Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Kids Stay in the Picture"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, TV Fanatic Managing Editor Mister Meester is joined by our esteemed President Gossip Guy for an in-depth discussion of "The Kids Stay in the Picture."

Our colleague DANdy is off partying with Jack Bass on a multi-nation tour of Southeast Asia and currently unavailable, so it's a two-man show this week ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Absolutely goes to Dorota for correcting Blair and identifying Dan as more of a Labrador than a toad.

Mister Meester: Blair defending Dan and putting Chuck in his place. She may have been too quick to dismiss what she has with Dan, but at least she recognizes him for the standup guy he is, and tore Chuck a new one for involving Dan in his "plot."

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2. Focus on Lily's relatives and husbands: Fun change of pace or boring filler?

Gossip Guy: Oh those were here relatives? Seriously, I was wondering who that old lady was. What happened to the fun sister we met in the flashback!? B O R I N G. Hopefully, Charlie will prove to be fun and not just a weird incestual love interest of Dan. Wasn't her cousin / your step-sister enough for you? I saw that look you were giving her...

Mister Meester: I'm not writing this off yet because there are still four episodes left, and there MUST be more to Carol and Charlie than meets the eye, but this was not an exciting episode largely for this reason. The writers have been obsessed with Lily's back story ever since the spinoff that wasn't. I just hope they came up with something good this time and that it ties in with the larger narrative. Also, Dan had better not hit that.

3. More random, out of place confidant: Eric (for Dan) or Epperley (for Chuck)?

Gossip Guy: Please, Eric is so awesome I'd buy him as anyone's confidant. Plus, he's at least been paired up with Dan in previous episodes. Bringing back Epperley, and just explaining her complete change of character in one line? Pff.

Mister Meester: Epperley. Eric felt a tad forced but he's family, which is never too big a stretch. Besides, it's Eric. That kid rocks. Chuck and Epperley plotting - unnecessarily, no less - and sending clandestine texts just felt silly to me.

Circling the Wagons

MEN OF LILY: The Rufus-Will drama felt a little ... unimportant.

4. Do you like Nate and Raina as a couple?

Gossip Guy: Yes, the scenes between them in Nate's bed were absolutely riveting. Much like my sarcasm.

Mister Meester: Hey, the guy needs someone something to do. No, really, I like seeing him as the supportive boyfriend and hope the producers give this relationship a chance to really work (even though I have a hunch it won't happen).

5: Rate last night's episode on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10).

Gossip Guy: This is why I logged in to my inbox to answer this round table. Holy crap. We've always joked about Vanessa being useless before. And unfortunately, I feel like the boy who cried "Vanessa is Useless" because I wasted all my ridiculous numbers. No number can really express just how useless she's become. She literally hides in shadows and comes in too late with advice via voicemails... MULTIPLE TIMES THIS SEASON. Just kill off her character already. Fine, you forced me to give a number: 7,248.

Mister Meester: 9.9 / LMAO at Gossip Guy.

6: Team Dair, Team Chair or Team Prince Louis?

Gossip Guy: Team Dair. They were too nice to each other this week with all that prince/princess crap. Bring back that witty Dair banter from the real Queen and her toad Labrador that I crave. Leave Chair for end game.

Mister Meester: Dan and Chuck sure left the door open for a third suitor, didn't they? Neither stepped up and Louis is going to make them pay the price. The question is whether either Chuck or Dan will fight to win her back - next week's promos sure look like the donut is back in the picture, but things aren't always what they seem. In fact, they usually aren't in Gossip Girl promos. To actually answer the question, I really miss Dair - at least the chemistry and the wit, the connection and them spending so much time together - but ultimately, romantically, I'm hoping for a Chair engagement at season's end.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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i also found it kinda sad that Jenny and Rufus and Lily's lovechild couldn't be there. i don't think any of the family members even noticed of their lack of presence


I want to know what's up with Charlie!? When Carol said "She left college bc...just make sure you keep an eye on here" Sounds interesting

Van ayson

Can I add? The title says the Kids stay in the picture, funny how Jenny and Rufus and Lily's lovechild is missing in the picture!


I just want to ask: is Vanessa two years old???? I cannot believe how annoying is this character...please writers wake up and cut her off or decide something better for her...


@shaveit i totally agree with u. We need SERENATE back pls. They make sense 2geda than DERENA bcos i'm over dat storyline.


Gossip Guy - I absolutely adore you.


1.nothing stood out to me although i do love anything that dorota says
2.BOOOOOOring. bring back SERENATE
3.epperly wth
4.nooooooooooo they aree booooooring and im a hardcore SERENATE shipper so im biased. But sereiously htey are more boring than chuck and raina and that was torture to watch. serena needs to stop wasting her time with all these losers and go fight for nate. i think a raina serena fight would be goood.
5. 1 billion she needs to die
6.Dair they are cute


People please, stop the bashing, both Chuck and Dan are handsome men! So is Nate! They represent different types of men, that's all. Now, I gather that the episode didn't satisfied neither CB nor Dair fans. I personally didn't dislike the episode, nothing extraordinary but it was ok. I felt sorry for Dan because as a minimum he has a crush for Blair but she's not in that place, it was obvious in her conversation with Dorota and then the first time she dissmissed the kiss in front of Dan, you can argue that the second time she did this she seemed unsettled when he agreed, but I think it was because the idea of not having made any impression on him hurt her pride as a woman, again you can argue all you want if her pride was hurt for the heck of it or due to unspoken Dair feelings, but the way I see it the producers are making us believe that Dan is on the Season 4 finale race for Blair when they are actually setting him to compete on Season 5. As a Chuck and Blair fan I felt really sad for them, Blair did what she felt she needed to do for everybody's sake. Chuck is very clueless about relationships (regarding basic stuff, obviously his missdeeds are at a whole other level), saying that he didn't knew he could ask was practically an admission in that sense, and it was heartbreaking to see him so alone in the photo shoot (confusing why he wasn't part of the VDWs) even if it was necessary for his growth.


I WOULD LOVE CHAIR, like i did last year
but looking back at all seasons chuck treated blair HORRIBLY. I loved blair and chuck and wanted to punch a wall with the whole jenny thing Eww (she is hot but her step bro REALLY?
I cant help but think, that dan and blair have this underlying deep passion for each other but blairs superficial ways get in the way ugh for someone who is really smart shes Dumb I would love to see a proposal and then Dan comes in and say i love you and i was meant for you & blalbalba that would be EPIC Dan on his part needs to not be so chill, and emotionally calm STEP UP AND TAKE THE GIRL YOU KNOW YOU WANT Jesus
As for dan and eric i WAS SOOOO THINKING the same thing when they were talking about blair together but its his bro guess the step means its okay for any of the cast to bang another or maybe eith chuck now that would be DRAMA
As for the Rohdes FamBam, i could careless for the sister but the cousin looks like she could be a good plot twist, maybe she sleeps with the step dad while moms in prison or maybe a social uprising, i smell a new socialite(: As for vanessa, i use to enjoy her character, but its just over, she needs to leave. Speaking of leaving IWANTJENNY! PLEASE, bring her back she was pretty, interesting, and stirred drama for everyone what more could we want?
Favorite Quote:
"We may be bad, but i dont think we need to be compared to the plague" -Priceless.
Last note, the prince *Sigh* i always found his character dry, boring, and i want more excitement if they're dating blair, and OMG and the chuck and blair sex scenes, was soooooo intense i loveed it.


Team DAIR ! all the way. if it's not DAIR, please bring NAIR back T.T I still miss NAIR so much. The time that we see Blair and Nate are together as a couple is too short in any season they're in. considering all 4 seasons which has already been aired, most of them pretty much consists of Blair & Chuck. Just Blair & Chuck & Chuck & Chuck & Chuck ............ I used to be CHAIR team for a while , although NAIR is still No.1 in my heart, but after seeing DAIR I'd rather prefer Blair's new relationship. It's FRESH. DAIR makes me smile and laugh because of their cuteness. No More Blair&Chuck. Chuck can be friend, good friend or a very good supporter to Blair.

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