Gossip Girl Scoop: Why is Serena in L.A.?

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So, why is Serena in Los Angeles filming scenes for Gossip Girl? Here's one theory, via TV Line, about the photos of Blake Lively and guest star Ethan Peck surfacing online:

"Peck plays a director’s assistant. Could it be Serena gets cast in a movie and starts crushing on him? In related news, Peck is in talks to return next season for an arc."

This would tie in (somewhat) to the arrival of S' relatives from the West Coast. Perhaps she and cousin Charlie take a trip to L.A.? Just one idea. We'd love to hear yours.

S in LA

Blake on location in Los Angeles for Gossip Girl recently.

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just please fast forward to the season finale would you? i'm tired of waiting! i could care less about charlie crappy storyline just get us to blairs choice! ugh haha.


Why would Serena get cast in a movie? She's blonde with boobs and long legs. Every 2nd actress looks like that! I don't even buy Blake as an actress, so how is Serena gonna be one? Is her mumbling plus 3 different facial expressions acting now?


Clearly doing a porno. Derr.


Ethan Peck! I'm excited to see him in GG :D


Hoping they go back to the storyline from the book that Serena acts in the film Breakfast At Fred's, the remake of Breakfast at Tiffany's. It would mean that she would be doing something for the summer, and could possibly bring a temporary character in that would stir stuff up for the beginning of next season. And realistically, that is the sort of thing a socialite does, has a one hit wonder in a movie, then goes back to being famous for being rich haah


Great! Another man for Serena to have sex with list.


finally!!!!!! something that makes sense!!! Serena in Columbia??? yeah right and I´m Jesus Christ then!!!


Who thinks serena would be good at acting ha, they should rather make her a model , she's quite expressionless !! And that voice always sounds the same!!


im not sure if ill enjoy serena on hiatus on gossip girl, shes the reason why i love gg


I think blake might be taking a break or leaving gossip girl and this will be her exit storyline.. Charlie is going to be the new blonde in the show

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