Gossip Girl Caption Contest 151

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Welcome to the 151st Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

Your Caption Contest winner for this week is killjoykid. Congrats!

The winning entry now appears below. Honorable mentions go out to audreyhep, girlonfire and TheYalier. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week!

Oh It's Gonna Happen

Chuck: I can't be your friend right now Blair...
Blair: We are not friends, just because we went to a movie... or five doesn't mean I'll go out on a limb for you!
Chuck: It's just... Wait, what?
Blair: What?

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what you wrote is so...unhappy. Please.


ggfan i vote for u hells yes team dark knight


Chuck: blair, i have to tell you something
Blair: what is it bass?
Chuck: im.. English
Blair: that explains your fashion!


Daniel Humphrey? really?


I vote for @TheYalier
Blair : Oh Chuck.
Chuck : Oh Blair, can't you see what we have is forever?
Blair : So is AIDS.
Hilarious and I can imagine Blair perfectly sayin this!


Blair and Chuck will get married! I have four pieces of evidence: 1. In the spoiler picture, Blair and Chuck are sitting on chairs, which are lifted by the crowd, and their hands are bound together by a handerchief. This is a traditional dance called the "Hava Nagila" done at Jewish WEDDINGS! 2. In the 2 minute promo/trailer, Blair is seen gleeful and dancing, enclosed in a circle of people also dancing, with attention drawn to her, around her. This is also a traditional dance at Jewish WEDDINGS! It is called "the gladdening of the bride". 3. Blair wears the same dress in both these scenarios/images. 4. The whole Jewish concept makes sense as Blair's stepfather, Cyrus Rose, is Jewish. CHAIR . IS . FOREVER


Chuck: "I know about you and Dan."
Blair: "Oh..."
Chuck: "Why did you two kiss? I thought you hated each other."
Blair: "It was just an experiment, nothing more. I love you and I have for so long, I haven't stopped thinking about you...I'm just scared I'll get hurt again."
Chuck: "And I'm scared I'll lose you to someone more deserving of your love which is why I've tried so hard to show you that I wish to spend an eternity, earning back which I have lost. Marry me and neither of us have anything to fear."
Blair: "I do."


Chuck and Blair get married! Look at the spoiler picture! It shows Chuck and Blair on chairs, lifter by the crowd, with their hands bound together by a handerchief which is a dance called the "Hava Nagila" which is performed at Jewish weddings and Cyrus Rose, Blair's stepfather, is Jewish!!!!!!! It all fits! OMG!


Blair, I love you...but I love myself more.


Blair: No...I'm not pregnant, Bass. Sorry to disappoint...Wait?! You thought I was pregnant! Do I look pregnant?!
Chuck: I just assumed...That's why I was touching your tummy before... Well...Why don't I make it up to you?
Blair: How?
Chuck: Will you marry me?
Blair: Yes! Of course!!!
Chuck: And what did you want to tell me?
Blair: Just that I was secretly dating Dan but I don't need to any more! I'm getting married!

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