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Chuck acting stupidly did not surprise me at all...


I love Dair, Blair needs someone that loves her like Dan!


Nate is way too pretty to have only 3 lines an episode! I WANT MORE NATE! Chuck... Dan... Blair... Prince Louis.... They're all screwed. I'm sick of the never ending fight for Blair Waldorf's love. She needs to just pick Chuck and get it over with because we all know Chair is endgame.


@towanda I LOVE THE WAY YOU THINK :D That smile Charlie brought down while conversing with Serena and her strange behavior was definitely the crazy eyes/smile from How I Met Your Mother


I think Charlie is a crazy girl. And will obsess with Dan. At the season finale she would do something to Dan and serana comes to save him. Final= Derana OR Maybe she can do something to bLair remember Ausiello said about physical harm so Dan comes to save her and the final Dair :P


no more chuck! boring with chair!


How unnecessary is Raina? I'd rather see Nate involved with some of his old flames. At least he wouldn't seem so misplaced then.


I was disappointed that Dair was retconned away, but I'm pretty sure they'll get there gradually.

I thought it was awful they said "whole family", and got two characters we've never even seen before (well, we saw the other Rhode sister as she was younger, but still) and not even a mention of Jenny.

Charlie is promising, but seems like an npc. Too soon to tell.

Rainate was cute and heartfelt, but I was just rushing to find out whether Blair would go with Dan or not.

In the end, I think it's good Blair didn't go with either one at this point.

The prince might be funner this time around. He was better-looking than I remembered. The bit about him holding the shoe was a bit corny, but I'll let it slide.

I thought it was kinda sad Chuck did the photo shoot alone, and even the photos were depressing.

I thought Serena was acting all high horse again by butting into Lily's sister's way of raising her daughter, but nobody called her on it...again.

Eric is awesome.


great episode!
so excited about charlie and louis :D
i bet charlie will try to become serena or maybe blair, since her face already looks like her. but probably serena. and she'll try to hook up with dan. hehehe, can't wait :D


writers : please Kill Vanessa i hate her .. i hate her

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