Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "Petty in Pink"

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Blair's plans change quickly on Gossip Girl when a certain prince comes to town. For now, she won't tell her minions who her big date is with. It meets too much to her!

As we discussed in our Gossip Girl Round Table this week, Chuck really dropped the ball and Dan didn't step up to the plate, leaving the door open for this royal suitor.

It looks like our Queen B is smitten with him too. Will she be by the end of next week's episode? Check out a sneak peek from "Petty and Pink" and comment below:

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prince Louis is so cute! :D I want one of that for myself!!


awesomeness! 0.20-0.23


by the way, I love the minions scene here.. always funny scenes.
but jessica is not really good.
penelope is the best minions ever for blair.


yeah.. i hope the finale season Blair Waldorf is engaged with Louis Grimaldi.
The prince and the princess. Louis is the HANDSOME MAN CHARACTER now in Gossip Girl.. following by NATE.
JUST hope LOUIS isn't going just for few episode..
but he has to be a REGULAR CAST next season. if it does,then blair is engaged with him but if it doesn't, i know who the guy is going to be Blair Fiance CHUCK!
chuck is nice but just Chuck is not for Blair anymore.
i Hope Blair got Happy Ending WIth Prince louis. and chuck either with Eva.
Please JOSH and STephanie just make a new brilliant and precious things and casts.. :D


this is random, but whatever happened to Vanya?? and by extension, any reference to Dorota's life outside of her work. she has a kid and a husband and yet she's somehow treated by the writers as if she were still a single woman. i get she's not a main character but you'd think the writers could at least follow up on shedding a little light on her background story after they sorta put it front and center towards the end of last season w/ her wedding and giving birth


i do miss nate and blair... i wish there would be season 5.... blair and prince is so cute.. fairy tale like the story of prince william and kate. GO B!!


minions *--* and Blair have to wear her headband! I miss de school/college blasts...


C'est aussi ce que j'ai pensé en revisionnant la scène ^^


looks like the minions are backk :DD they remind ime in season 1 and i miss the old B.. also without doubt penelope will ask gossip girl to find that out!! :P i miss the times when gossip girl got B in trouble ... i hope she does cause that means DRAMA!! :P

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