Gossip Girl Producer Promises "Very Big" Event Monday

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We've seen promos and a sneak peek from the episode. Now Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gives us a preview of "The Princesses And The Frog."

In addition to the complications brought to Blair and Louis' romance by his mother, and Nate getting caught in the middle of Chuck and Raina, Joshua promises:

  • Vanessa still being on the outs with ... well, everyone (shocker)!
  • Rufus getting a job (and even more amazingly, a storyline)!
  • Something "very big" happening. One of the biggest things ever to happen on the show, in fact. It will "change the course of several characters forever."

What the preview below and comment with what you think that is ...

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all this talk about 'oh if c and b get back together i'll stop watching the show', etc etc.
stop being stupid its a tv show, the writers decide what happens, that is your opinion that not everyone will agree with. stop acting like a kid, the shows supposed to be entertaining and guess what? FICTIONAL.
so quit the whole, this isn't realistic act as well. i say the producers will do whatever they thinks best but in the long run i'm a big chair fan.


need I just say how lame this show has become? wtf writers!


well you do have a point, but the times he went after blair was only to take back at her for what she did to vanessa and jenny, and in the next episode they were ok. if dan was really mad at blair about jenny he wouldn't let his guard down with her, and blair always forgave him as well, not to mention that everytime dan is attacking chuck you get the impression that its not only to defend jenny but blair too, since she is always there. Yes he judges alot but when he does it with blair its more like pointing her to the right direction and don't forget what eric said, normally he shoyld be repelled by blair's games but hes not because now he likes her. I m not sure about blair but dan definatelly has feelings for propably from the beginig because you dont act nice to a person you dont like just because she is friends with your girfriend and you dont continue to do that efter tou break up with her... Anyway i just wanted to point out that dan is changing maybe he becomes more cruel or insensible but definatelly blair changed him as she changes every guy she relates with


Blair will end up with Dan eventually. They might not stay together but they will have a romantic storyline. I seriously doubt she will be with him at the end of this season but just the fact that they haven't properly showed either one of their kisses says something major. Dand and Blair don't have the "passion" that Chuck and Blair have beause Chair's relationship is severely unhealthy. I do realize the show is about drama and more drama so I get the appeal of Chair but in realistic terms, no girl needs to be with someone like Chuck until he has changed and grown up. Mind you, I love Chuck as a character. I just don't love Chuck's actions. And no, Blair sure is not a saint in the least bit and she needs to grow up too...she can't do that with Chuck but Dan brings out a really great side of her. Please remember ladies that constant drama doesn't equal passion. That is why she should not end up with Chuck until he has changed. Me personally, I love Dairr.


Dan was once barely talked about, now everyone wants to put him with the most popular character on the show? NO I really like Dan, but they need to just stay friends, there is compatibility, but no passion there like CHUCK AND BLAIR


Am I the only one that doesn't want Blair with any of those guys...Personally I think Blair needs to find someone new... There are always new females characters on the show give us some new hot guys in nyc!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


@Is.. sap Dan is playing along with the schemes with Blair now, that is until Blair does something he really doesn't agree with then he'll get upset and judgy. Like if she did something against Jenny again or something he felt was morally wrong, then you'll see they can't be anything more than friends. He'll want her to change and she'll end up resenting him for it or hiding things from him, that is not a real relationship where you cant be who you are. Remember Dan in her birthday party, stealing the treaty and showing the video? Blair would get him up to that point again or they would argue a lot about her schemes, they just wouldn't work together. Leave Dan with Serena and Chuck with Blair. Each couple understands each other like no one else could.


@CBGG,you just said it the way i see it too


@Is.. sap
the reason for Dan's character is Serena. Dont you still get it after 4 seasons?


i don't see dair happening and i m beggining to worry, i mean dan is not going to confess his feelings to blair because the> line was for vanessa after all, and the sex scene it is definatelly with charlie because it took them 4 seasons to just kiss, a kiss we didn't see, and i highly doubt that they are going to have sex and we get to see the scene immediatelly. Regarding to dan's character change , he is different now , he doesn't seem repelled against blair's plots and schemes even if they are for him, he doesn't try hard to convince serena that there is nothing with blair, he doesn't seem to care much about serena being out of his life or vanessa, and he stops overanalize things and does spontanious things like when he asked charlie to stay withoyt thinking the conciquences and he probably will distruct himself with her. Wheather is a good or a bad change at least he developed and probably he now have the guts to go after blair even if he is less sensible. All of the other characters they stayed the same, i mean blair you think she matured becauce of dair and then she go getting engaged with someone she barely knows and before that she wanted to return to the man who sell her for a hotel... I don't know what will happens next season but if dair is over i don't see a reason for dan's character and i will quit the show for good

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