Coming to NCIS This Week: E.J.'s Team Members

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E.J.'s team members are about to leave a very big impression on NCIS.

Seriously, we mean big. These individuals are not what you'd call small.

Former NFL player Matthew Willig debuts tomorrow as agent Simon Cade, an Ivy Leaguer with a brain that’s just as intimidating as his towering presence (he's 6'8").

Cade joins the NCIS team to help with the Port-to-Port killer case. Between his character’s photographic memory and 160 IQ, what's not to love? Well, Willig says ...

E.J. and Her Team

“The power struggle [between Gibbs and E.J.] is there for who’s in charge and who’s going to take over the case. Then to have a couple of other people, E.J.’s team, come in to fully attack the case makes it even harder for the regulars,” Willig says.

“As the episodes go on and the team gathers and the plot intensifies, there’s definitely a feeling of 'Wait, what’s going on? Are these guys are stealing our thunder?'" he tells EW.

"There’s that jealousy thing that starts to happen as the case unfolds.”

Not that Willig or fellow newcomer Alimi Ballard (above, left) are solely to blame. Why?

E.J.'s team and one of our favorite agents get off on the wrong foot, to say the least.

“[DiNozzo and Cade] have a fun and interesting opening scene. There are some items that sort of give away how big I am, and so there’s a little bit of comedy there."

"When I come in, he’s sort of fooling around with my clothing that kind of give away how big I’ll be. It’s all in typical [DiNozzo] fashion,” Willig says, laughing.

Before you start to put these guys in the “Do not like because they’re new” pile, Willig says fans might be surprised at the dynamic between Cade and his partner.

“We’ve traveled around the world and become buds. We watch each other’s back. Much like [the NCIS cast], we have that team aspect,” he says.

Tomorrow's episode, "Dead Reflection," airs at the usual 8 p.m. time slot, followed by an all-new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, which was off last week.

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Aura z

EJ don't like me. But i give an opportunity to the other new agents. I think that the two men are interesting and a little funny.


editor and Janet I agree if someone is borad with the show stop watching it and let us other fans enjoy Tony and gang just the way they are. As For EJ she needs to be gone like last week wish we didn't half to pit up with he until the end but maybe Ziva will kick her you know what. Tony needs to think and wake up see that EJ is just using him and shes up to something. Love how Gibbs calls her out.


Once again Janet, you and I are thinking alike.
I just want that Barrett chick gone gone gone. I enjoy the way Gibbs is handling her - but not the way Tony is handling her!!
Ziva needs to get into the action and kick her butt all the way back to Spain....I'm so sorry Barrett is there 'till the end of the season. It's about 4 shows too long for me!
I want my Gibbs Team back handling cases asap.


i say if people are boooooored of ncis then dont watch it and let the other 20million or so fans who love ncis watch and enjoy tony and gang.


everyone on the show is great and make the show I hope the cast stays together Hope EJ goes bye bye


Tony Abby and Gibbs are the heart of the show its Ziva and Mcgeek that the isssue


I'm probably in the minority but I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEED of NCIS :( Used to be a great fun crime drama. But Tony is getting on my nerves all the times. His "charming ass" routine has lost all it's charm, and frankly Ziva can (and has) done WAY better.


thank god the new team is only till the end of the season then it will be team gibbs thats how it should be.


I don't like EJ dont know about her team yet but I dont trust EJ


The best way to fix the show

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