Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Kids Stay in the Picture"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, TV Fanatic Managing Editor Mister Meester is joined by our esteemed President Gossip Guy for an in-depth discussion of "The Kids Stay in the Picture."

Our colleague DANdy is off partying with Jack Bass on a multi-nation tour of Southeast Asia and currently unavailable, so it's a two-man show this week ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Absolutely goes to Dorota for correcting Blair and identifying Dan as more of a Labrador than a toad.

Mister Meester: Blair defending Dan and putting Chuck in his place. She may have been too quick to dismiss what she has with Dan, but at least she recognizes him for the standup guy he is, and tore Chuck a new one for involving Dan in his "plot."

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2. Focus on Lily's relatives and husbands: Fun change of pace or boring filler?

Gossip Guy: Oh those were here relatives? Seriously, I was wondering who that old lady was. What happened to the fun sister we met in the flashback!? B O R I N G. Hopefully, Charlie will prove to be fun and not just a weird incestual love interest of Dan. Wasn't her cousin / your step-sister enough for you? I saw that look you were giving her...

Mister Meester: I'm not writing this off yet because there are still four episodes left, and there MUST be more to Carol and Charlie than meets the eye, but this was not an exciting episode largely for this reason. The writers have been obsessed with Lily's back story ever since the spinoff that wasn't. I just hope they came up with something good this time and that it ties in with the larger narrative. Also, Dan had better not hit that.

3. More random, out of place confidant: Eric (for Dan) or Epperley (for Chuck)?

Gossip Guy: Please, Eric is so awesome I'd buy him as anyone's confidant. Plus, he's at least been paired up with Dan in previous episodes. Bringing back Epperley, and just explaining her complete change of character in one line? Pff.

Mister Meester: Epperley. Eric felt a tad forced but he's family, which is never too big a stretch. Besides, it's Eric. That kid rocks. Chuck and Epperley plotting - unnecessarily, no less - and sending clandestine texts just felt silly to me.

Circling the Wagons

MEN OF LILY: The Rufus-Will drama felt a little ... unimportant.

4. Do you like Nate and Raina as a couple?

Gossip Guy: Yes, the scenes between them in Nate's bed were absolutely riveting. Much like my sarcasm.

Mister Meester: Hey, the guy needs someone something to do. No, really, I like seeing him as the supportive boyfriend and hope the producers give this relationship a chance to really work (even though I have a hunch it won't happen).

5: Rate last night's episode on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10).

Gossip Guy: This is why I logged in to my inbox to answer this round table. Holy crap. We've always joked about Vanessa being useless before. And unfortunately, I feel like the boy who cried "Vanessa is Useless" because I wasted all my ridiculous numbers. No number can really express just how useless she's become. She literally hides in shadows and comes in too late with advice via voicemails... MULTIPLE TIMES THIS SEASON. Just kill off her character already. Fine, you forced me to give a number: 7,248.

Mister Meester: 9.9 / LMAO at Gossip Guy.

6: Team Dair, Team Chair or Team Prince Louis?

Gossip Guy: Team Dair. They were too nice to each other this week with all that prince/princess crap. Bring back that witty Dair banter from the real Queen and her toad Labrador that I crave. Leave Chair for end game.

Mister Meester: Dan and Chuck sure left the door open for a third suitor, didn't they? Neither stepped up and Louis is going to make them pay the price. The question is whether either Chuck or Dan will fight to win her back - next week's promos sure look like the donut is back in the picture, but things aren't always what they seem. In fact, they usually aren't in Gossip Girl promos. To actually answer the question, I really miss Dair - at least the chemistry and the wit, the connection and them spending so much time together - but ultimately, romantically, I'm hoping for a Chair engagement at season's end.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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The only question I want to answer is Dair or Chair. Here is my gripe with the show. The cast is contracted through season six, but the ratings have been crap. So I'm seeing next season, if we get it, as being the last. If that is true, then the time for exploring different relationships is over and the time for putting endgames together has come. If she's going to end up with Chuck then fix them already and if not, then end it for good. I hate to have a series finale where it's rushed and as a fan and viewer you feel cheated and let down in your loyalty to the show. That is my only wish for the show at this point, put Chuck and Blair back together, or end it so she can be with someone else (and I can stop watching) lol sorry, I had to write that in.


Haha Gossip Guy I love your answer for #4. :D


Please let it be Dair!
Regarding Chuck's investigation on "the love of his life" I really think that the producers should bring three more letters to Chuck's last name. What about Dumbass??? :)
what really happened to his beliefs, "If two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find their way back"????


Things I loved about this episode:
- Blair being Blair, but without the silly shrill behavior of the first half season that risked making her a caricature
- Rufus and William's cattyness - normally this kind of banter is reserved for women, and it's awesome to see them go at it!
- Dan's denial to Eric about his feelings for Blair - hysterical and SO true to life - and to Dan's character I like the adult storyline because the only way you remember the "kids" are actually kids in this story is when you juxtapose them against their parents, so I'm up for that. And it takes an episode to set up a new story, so I'm okay with this being a kindof 'plot-setting' episode. Vanessa is boring. Ugh. On Chair=endgame: the GG actors are contractual obligated through Season 6 - but Season 5 hasn't even been confirmed yet. So if Chair is endgame, and I trust it is, the writers have to figure out how to either keep Chair apart for at least 4 episodes, but possibly 1 more season, or even 2 more ... very difficult to pull off. I just can't see a Chair wedding before the series ends (or before the core cast leaves).

Yournobodytillyourtalkedabout xoxo

1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night? Blair-to dan 'Your princess is out there to if your ready for
her' 2. Focus on Lily's relatives and husbands: Fun change of pace or boring filler? I may be alone when I say this but I enjoyed the dynamics of all of there relationships, there were written cleverly (for once) to give endless posibility. But I may be speaking to soon :/ 3. More random, out of place confidant: Eric (for Dan) or Epperley (for Chuck)? I think Eric is so cute (yes im a girl dw) he seemed a tad edgy with the whole come meet a faily extravaganza, who can blame him? Although in the family photo Serena and Eric were bonding really well. As for Epperly, im not a fan. Her role in the episode was unbelieveable and just flat out stupid. However without her storyline the episode would of played out in the way it did. 4. Do you like Nate and Raina as a couple? A more odvious question would be, is the sky blue? They are so boring, they dont even have any chemistry together. At all. 5: Rate last night's episode on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10). Wow! You know that quote the sky is the limit... well lets just say that came into play this episode regarding Vanessa. 6: Team Dair, Team Chair or Team Prince Louis? The prince, pauper or dark knight?... my anwser neither. Blair needs to be with someone new (not chuck) who isn't packed full with drama (Not a prince! not Dan Either cause all the drama it would cause between Serena and blair and chuck). So Basically someone knew!


I think DAIR is more exciting to watch than any other coupling. Don't separate them.


I logged on here to say (aswell) why the hell is Vanessa even around anymore? All she does is notice things that people do/say and grass on them. If I have to hear another "I know you don't wanna hear from me right now but..." That's right Vanessa, we don't wanna hear from you, ever. We do hate you. Piss off you pathetic idiot! And I'm with you on the Dan-Charlotte weirdness. He is being way incestuous even if it isn't blood relations... I think Chair will get engaged at the end. Here's hoping!


I am all for the Dair ship since its new and fresh. The Chair ship is reused and recycled. It gets very boring after awhile. I know fans are saying that Chair is endgame, but isn't that a little too predictable?
Prince Louis is unnecessary. It should be just a fight between Dan and Chuck.


why writers just considering only chair fans side i think dair is really healthy relationship and they respect each other share some movie stuff...i used to hate dan but after beiing with blair i changed my opinion...its unfair to ruin the storyline which have started!!!


the episode was pretty good. even though the chuck/blair scenes were very minimal, i was still jumping with joy. and even though blair is probably gonna date louis or dan for a while, it's all good because she really does loves chuck, and no matter who she dates, feelings like that don't just go away. hopefully, they'll find their way back to each other. chair = endgame

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