Gossip Girl Producer Promises "Very Big" Event Monday

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We've seen promos and a sneak peek from the episode. Now Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gives us a preview of "The Princesses And The Frog."

In addition to the complications brought to Blair and Louis' romance by his mother, and Nate getting caught in the middle of Chuck and Raina, Joshua promises:

  • Vanessa still being on the outs with ... well, everyone (shocker)!
  • Rufus getting a job (and even more amazingly, a storyline)!
  • Something "very big" happening. One of the biggest things ever to happen on the show, in fact. It will "change the course of several characters forever."

What the preview below and comment with what you think that is ...

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Yes, is true, Serena broke the code first but I see it in the way that just because Serena did it Blair shouldn't do it, like Blair should be the bigger person in a sense. Anyways, I think after tonight's episode everybody focus is going to be on something else, I for one can't defend Chuck any longer and I going to write about that in other articles. At the moment I'm going to be something like team Blair/not a GG guy, because Chuck and Nate are not cut to the job and my non related Chuck and Blair reasons stand regarding Dair, so I'm supporting Louis right now though I'm not going to fuss about it because we all know the guy is not going to become a permanet fixture, so far all it has been reported that the actor hasn't been booked for season 5.


Mcfoxy:I mean calling out a fanbase is pretty stupid my dear. Humans populate all of fandome so there are boneheads in your camp, too! Maybe even more, you guys are well known. I'm neutral to Chair and Dair but we all know tptb half *ssed Dair (at best) and was never given a chance. Calling out a fan base is kind of silly, calling out a posted is on point. Your post was immature at best.


McFoxy: Chair fans are equally to blame since they flame Dair too......I am currently a hardcore Dair fan, but I respect Chair enough.
All Shippers have a tendency to bash another ship because it contradicts their own opinions. But not everybody can be the same in value and character. Its learning to accept and understand another persons' interest and personality.


I don't want to be immature as some dair shippers have been since the whole dair snorefest started...you bash chucks' mistakes about chair to make dair appeal to those you want to follow you pple,you threaten that if chair happens you are done with the show (urgh)..it's just tv for christ sake and it is to ease out pressure after a long day so bash chair all you want,it won't change what chuck has for blair"their pull is undeniable" and did i mention you are not the writers..it also occured to me that you guys might not be grown up too based on your rantings(always)
Ps: this post is for dair fans(excluding the mature ones who are on point with their posts,who i also respect )who bash chair fans,chair dynamic to make dair look good.like i said it's just tv.i'm a hardcore chair shipper,i didn't stop the show when episodes of dair were air,neither will i die if dair is endgame.let us see how things go.
It's as simple as that..light not heavy


@Dairing My thoughts exactly. Serena slept with Nate when Blair was still his girlfriend and later they dated as well.
If its ok for Serena it should be ok for Blair. No rules are broken here.


@pty You make some good points, But I do want to point out that Serena already broke the girl code with Blair she slept with Nate while Blair was dating him. Saying that I’m not criticizing because hey this is just a t.v. show. I’m very much a Dair fan but either way Dair or Chair or just plain Blair I’m going to watch unless I have better plans for that particular night.


@ggholic28----I've been thinking about how Stephanie commented on The Philadelphia Story having a parallel as well....if it were really similiar, Blair would have to be engaged to the Prince for awhile, and while she was engaged to the Prince, Dan and her would have to have a fling or something. Meanwhile, Chuck will be in the background of it all, reminding Blair what they once had, and then, right before the wedding, Blair chooses Chuck! I want this to happen too!!!


I think the big thing that happens will be Nate having a go at chuck!


THE PHILADELPHIA STORY: The setting of the film is among the privileged upper class society in Philadelphia. Hepburn's character, a self-willed young aristocratic heiress (nicknamed 'Red' by her ex-husband), is on the verge of a second marriage. The Philadelphia socialite has divorced her dashing, colorful, pompous, playboyish husband (Cary Grant) and become involved with a chilly, solitary, self-made and dull business tycoon/millionaire (John Howard). The plot thickens and becomes complicated when her irresponsible ex-husband appears on the eve of the wedding, with intentions to keep her shielded from an overly-ambitious, cynical tabloid newshound (James Stewart) - a second male principal who is also vying for Hepburn's love on the day (and night) leading up to the ceremony. By film's end, she is rescued and persuaded to return to her playful and chastened husband. Seriously wishing this is what's going to happen! Team Dark Knight FTW!!! :)


@no way: darling, I'm not the first one to post something long in this site, if others do it why can't I do it? @Ed EastPrick: dude, others have posted worst things about Chuck in this site, they have said they hate him and they have called him all kinds of names, and that same argument that you just wrote I have used it with those people because hate is too much a strong and negative emotion to feel it towards a TV character, but being mad about what you dislike on a show that you're seeing for over 4 years isn't. And I'm a Chuck and Blair fan (so far), so I think I'm entitled to be vocal about what I don't like.

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