Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "Smother"

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"Where is that line between attentive mothering and complete smothering lay?"

This is the question Cooper and his team must find the answer to in order to stop the brutal murder of new mothers in "Smother".

It’s been a trifecta of really good episodes. This makes the third well developed and well told story in as many weeks. We even got a little peek into Mick’s background when we learned about his little sister Jenna. I wish we had gotten a little more of Jenna; but, I am happy for what we got.   


I did not see the twist of the crimes involving two unsubs. But, this unexpected twist did make for some great editing dynamics as we went back and forth between Mick/Prophet to Gina/Beth as each pair profiled their assigned unsub.

Of course, it was also a pretty unexpected development that it also ended up being a mother and son combo.  

When I realized what topic we were getting into, I got a little worried as this was a very delicate topic to cover.

I give the writers and production staff full marks for the gentle and subtle way they approached the abuse that Trevor received at the hands of his mother.

They could have very easily sensationalized or over-blown it to the point that it would drown out the actual story from the episode, but didn't.

We also got to see Cooper doing a little physical activity as he went smashing through the fence to catch our teenage unsub Trevor. I have to say that Sam Cooper moves pretty well for a big guy. I guess having an office above a gym is paying off after all.

Who would have guessed?  

I am glad that Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has hit a clean stride. We don’t realize how much little things like introduce the team members to the local police or saying characters names as you give out assignments really connect us to the characters. Both of these took place this week and worked it's charm of making me feel like part of the team. 

Speaking of connecting to characters; where is my Gina LaSalle episode?

I want to know more about her dammit! Beau Garrett was a great choice for the character but we don’t know much (if anything) about her. Hop to it people, I am sure I am not along in wanting a Gina episode!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior? Do you think the show has hit its stride? Sound off below.


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@caitlin Wow thanks for the song information ! ive shearched that like others and thought i couldnt figure it out :P thanks !


@ Barb Durrence: The song is by The Middle East, I think it is called "Blood". I hunted for it too. My tip: write down the lyrics and google search them. Chorus's work best for harder to find songs. This one was really hard because the singer slurs the words together. Happy music hunting! * I found all my favorite bands via Grey's Anatomy music and the OC music. However, their episode guide would always include the musical artists featured on the show. It's a shame Criminal Minds does not do the same. Any band would kill to be played on such a popular show, not giving any music credit defeats the purpose.


It was a very intense episode. I did wonder if there was any factual basis to it. Has such extreme "mothering" by a mentally ill mother ever been known to result in criminal behavior when the child grows up? The conventional wisdom is that neglect or more typical abuse by parents is more likely to cause criminality. Breastfeeding is universally considered to be very nurturing, resulting in physical and emotional health of the child. Even prolonged breastfeeding is normal among some groups and in some cultures. Eventually the child weans when it's ready. I never before heard of forced breastfeeding.


Fantastic episode


Love the show. Does anyone know the song at the end of this week's episode? I've searched until I'm nearly blind. Someone suggested it was a Sigur Ros song but didn't suggest a title. Any ideas where the musical credits are posted?
Thanks if you can help me save my sight :)


After every episode I think to myself, "Why no Gina info?!" We've already found out a bunch about Cooper, Beth, Mick, and Prophet so they need to get on this yesterday.


I am beginning to enjoy this show more and more, but i do have a problem with Forest Whitaker in his part. I catch myself fixing on his droopy eye or on the cadence of what he is saying instead of the pot. To me he is jarring to the story when he speaks :( Sorry, I think he is a really good actor, but I don't think this is 'his' role. hope this doesn't go twice. It didn't seem to work the first time


I am beginning to enjoy this show more and more, but i do have a problem with Forest Whitaker in his part. I catch myself fixing on his droopy eye or on the cadence of what he is saying instead of the pot. To me he is jarring to the story when he speaks :( Sorry, I think he is a really good actor, but I don't think this is 'his' role


@Austin God I hope they aren't planning on killer her off :( I wouldn't mind a kidnapping of sorts, I think it would bring the team together, more so if she was taken than anyone else. I feel like she's the little sister of the team and that they're very protective of her. Killing her would make me pissed as well! With my unconditional hope in them NOT killing her off, I would absolutely adore a Gina LaSalle episode! You hear that writers! We want a Gina episode!


Definitely agree about Gina. We need some kind of background on her, we really don't know anything about her these days. We're already into Episode 9, come on writers! Alternatively, could they be holding back on characterization because they're planning on knocking her off later? Because that's what they did to one of the characters on Detroit 1-8-7 and I was mad pissed.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

This is guilt carried to an extreme. The unsub wanted to undo the horror of these murders.


Garcia: So you want me to do multiple searches on multiple personalities?
Cooper: [smiles] something like that, yeah.
Garcia: Multi-tasking Out!

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