Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "The Princesses and the Frog"

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"She's not gonna end up with this guy. We all know it."

In this new sneak peek from next week's Gossip Girl, "The Princesses and the Frog," Nate tries to comfort Chuck about developments with Blair - and Raina.

Appearing despondent over Blair's romance with Louis, Chuck asks his best friend for loyalty and to encourage Raina to call off the search for her mother.

Will Nate oblige? And is the quote above, which Nathaniel uttered to reassure his broken roommate, correct? Check out the clip here and comment below:

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Pennys boat

lmao how can anyone root 4 Chuck
aww poor bby...just stop it!
grow up.


chuck and blair were over for me when he sold her for a hotel. how can any girl EVER get past that? being a big chair fan, i was really disappointed after that incident, and if blair chooses chuck, i will lose any respect i had for her. how is she being a POWERFUL woman by going back to the man who threw her to his uncle? dan helped her realize her dreams and for that IM ALL FOR DAIR!!


I mis s1-2 Chuck so much you know the one who said he didn't care about her but when it came to actions he always helped her without her noticing.Then he just became the guy who claims that he loves her but we never really see that.Why couldn't the writers understand that Chuck didn't need to change and then change again and then again.And now he's that stupid man who's just sitting there, brooding as if this is going to help him. He needs to become Blair's friend and the old Chuck that everyone loved.The Chuckwho loved only Blair Waldorf(I think the moment Chuck's character destruction begun was with that Elle,s2.But he found his way back.Can he now?)


I am going from Chair to Pair. I want Blair and Prince Louis to end up together. The writers ruined Chuck with Vanessa, Jenny, Eva, and Raina. Blair deserves to be the true Queen B by getting a fairy tale ending with Louis.


@Chairity - you rock, totally love your opinion. of course only chair fans say they are endgame, anything could happen, frankly i'm team pauper, so DAIR fTW and i have lost all respect for chuck, he is childish and stupid and i don't care if he doesn't get blair, because frankly he does not deserve her.


Sorry, I did not forget Blair and Nate. They genuinely cared for each other.. that was just so so long ago in gossip girl land.


My login name is CHAIRity and even I don't want Blair to end up with Chuck anymore. Yeah they have great chemistry and stuff but he's like the abusive boyfriend you can have hot sex with but never feel good about being with the next morning. The writers have sort of ruined Chuck. Whenever he is with someone else Blair is the furthest thing from his mind, but Blair has never ever forgotten about him and never been in a real relationship with anyone else. They really haven't shown us that she likes Louis beyond his title and the idea of a fairy tale which is unfortunate because he's actually really good to her.
That quote from Nate is like the writer's saying 'yeah calm down, we know what will happen in the end.' It's too bad they've never given Blair a real chance away from Chuck. I'm pretty sure Chair is the endgame and I'm excited to see how they get there but part of me will always be disappointed Blair never really moved on.


The sad thing about Nate's comment is that it reflects what everyone in the audience is thinking. Then one wonders, why bother with the storyline at all? Blair and Louis should have a fighting chance, if the drama is really going to work. I fear that Louis is the one actually using Blair, for purposes in his family life that we can't yet divine. That would be sad. My hope is that when she discovers this, Dan is there to pick up the pieces. It also cracks me up that people think Dan and Blair are kaput now, just because they didn't immediately start humping each other in the next episode. We can wait for a good thing--indeed, I'm hoping to relish the waiting all through season 5, as we see their passion for each other develop. It will be wonderful.

Gaby ee

"you are so right nate, we all know blair and louis will not stay together since she is madly in love with dan :)" @Xam's you are SO right :D


Please rewrite Chuck because as it stands this guy is an idiot and a total tool! In the trailer he claims "he's the love of Blair's life" yet he's punching windows above her?!?! And look at him now, why should Blair have to deal with this lying depressed abusive alcoholic drunk, that's certainly not gonna make her happy chemistry or not. Move on Blair please, Chuck's garbage

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