Gossip Girl Promo: "Petty in Pink"

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Last night, Gossip Girl returned with a slower episode that set the tone for future weeks. For our in-depth analysis of "The Kids Stay in the Picture," see our Gossip Girl review.

It looks like things begin to pick up in next week's episode, "Petty in Pink."

Serena enlists Charlie to go undercover to determine why Dan and Blair are spending so much time together, and what role an unexpected visitor plays in their lives.

Elsewhere, with Nate’s help, Raina decides to go on a search for her long-lost mother, and Chuck copes with the reveal of more devastating information from the past.

Looks like Dair's not dead yet! Watch the promo for the episode here ...

What do you think? Extended promo and sneak peeks to come soon!

UPDATE: Follow the jump for an extended, higher-quality promo:

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Haters to the left! Dan and Blair are adorable together


The writers of this show are joke..they've ruined everything that'll make chair endgame in the past...now aside from their chemistry which is delicious to watch,they have spoilt them bcos of stupid plots.
What blair told chuck ep18 was necessary thats just the truth....and one thing i know is that blair will never end up with dan...if she does she's no longer blair waldorf...dair,i agree is witty and all that but whenever i watch chair scenes i get it that no matter how fucked the writers make them...they are still 'it'.
I've always said it Dair are the best friends the show could ever create.i love their dynamics and all that but they are just what it is nothing more.
The writers have done enough BS...
As for serena,let her get a life.she's just not growing up...maybe being an actress will help her.
Vannessa just go on hiatus already.
Nate is gonna end up with charlie.


I'm sorry, but Penelope is not a Dair shipper, she doesn't even know there's something to ship to begin with, she's probably going to be shocked about it (though I think she's already used to the comes and goings of all these people) (if the comment was supposed to be a joke then I didn't got it and please disregard my previous words). As for Chuck and Blair, he's still going to sink more before the story starts to pulling him back up (as per the spoilers), and what Blair told him was important and necessary for its growth, even if it was harsh or you think Blair doesn't have enough moral ground to say it (about the latter I have no opinion, I just think what she did was necessary, somebody have to do it, besides she's the only one he'll listen).


(continued) up yet and it dashed hopes for her to make it work between her and Chuck...What Dan said to Chuck when he came to the Humphrey loft was particularly true and Chuck didn't like that at all, the truth probably stung him (does anyone remember what he says to him?)...cue Prince Louis as her knight in shining armour, I don't think their engagement will last because of her past with Chuck which Louis comes to know of...as for the scene where everyone finds out about Dair kissing, Blair says biggest mistake of her life (lol) is an obvious cover for her and Prince Louis...xx


Maybe the end game is Dair coming out to everyone about their friendship despite Serena and Chuck's disapproval of it...They finally solidify their friendship by announcing it to their friends & family, at the moment no one knows about them (aside from Dorota who likes him too and thinks he is a positive influence on her, Dorota & Blair have a mother-daughter dynamic, the scene at Dorota's wedding really reflected it to me) and by doing that they won't have to go to great lengths to hide it...I don't think Blair is too bothered about class, since Dan has been welcomed by her and they both really get on with each...Blair has grown as a person around Dan's company and maybe she grew apart from Chuck, Chuck doesn't want to lose to her to someone else and perhaps need to accept it, be a man and move on...Blair will always be there for him as a friend and still somewhat cares about him regardless of not being a relationship...I think when Chuck made the remark about him, made her realise that he hasn't grown u


dan e blair agora seria uma boa ideia
já que de resto esta td indo por água abaixo
nesse momento dan tem que ficar com a blair
depois quem sabe na 6 temporada blair de uma
vez por todas acabe se casando cm chuck
e tudo volta a ser como era mas agora
se pede dan e blair juntos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


totally agree with a lot of comments here especially
@ninque @angie @sam_h786 DAIR need to admit their feelings. as much as i think the fairytale is sweet, chair is over and dair is just amazing. Dan and Blair have great chemistry and they are addictive, i love how he can make her laugh and vice versa. I can't wait to see the second kiss! As for serena, she is really pissing me off as are vanessa and chuck. It's time to move on, DAIR are happy, leave it!


I am looking forward to seeing the reprocussions of Dan and Blair's kiss between BFF's Blair and Serena!...I love Dair's dynamic friendship it was really sweet to see Dan stick up for Blair, seeing Blair stick up for Dan like that shows she does care for him as a friend and has a deep mutual respect towards him and vice versa ...Dan brings out the mature and good side in Blair, there's no schemes, lies or plots as much she can be herself around him, let her guard down and talk/bond over their love of movies...I want their friendship to continue to grow and develop over time irrespective of what the end game is this season, they are very enjoyable to watch onscreen together with their ongoing banter... As for a relationship, not right now maybe later on down the line and have Blair fall for Dan... Charlie and Dan probably get drunk at the party, hook up and Dan doesn't make much of it, whereas Charlie does! lonely boy & stalker? Charlie sure has some skeletons in her closet dying to come out... xx


Haha Penelope's a Dair shipper XD [can't wait to see next episode! Last one was boring ]


from what i've read in spoilers Serena is going to try and sabotage Blair and Louis because she is all jealous and hurt over the Blair and Dan kiss and what not. She has no reason to be! She and Dan aren't together! She was technically still with Ben when it happened, and she slept with Nate while he was dating Blair. She's just mad bc someone FINALLY choose Blair over her!

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