Gossip Girl Promos: "The Princesses and the Frog"

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After an unexpected sequence of events, Blair and the Prince went public on last night's Gossip Girl. At long last, our Queen B's dreams appear to be coming true.

Unless Serena jeopardizes it all by dredging up Blair's past.

That's what she'll do, according to the CW's episode synopsis for "The Princesses and the Frog." Is Serena the new Blair and Blair the new Serena? Looks like it.

Meanwhile, Charlie befriends Vanessa, who may or may not have a hidden agenda, and Nate is torn between his relationship with Raina and loyalty to Chuck.

Here's the first promo for the May 2 episode (more to come):

UPDATE: The extended version of the promo is live below ...

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See i dont even care if chair happens at the end of the season i just do not want blair to marry louis.


I adores Blair. I think three of them (Louis, Chuck and Dan) all are perfect in different ways. Just one request: GET RID OFF RAINA !! Oh come on, she's irrelevant now.


the only thing i'll say is: anobody noticed chuck's lipstick??? it's only lip gloss but anyway...


i'm forever a nair. i know its old school, but i love em. since they cant be together, i want B with the Prince. and Prince Louis is hotness! well imo. =)


On team Pair! (Prince Louis + Blair) The writers ruined Chuck, and the idea of Blair with Dan is just disgusting. There has already been far too much incest between the group, it is time to bring in fresh relationships. We already know Chair will end up happening, but she should be with the Price.


Watch out Serena, if you ruin Blair's happiness I may have to kill you. Chuck is an ass, DAIR need to be together end of season 4. Louis is cute bu I'm so over his childish behaviour and his 'i'm better than everyone because I'm chuck bass'. you know what would be interesting a big brother storyline with chuck, he needs to stop obsessing over blair who's finally moving on with her life!!! not sure if Louis will stay because Serena and Chuck are on the warpath and Louis' mum won't want it to go to press! As for Nate and Chuck's friendship - don't give a *&^! give me Dan and Nate's bromance, these two are hilarious, i love them so much, also Jenny must come back to be with Nate. Raina is just boring...plus we already had the locating the mother stoyline with chuck.... someone kill of Vanessa and Serena please.


chuck and blair all the way.
i believe he is hitting jack in this scene,
he comes back supposedly!
i severly dislike anyone with blair except chuck!


Can we straighten out one simple thing? The fact that Chuck has a crappy life and reasons to be unpleasant may mean that we have empathy for him and hope that his character will be redeemed in various ways. However, it does not mean he's right for Blair. What, she's supposed to choose him out of sympathy? Please.


im so excited for chair, they make the show!
and seriously i totaly agree, blair is trying to live in a fantasy.... shes the child, not chuck
and god people give it a rest chuck and blair BOTH hurt each other btw dan is the ugliest and most anoyying character ever

I am xoxo

another excuse for me to hate serena

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