Gossip Girl Caption Contest 150

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Welcome to the 150th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is WishIWasBlair. Congrats!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Kathy, girlonfire and queenbee94. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next week!

UES It-Girl

Blair: Hold on a sec Serena, I'm just telling Dan...te that he needs to stop calling me when I'm in such company!
Serena: [waits for her to hang up] Who's Dan...te?
Blair: Oh, just some guy that I met.
Serena: Is he cute? Why did you hang up on him?
Blair: Well, er, it was meant to be a surprise but I was going to set him up with Eric!
Eric: No.

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Blair : Quit it Serena, I'm busy right now and you can't make my finger move with the "power"of your "brain".
Serena : Brain? When did I get one?
Eric : I think is that thing we bought together at Bergdorf's!
Blair : Oh My....


Blair : Hold on, Dorota. You, two get out!
Serena : We just got here,
Blair : I can't be seen here with you looking like a 60 years old librarian veganista with hair as if you just rolled out of the barn and started working for the man, now you two get out before someone spots you!
Eric : Why do I ahve to go.
Blair : We all know about the Dan and Nate affair, I don't want my man with Junior Junior Plaid.


Blair: (on te phone) Thanx for the advise Mr. Salvatore or what is your name again? Yes, Damon...but here on the UES, gestures speak louder than words...Yes, you can stare into someone's eyes and erase their memory...I achieve that by just pointing one finger at Serena. Erik: Serena? Serena? Blair to Erik: No use Erik, she's totally lost as usual... Blair ( on the phone): Btw, Damon, tell Klaus,Chuck says Hi!

Gossip gleek

Blair: Hi Ben? this is Blair, I'm calling on the behaf of Serena, she will not be able to see you tonigh, she has the flu. Eric: What is Blair doing? Serena: I hired her as my personal ditching guy assistant. She calls the guys I don't like anymore and invent reasons why I can't go to their dates. Blair: (To Serena and Eric) Shhh, Can't you two see that I'm working?...Hi Nate?

I heart chuck more

Blair: I realize Blazers were your thing this season Serena; and since you bought out every blazer in new york, I had to have Dorota make this one out of a bed spread!


Blair: Hold on, they're doing what? What are they thinking? That's simply not acceptable.
Serena: What's wrong?
Blair: Dorota just told me that they are going to kill off three characters in the vampire diaries season finale.
Serena: But, why?
Eric: If it's Jeremy, I'm going to cry.


SERENA: What the hall are you doing with my man?
ERIC: Huh?
BLAIR: Which one? Sorry , Dan I'm referring to Serena.


Serena to Blair: What the hell are you doing with my man?? Eric: Huh? Blair: Hold on S , he's on the phone.


Blair: Hold up one sec while I finish flirting with your ex.
Eric: (Only slightly surprised...)


"Wait, Humphrey says that he wants his balls back. He is tired of you using them for earrings."

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