Family Guy Review: "Tiegs for Two"

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In "Tiegs for Two," Family Guy introduces a new stereotype on the block: Mr. Washee-Washee, who gets all the best lines of the episode.

The stereotype of the Chinese man is so overdone that it manages to be far less offensive than it could have been. Spitting back the stereotype of “All Asians look alike” at Peter is a nice touch also. Far less amusing is the vignette at the beginning with Michael J. Fox.

Cheryl Tiegs on Family Guy

The spat between Mr. Washee-Washee and Peter also leads to the better storyline of the episode between Quagmire and Brian. It’s nice to see that Family Guy is continuing the comical animosity between the dog and womanizer; it actually works on so many levels. 

When Brian gets his heart broken by a new love, Denise, he takes Quagmire’s class on how to pick up women, much to Quagmire’s trepidation.

Brian loses Denise forever when he acts like a jerk and takes it upon himself to date Cheryl Tiegs, who is apparently Quagmire’s soulmate.

It’s also nice to see pretty but vapid Jillian back on Family Guy. As the most consistent woman in Brian’s life, Jillian is always a source of comic relief.

She certain delivered today as Quagmire’s clueless date.  Although it looks as though Brian and Quagmire might reconcile after their tête-à-tête, the episode ends with Quagmire running Brian over with his car.

What did you think? Did you enjoy the rivalry between Quagmire and Brian? Check out our list of Family Guy quotes from the episode and comment below.


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what is the song playing in the background during the party where quag breaks up with cheryl


«Michael J. Fox knew the risk of time travel when he got into that Delorian.» Precious !


i believe its just as bad to joke about any other disease so why discriminate hit em all but everyone is entitled to their opinion


i believe its just as bad to joke about any other disease so why discriminate hit em all but everyone is entitled to their opinion one thing that hasnt been taken from us


I was hoping that by the end of the episode there would be some resolution as to whether Mr. Washee Washee actually had Peter's shirt. The fight between them didn't really address the issue of the location of the missing shirt. I was hoping that at the very end there would be a scene with Mr. Washee Washee using the shirt to kill rodents, or as a small tent, or something else more hilarious than what I can come up with. But maybe he doesn't even have the shirt. Will we ever know? This is worse than all of the unaswered questions on Lost. I found the MJF bit neither offensive or funny, it could have been dropped with no effect - for me at least. I would have preferred that the entire episode have been about Peter and Mr. Washee Washee. I do like saying "Washee Washee".


My Dad died from diabetes and Family Guy made a joke about diabetes. Do I get to act like a sensitive b#@ch? Take a deep breath girlscout. It's ok to laugh once in a while. Michael J. Fox knew the risk of time travel when he got into that Delorian.


Mabye so, but remember: MacFarlane didn't write the episode. John Viener did. And Jerry Langford directed it. Try complaining to them.


Personally, I think that Seth McFarlane took things way too far with the Michael J. Fox vignette. I just don't think it's funny to tease someone who has Parkinson's disease, a degenerative disorder.

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Enough! You all banned from my store! Ding-dong!

Mr. Washee-Washee

Mr. Washee-Washee: I no have your shirt.
Peter: You yes have my shirt!
Peter: Fine, I go. But this no over! I take picture of Ang Lee
Mr . Washee-Washee: Good! He do too many white people movie anyway!
You no come back ever! I don't like you American. And all you American look alike!