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Welcome to the 150th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is WishIWasBlair. Congrats!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Kathy, girlonfire and queenbee94. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next week!

UES It-Girl

Blair: Hold on a sec Serena, I'm just telling Dan...te that he needs to stop calling me when I'm in such company!
Serena: [waits for her to hang up] Who's Dan...te?
Blair: Oh, just some guy that I met.
Serena: Is he cute? Why did you hang up on him?
Blair: Well, er, it was meant to be a surprise but I was going to set him up with Eric!
Eric: No.

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B: Pull my finger!


Serena: B,
Blair: Shhh!!!
Voicemail: You've reached Damon Salvatore's phone. Please leave your message. *Beep*
Serena: But Blair! This is imp..
Blair: Shhh!!! Um hello, Damon, stop teaching Chuck on ways how to impress me. Bye! (off phone) now Serena what's the important news?
Serena: I forgot...
Eric: So I cancelled my date to drive you here Serena and this?


Serenia:Yeah you tell Josh that he better not bring Eva,Juliet, nor Oliva back on this show, theres only room for one blonde in this show and thats me!


Serena: You kissed Dan? Stay away from him, he's mine!
Blair: so what? You had sex with my boyfriend while we were still going out!
Serena: That was different, he loved me!
Blair: Just like Tripp loved you when he asked you to be his prostitute?
Serena: At least my ex didn't date a prostitute!
Blair: Yeah, your ex dated a teacher! Oh wait, so did you! Twice!
Serena: Better my teacher than my boyfriend's uncle!
Blair: Coming from the girl who went out with her stepbrother!
Serena: At least I don't have a European royalty fetish!
Eric: *thinking* yep.. I'm definitely gay!


Blair: guys, guys! Guess what: they're throwing Vanessa off the show!!
Eric: yay!
Serena: vanessa who?


Blair:Serenia,Shonda Rhimes only have written three shows, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Off The Map. Serenia:NO! NO! NO! Blair,Shonda Rhimes write all doctor shows, House, Bones, Body of proof, and also Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Off The Map. Eric:Oh gosh blondes are so brain-less!


E: Blair
B (talking on the phone): Yes, i like to crush hearts
B: WHAT? im on the phone
S: blair we need you on set your the only interesting plot line left!
B: I know that! thats why im on the phone picking my options
E: what options
B: who's heart to crush, Dair fans, Chair fans, or both


Serena : what the hell B eric has just told me he saw you and dan kissing ! Blair: well s let me remind you about nate karmas a b***h isnt it
(they start pulling each others hair and slapping each other ) eric (rubbing his head) oh not again SECURITY!


hahah i keep adding things to my entries, sorry about that... I can't decide which one's the best.. Serena: So how are you going to stop Raina and Chuck from dating?
Blair: Watch and learn!
[On the phone] Hi, Mr Thorpe? Is Raina in? Oh, this is Susan from Planned Parenthood, I have her test results. If you could have her call me as soon as she can. It's urgent. Thank you.
[to Serena and Eric] She's not going out with anyone!
Eric: That was so fetch!


serena:what is dan doing here?
blair:(crap with all thiw work i didn't have time to figure out an exit strategy for him.. i got it)he was here to see syou of course!
serena : how he knew i was coming here?
blair:fate i guess?
eric:then why he left right away?
blair:eric you re about to send hoyr mother to jail if i don't hurry and help you so shut up
eric:it was fate after all

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