Gossip Girl Producer Promises "Very Big" Event Monday

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We've seen promos and a sneak peek from the episode. Now Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gives us a preview of "The Princesses And The Frog."

In addition to the complications brought to Blair and Louis' romance by his mother, and Nate getting caught in the middle of Chuck and Raina, Joshua promises:

  • Vanessa still being on the outs with ... well, everyone (shocker)!
  • Rufus getting a job (and even more amazingly, a storyline)!
  • Something "very big" happening. One of the biggest things ever to happen on the show, in fact. It will "change the course of several characters forever."

What the preview below and comment with what you think that is ...

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i don't know why this seems like such a massive secret
we have seen louis get down on one knee, blair with a ring, blair saying she got engaged, chuck looking distraught next episode (with jack, Nate, by himself etc) , chuck and blair together behaving awkwardly while they both look melancholy next ep and most OBVIOUSLY we have seen stills of blair, louis and loui's mother walking down a street while she is wearing a ring... clearly she accepted louis' proposal ? whether she marries him (which i highly highly doubt) is another story!


Surprisingly, I am very happy that Rufus gets a job! I always liked him as an actor and felt they could do more with his character... who knew I cared?!?


Its true what shir is saying I don't trust the producers anymore they have their own agenda's. I mean that whole dan blair storyline was really starting to get interesting but to just drop it like. I just hope they don't ruin the characters like they are doing with chuck. And why are the other 2 guys in blairs life not trying to win her over or are they keeping it for season5. I wish all the episodes could be like petty in pink was except for a few scenes that were off like charlie taking a picture of D&B when they were clearly on their way to pay for the tie. Or the fact that she took the video of them and it seemed she was only a few steps away who wouldn't notice her staring. They need to get better directors. The storyline is sometimes good but the product is lacking.
But other than me just venting what if they didn't notice charlie taking that video coz they were to into the kiss and wtf why don't they 4 once show us how D&B really kiss I mean F### are we like underage that they won't let us see or do leighton and penn steam the camera's up to much coz they really do have electric between them.
Charlie charlie charlie your gonna learn the hard way don't mess with B and her loves. The prince is a stunner I just hope he doesn't break B's heart maybe they can kill his character off. Of coz only when they get married. lol
Do u think that charlie was perhaps raped when she was at her other school or maybe she was worse than B at school imagine what trouble that girl could cause OMG. She acts innocent but she isn't its just that, an act.
Serena are you really gonna hurt be like that. Jack bass is back peeps and that can only mean 1 thing chucks gonna freak. Damn can't wait till monday for ep20 Mwah love u staxxx to the maxxx

Gaby ee

I just hope there is more Dair :) And hopefully the Thorpe storyline will end soon, because it is really boring. Give our characters something else to do.


The "huge" thing that will happen in this episode will be Blair getting engaged.


Vanessa = useless. For someone who shows utter disdain for the UES society, she sure is trying hard to try and get back in everyone's good graces. Why's she trying so hard anyway? Dan's really been the only one of that group that she was friends with and he's made it clear that they are no longer friends. Nate needs to interact more with everyone other than Raina. He's been in his own world for a while now. Remember the NJBK? Yeah, Nate needs to interact more with his friends. He's missed the last few big parties they've had, and I miss seeing Nate all dressed up.


i dont belive them.
it seams like every episdoe something lifechanging is implied latly.
there was the "HUGE" scandle from seasons back
the "lifechanging" kiss
blair and dan will confron their feelings for each other - didnt happen.
i just dont trust the producers any more...

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