unlike E.J. and CI-Ray on NCIS. Stay tuned ...

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Bellisario had nothing to do with NCIS: LA and he stepped down from the original NCIS in 2007.


Ok the whole Deeks/Kensi angle is protypical Bellisario!!!! They will flirt back and forth for seasons and not really expand on it. Look at Bellisario's last three series.... Harm and Mac from Jag flirted for 5/6 seasons and it never really was settled in the end... Tony and Ziva in NCIS.... thats been going on for multiple seasons.. Kensi and Deeks, just the new re hashed story line. Dont get me wrong its fine but dont be waiting by the Television for Deeks and Kensi..


Great show and yes~ a love affair between Deeks & Kensi would be great as they're obviously made for for one another! This is one of the best shows on TV; all the characters (especially Hetty) make it believable & great! Only thing that would make it even better would be to have Los Angeles native and singer/actor, Alex Band appearing in an episode as a guest like he did in CSI-NY two years ago!


Sounds promising... could be good


I love the sexual tension between Deeks and Kensi. I really hope to see them as a couple soon, it should be so funny to see them hide their relationship from the others especially Hetty.


Should Be Fun! Maybe a professional thief ?


I would have her be the new LA police chief and have her be at odd with NCIS

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