Glee Review: "A Night of Neglect"

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I was feeling a little neglected having waited for what felt like an eternity for this new episode, but "A Night of Neglect" turned into an evening of ecstasy.

We were introduced to the Brainiacs and their clever ode to Nerdom handshake. With the cost of their trip to Detroit added to the Glee Club's fundraising goal, Will postured like the Nino Brown of salt water taffy. Not since Nipsey Russell tried to sell the last of the peanut brittle to buy new uniforms for the Central High Wildcats had I seen a more pathetic idea.

Luckily the notion of a benefit concert was born and with it an amazing display of the many talented members of New Directions. 

Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee Pic

Before the singing started though, we learned Brittany had a quirky knack for obscure trivia. She ripped through those Cat Diseases like Rosie Perez named foods that start with the letter "Q" in White Men Can't Jump.  

The League of Doom was a failure, but Sandy got my spirit award for his colorful costume complete with a custom made, Pink Dagger hat.

Holly finished a close second for her portrayal of Madam Man Hands, Wallis Simpson. Almost had to declare her the winner after she referenced the scandalous death of Catherine the Great.

Sergeant Handsome deserved a bump in rank after his bevy of amazing one liners. There were too many to list here, but I made sure they were noted in my group of memorable Glee quotes from this week. 

While Dustin failed to woo Holly, Will's chances with Emma got a little brighter as he learned she no longer had a full house after Carl (John Stamos) cried uncle and had their marriage annulled. 

Sunshine returned and despite showing off her freakishly amazing voice yet again, I sort of wished she had waited until she was actually, all by herself, to sing that song. Mad respect for Shawty though, for having over 600 twitter followers. Preach! Last time I checked, I think I had seven followers on my account. Five if you don't count my mom and dad.

Sunshine's eventual no show did nothing but leave more stage time for the host of amazing performances by the regular cast. Tina absolutely killed it as she performed Lykke Li's, "I Follow Rivers." Despite getting cut short by the Heckling Club, I think she delivered my favorite performance of the night.  

Mike Chang was sexy plexi as he danced to Jack Johnson and executed a routine that would have landed him right on Mary Murphy's, Hot Tamale Train. 

I didn't much care for Mercedes' diva antics, but I did appreciate Lauren's suggestion to ask for a bucket full of green M&M's. It was a nice nod to one of the most classic and notorious musician rider requests which has been chronicled back to Aerosmith's earliest days.

Mercedes more than made up for her behavior with her performance of Aretha's "Ain't No Way." The scene with her and Rachel in the car was one of the more poignant ones of the season as she expressed her frustrations over her club mate's stardom. 

Santana's claws were never sharper than they were tonight as she threatened Karofsky. He'll probably now join the masses of other cowards who hide behind screen names and Internet handles while spewing their hate filled slander. 

Glee has always done an amazing job of addressing their critics while tackling relevant issues at the same time. Tonight's episode did well to address the continued problem of bullying while also shining the spot light on some characters who have not gotten their fair share of the fame.  I applauded the writers for not neglecting some of the more supportive roles and allowing them to have a moment to shine on their own.

There is still so much to unfold this season I can hardly wait. Until next time turn those jeers into cheers and and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't anonymously use you computer to air it. See you next time after...Glee!


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what? not a single mention about Gwyneth Paltrow's amazing and soul stirring performance. she totally moved me.


1. I don't like the Glee now, it's so inconsistent with zero plot. While I appreciate the writers giving all the actors at least a line in this episode, it was just all over the place. 2. Charice can't act. It was so painful to watch. I wonder if they could hire a better actress to be Sunshine but dub in her singing voice to play during the performance... 3. I despise the whole Holly "lecture" thing. It really shocked me, I couldn't believe Glee would shove this down our throats. For a second there I thought they'd go "Why, you're quite right Ms Holiday. I've seen the light! I think I shan't heckle anymore, and instead I'll cheer them on and donate all my money to the orphanage." Even the dialogues were bad. Especially the Becky's "preach!", that was really pushing it. 4. I don't understand why Lauren is getting a huge part in every recent episode. She's terrible. Her character's not funny and I strongly oppose her and Puck going out. I thought she was only gonna get one liners. Speaking of one liners, they're giving Brittany way more lines than necessary. When she gets a lot, each line usually packs smaller punches. I'd rather have 2-3 lines that'll get me ROFL than 5-6 lines of brief scoffs. (by the way, the black guy from football club is a better actor than anyone gives him credit for. The best super minor character in Glee so far.) 5. Everywhere I hear people asking "why's Lea Michele getting big parts and solos? Amber Riley has better singing voice, bla bla bla" You wanna know why? It's cos she CAN ACT. Her acting is better than most of the Glee members (except maybe Kurt and Santana). Sadly her ego in real life is as big as her ego in Glee. 6. The only parts that got my juices flowing was Santana confronting Karofsky, Dustin's one liners, and Mercedes' single line of "I don't get it. Why're you a bigger star than me?"


Any episode is hich Rachel does NOT sing is a good one in my books. Also, Rachel saying that she didn't know why she got all the fame seemed entirely fake. The reason Rachel gets all the solos is because she's a cry baby who throw a temper tantrum when she doesn't.


Charice's all by myself drove me insane,wat a freakishly amazing voice indeed. Santana's threats made me laugh,it made my day.Other performances are gud as well. hoping to c more Sunshine.


Honestly, the only scene which did a great impact to me is Charice renditions of "All By Myself", Mike Chang dance routine and Santana scene. Gwyneth, Tina and Mercedes did good too, but if I´m singing with the whole orchestra and a group of people consist of 25 back-up singers behind me, I will be great too!


Sad to see Gwen go... even if it only means no more far-fetched hopes of a Chris Martin guest appearance. I mean really, has Glee EVER done a Coldplay song? Incredible song book completely untapped right there.


This show is one of my favorites, I love the singing and dancing and stuff but I really think this show is going down hill. I miss the first half of the first season where Rachel and Finn sang duets and they each got solos. Where did that show go? Let's face the facts, Rachel and Finn are the captains of the Glee Club and they have been pushed to the background. Yeah everyone else in the club are amazing singers but I started watching the show because of Finchel and now I'm probably going to stop watching because it's not really about them anymore. I think the show needs to get back on track and stop making story lines that end at the end of the episode. I get that they do it sometimes but lately it's been like every episode and it's tiring. I thought this weeks episode was one of the worst.


ok before i get into this i will point out that glee is one of my favorite shows of all time (and if you knew me, you would know that is saying alot) but....things have been just going down hill this season
my boyfriend used to love watching this show with me and he has completely lost interest
they are forgetting what made this show so good!
rachel and finn are the backbone of this show. and they have been pushed to the background.
they are trying so hard to shed light on the whole cast but they have to remember. every tv show has main characters that the story line centers around. you can't change main characters from episode to episode its weakening the show.
and as much as i like to get to see everyone else sing, rachel and finn have been the main singers from the beginning. and where are their solo songs?! once blaine came into the show, as much as i adooooorrrrre him, finn (and kurt as well) stopped getting solo songs like he used to!!!! and rachel, well its no secret that if you have watched the show u know that she has been pushed aside. i thought that her original song was a sign of good things to come for her again but, no song in this episode! glee really needs to get a grip on things! and like everyone has been saying...they need to stop basing the storyline around the songs and base the songs around the storyline...i miss people breaking out into song in the hallways!



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