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"6:02 AM EST" is the exact time Walternate's doomsday machine started to devour our universe. That they used biblical references in accordance with the end times, such as a plague of locusts, leads me to ponder, yet again, the role God plays in our Fringe world. I'll touch on that more after the jump.

If the other universe knew what Walternate was attempting, I wonder whether he would have the heart of his people. Come to think of it, I don't even know what the average other universe citizen knows about the Fringe events. Do they know about the other universe? Fauxlivia and Lincoln, who once would have taken Walternate's command without question know, and they don't want him to continue.

The father of her child is over there, and she sees in Walternate in a completely new light. It's not complimentary. Fauxlivia will not be Walternate's pawn and if I had to bet, I'd bet on Fauxlivia. Walternate has already let go of the love of his own child, Fauxlivia will go to the ends of the universes for her own.

I loved that we finally saw Peter and Olivia awake in each others arms, even if their morning was interrupted with the beginning of the end. The strength emanating from her along with her newly tapped self confidence are evident. She has finally come in to her own.

In the other world, Fauxlivia, too, is changing. She's no longer a hard woman afraid to show her emotions. Having Peter's child has given her the ability to see more than just her job. There is no doubt she feels more love and compassion than she ever has in the past. She no longer thinks in this world or that, but in both. Our Olivias are becoming more alike with every new episode.

When the Fringe Division is being called down by Walternate in spite of what would normally be anomalies for them to investigate, she has had enough. I love that the person she trusts most in the world is Lincoln. I still harbor hope they will be together. Even knowing she was going to the other universe for Peter, he seemed without concern about her mission. I think that is a good sign for what has been happening with them in the background, even if they are not yet ready to awake in each others arms.

Through this strange turn of events, Fauxlivia having Peter's baby and Olivia opening herself to love with Peter, our Olivias are on the same side. I was so disappointed that Fauxlivia didn't make it to our universe (was her luck really that bad, or was she given inactive devices?) because right now there is nothing I want more than for the Olivias to meet.

Their recent changes have given them what they need to look each other in the eye and understand each other, instead of judging one another. It gives me chills to think about how great that scene could be. Anna Torv would be at her absolute best, because the more alike her characters are, the more difficult it would be for her set them apart. Still, I know she could pull it off and her performance would leave us reeling.

I loved Walter turning to God in the wake of Peter's accident. I loved the small details that made the scene so incredibly authentic. Walter being a man of science, admitted to God that he hasn't always felt proud in his presence, but that he felt he had grown over the years and perhaps atoned for his past sins.

He felt uncomfortable, and paced around the chapel, causing the floor and pews to squeak. It's an unmistakable sound and made me feel as though I was in that chapel with Walter, begging for our world to be saved.

I know bringing up references to faith within Fringe is a touchy subject for some, but I couldn't help being overcome by a feeling of faith as Olivia saw the new day dawn, just as Walter had finished his prayer to God. I'd like to believe that God was listening to Walter, and gave yet another sign he was listening to all of our characters as they fight heart and soul to save the world.


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For those of you who think I didn't appreciate Peter, please read the quotes. I felt that his actual words did more justice than I could have done for them.


@arthas Thanks for the discussion points! Very helpful. Everyone else, I, too, heard Belly in Fauxlivia's voice. Guess we will have to wait to find out if it has any meaning. They never leave us without more questions than we had going in.


Good episode. Horrible review.


I thought the exact same thing! Especially near the beginning of the episode, I think, when Olivia said the word "universe" it jumped out at me. Even when Fauxlivia was talking I heard it at times, and it made me wonder, "Is Bell inside of Fauxli.." Dumb I know, but it caught me offgaurd.


Nice review CP (-_')
I too enjoyed Walter talking to God on Good Friday. An earnest admission that turn into a heart felt plea. John Noble is fantastic as Walter B. Also was it me or did Anna Torv still have a little W Bell tone in her characters voice. Olivia especially sounded weird to me. Overall though a really great episode..


Ummm... Stephen... Fringe is a TELEVISION show.


Also no mention of the mystery in a riddle that is Sam Weiss.


As per usual you don't even mention Josh nor Peter as if he didn't even exist. How come everytime Olivia or Walter is in trouble, people whine about it but Peter is a freaking coma and people act like it didn't happen.

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Oppenheimer saved his too. But at what cost. He couldn't bear the nightmares. Screams of all the innocents he had killed. Now I am become death. But in our case, that really is true; we destroy their world to save ours. May God have mercy on us.