Gossip Girl Caption Contest 153

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Welcome back to the 153rd Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is queenbee94. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to Audreyhep, Anne and meeny. The winning entry now appears below. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next time!

Playing Dress Up

Blair: No, Dorota, I'm looking for something that says "I'm the next Kate Middleton!", not "I'm the next Chelsy Davy!"

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i love miss Audreyhep's captions.. very good and funny


Dorota: Why don`t you wear this one, Miss Blair? Prince Louis won't be able to take his eyes off of you.
Blair: Sure, if I want to be his courtesan instead of his princess. Besides, I wouldn't want Serena to think I'm trying to steal her place.


"This say sexy and smart" "No, it says let's skip dinner and make a sex tape"


Dorota: hmm I wonder if this will fit vanya?
Blair: *thinking* oh dear lord!...


Blair farts and hopes Dorota didn't hear or smell it


Dorota *thinking*: Hmm.. Could I get Vanya to play dress up..?


Dorota: Is this a skirt or a belt?
Balir: I'm not sure you'll have to ask serena


Dorota (Thinking): Doesn't matter if you wear the pink or the blue, you're still gonna end up with meester Chuck and who's gonna be the one to pick up the mess again, me. Maybe...
Blair: Dorota! Pay Attention! It's very important I look good for Chuck
Dorota: You mean the prince?
Blair: Did I say Chuck? Of course I meant the prince, I'm just very stressed and you're not helping!
Dorota: I think if you two got married it will be like friends episode where Ross says Rachel's name...


Blair: I cant believe im finally going on a date with Prince Louis! Dorota: Me too Miss Blair!! Oh and can i borrow this skirt? Blair: No dorota! you'll look like a Whore!! Dorota: That's the whole point Miss Blair. Blair: Dorota have you lots your mind you wouldn't fit into that anyway. Dorota: Well im taking Vanya has gone off me Miss Blair but once he sees me in this he'll know what he's missing!! Blair: Or he might just run as far away as possible.... Dorota: Miss Serena wore this last week and she looked fantastic! Blair: Well thats because Serena is a slut and she looks fantastic in Slut Clothes!!!!!


i like Audrey heps, she has some good ones every week... i like the harry potter quotes and toy story and star wars is it? there awesome good thinking.. my favourite the toy story one:-) queenbee94, lovinnnn etttt, some make me smile there good, esecially with the no this says serena is my personal shopper hahaha

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