Desperate Housewives Review: "The Lies Ill-Concealed"

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Last night’s Desperate Housewives was mediocre at best.

I’ve heard good things come to those who wait, but it seems like we’ve been waiting patiently for quite some time. While "The Lies Ill-Concealed" was necessary to set the stage for the four remaining episodes, it wasn’t a riveting installment by any means.

As I expected, it didn’t matter that Carlos forbade Gaby from being friends with Bree. However, I didn’t find their secret meetings funny at all. Actually, I thought the implications that they were kind of cheating were a little silly and ridiculous and even disrespectful to Carlos.

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The only scene between both Gaby and Bree that made me giggle slightly was when Gaby was nearly busted by the pineapple upside down cake.

I felt like Gaby should have tried to understand Carlos’s frustration and maybe she could have even tried to side with her husband for two seconds before deciding to move in with Bree.

Who else thought that this was an awful decision by Gaby? Furthermore, I can’t help but wonder if Gaby’s choice in choosing Bree over Carlos will push Carlos to come forward with Bree’s secret about Andrew killing Carlos’s mother.

Not surprisingly, Lynette was struggling with being Tom’s plus-one at a work conference. From grudgingly attending a floral workshop to getting facials and massages at a spa, Lynette’s complaints were a bit annoying to me. Lately, it seems like she has trouble supporting Tom when he had no issues with supporting her career in the past.

Luckily, her crazy antics finally culminated with an embarrassing scene as she stole another woman’s clothes and lanyard, and was announced as the woman who was supposed to introduce the keynote speaker. In my opinion, Tom was rightfully upset.

By the way, Tom’s certainly had his feet wet with his new job in the past couple of weeks. Yet, how come we haven’t seen any backlash with his decision to leave Carlos’s company? Surely, Tom’s choice to leave would have affected his friendship with Carlos.

Meanwhile, Susan was being the overly caring person that she always is while trying to help Paul. And as always, Mike was there to catch her at the end even if they didn’t see eye to eye at first.

And how about those awful nightmares that Susan was having about Paul? Creepy. Weird. Almost scary. 

While Felicia now has Mrs. McCluskey on her side to bring down Paul, I realized that I am growing increasingly bored with this storyline. Paul appeared to be depressed this entire episode while Felicia’s plotting away his demise.

At this point, I’m a little confused as to which villain I should be rooting for…

All in all, this episode was slow for me, and I’m still hopeful for a drama-filled, OMG ending to this season. What did you think? Did this episode knock your socks off?

Mine were definitely still intact. Discuss!


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Gaby has a child in Mexico that carlos also told her not to see. She doesnt listen to Carlos about Bree but she let her child leave the country and neither Gaby or the father of the child gives it a second thought WTF...dumb enough to make me stop watching the show all together


The reason that Andrew will be blamed for her murder is because the hospital is covering it up. They gave Gaby a forum to sign and she signed it so she wouldn't lose the house and because Carlos was going to prison. Watch the ending of season 1 the creepy man at the hospital said she died in her sleep.


I thought it was a great episode the Bree Gabby scsenes were hillarious especially the part where Bree was running to get the cake to Gabby. I think Carlos needs to get with the times yeah Gabby is your wife but she is not a toy that you can control and forbid her to something. Lynette I thought was good also but I have a feeling her problem with Tom's new job will eventually lead to them splitting up. I lol at Susan's dreams about Paul, I'm glad she is going to help him but I sense that she will be a big part in the Paul/Felicia confrontation. What I would like is more scenes for Renee I love her character


Lynette just comes off as selfish and that narcissim is wearing thin. Tom comes off as a wimp when dealing with her & should remind her that he had no problem dealing with her success. If she wants the limelight so badly, perhaps she should hire a nanny & go back to work. While she's at it, she really ought to practice some sort of birth control if these unexpected pregnancies keep disrupting her life & it's time to hand over the child bearing to someone else anyway. Gaby should tell Carlos she respects his feelings on the matter and would understand if he didn't want to be friends with Bree anymore, but Bree is still her friend. Bree's decision to cover up Andrew's misdeed was wrong but in a moment of desperation, she made a bad decision trying to protect her child. Carlos never made a mistake? I'm kind of sick this show I guess. All the men are jackasses or wimps and the women are always scheming. I've watched the show since the beginning, but it wouldn't bother me if it didn't come back - just don't replace it with another reality show!


i don't know what lynette's problem is. she wanted tom to take the job so desperately, and now that he is having fun and likes what he is doing, she tries to make him miserable. i feel like lynette always tries to take away everyone's success and fun. she wants it all to herself. she never thinks about anyone else. i hope tom will stand up to her.


I loved bree and gabby this week it was funny to me and lynette was also enjoyable and call me weird but I find Paul kinda hot kinda wish I was Susan when when his robe was open but renee needs to get a storyline ASAP but keep up the good work DH


"Mama" Solis, Carlos's mother, was accidentally run over by Andrew. She remained in a coma for months before awakening and falling to her death down a flight of stairs at the hospital. Should Andrew be held accountable for her death? I'm not entirely sure how to answer this, but it sure does seem like this is what we are supposed to believe. After all, Carlos's mother was in the hospital because of Andrew's mistake. I know for sure that Bree and Andrew shouldn't have waited until now to tell Carlos the truth about the hit-and-run, but that's DH for you. Hopefully, DH will clear up the muddy water - especially since next week's promos show an investigation underway.


Thought the Lynette "plus-one" silly and really unrealistic- same with Gaby and Bree's "bromance". I still enjoy the show but I def. think the storyline's have reached an absurd level.


I think it's pretty funny that we know more about the hit and run storyline than the writers and producers of DH. That is all.


So I guess were suppose to forget that Carlous Mother fell down the stairs and that Gabby know she did

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