Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck Still in the Running

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Dair has dominated Gossip Girl spoilers and discussion of late. But what about Chair, the couple many consider the show's endgame? Is there any hope on that front?

There are great Chair moments coming up, according to EW. GG Producers have certainly heard fan cries, and say not to count anyone out of the running for Blair’s heart.

That includes Prince Louis, as well. So who will win out in the end?

Chuck and Blair in Action

All we can say definitively is that there is major drama to be had, and that it will all lead up to a TWO-PART finale, which airs over two weeks in our time (May 9-May 16).

Those episode titles: "Shattered Bass" and "The Wrong Goodbye." Make of that what you will. One other note - the finale takes place all in one night in the GG world.

Should be exciting to watch. The show returns a week from Monday (April 18). Sound off with your comments below, and vote on who you think Blair gets engaged to:

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@ gglover i totally agree with u i try to tell ppl when did he once say that he loved elle,eva or raina!


@Jo mama umm he never claimed to be in love with them... It was always clear that they were a distraction. Anyways to all those saying it's stupid and a waste for Blair to stay with the one she fell for at 17 umm.. are youu stupid? Have you not watched other shows?? Where basically 95% (when based on teens) of the main relationships are like that. E.g pacey/Joey, Nathan/Haley, Seth/summer, Clark/Lois, Lucas/Peyton even Ross/Rachel... I mean come on people! Let's not use that pathetic excuse just cuz you're wishing for "dair"


just please fast forward to the season finale would you? i'm tired of waiting! i could care less about charlie crappy storyline just get us to blairs choice!


I agree with people saying that Blair is an interesting character and for her to stay with the same guy she fell for at 17 would truely be a waste of her personality. DAIR forever!


Chuck does NOT deserve Blair. He is an awful character.


I agree with Observer, Chuck doesn't deserve Blair. She deserves to be treated with love and respect and I think she could really have something special with Humphrey. I hope the writers give DAIR a chance. For as much as Chuck "claims" to love Blair, he sure fell in love with Elle, Eva, and Raina rather quickly...


@gossipgirlfan well u did offend and i dont agree with u because exactly its just how bso there for the writers can redeem chuck and he knows that what he did was wrong dan and blair will not be an endgame they might have a couple dates but they wont be endgame chhuck will always love blair and she will always love him and i agree they shouldnt be together right now because when they get back together it needs to be for good


I think people need to remember that this is JUST A SHOW. An amazing show yes.... but still a show.
I find it funny how people are saying that the dair fans are the only ones being rude but I think it is everyone, including chair fans.
I use to love chair but after the hotel thing I realised that they aren't good for each other. I know for a fact if your best friends bf traded her for a hotel you would tell them to dump that jerk in a second. I am all for second chances but Chuch as already had enough and it is getting so boring. Chuck and Blair date then they break up then they hate each other then they break up......enough is enough. Blair is my favourite character and I want to see her happy and in a health relationship which sadly isn't with Chuck. Dan is good for Blair. She is albe to be a good person and be happy and not worring about everything. Did you notice that Blair didn't sabbatoge Dan's author.....when was the last time that Blair didn't sabbatoge someone if she had the chance. Also I don't think they would build Dan and Blair up so much just to let them fizzle out so soon. I hope that Blair and Dan become end game. But mostly I hope she doesn't get back together with Chuck. Blair could marry a homeless man on the streets for all a care I just don't want it to be Chuck. Like I said in the begining this is only a show and this is just my opinion I don't want to offend.


@margo actually chuck was 20 in the beginning of season 3 @observer u are taking this was too seriously its just a show so there for they r gonna do what they r gonna do u r rude and bash ships shutup and take ur self to someone who cares


i totally agree with you, Observer!
chair should not be endgame. they should be friends and that's it.
that said, i wonder how will the prince fit in all this. I hope he'll make Dan realize just how much he likes Blair and then fight for her.
Also, i hope the writers won't make Dan fall for Charlie. With all the build up that has been going on with the Dair storyline, i sure hope it wasn't only some kind of distraction..

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