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So many Gossip Girl spoilers, news items and teasers from a variety of sources. Without wasting any more time, here's the latest. Have at it in the comments below:

From TV Line:

  • Stephanie Savage on V: “Vanessa’s very much a part of the rest of the season. She will make a bold move by the end of the season, [one that] could put her back in their good graces… or it could put her out of their good graces forever.”
  • Remember: Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm
Meester Charles

From E! Online:

  • Dair engages in a liplock that is just for show (but to a much bigger audience than they intended, oops). Make of that what you will. But also ...
  • Mature Chuck makes a brief appearance in the coming episodes, but so does Party Chuck and Player Chuck, who Blair wants nothing to do with.
  • Queen B herself has caught royal wedding fever!

From EW:

  • Not everyone is thrilled to see civilian Blair on the arm of a prince - namely the Royal brood. Winning them over could be Blair’s biggest challenge yet. If she chooses to stick by him. You will know if she will be the end of April 25's episode.
  • Also that week, Chuck is off attending to Bass matters, and while it seems he might have checked out of the fight for Blair, his discoveries could lead him to a dark place. You know, the kind of dark place he and Blair always seem to meet.
  • April 25 is a big episode for Dair, as it sheds light on their true feelings.

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    Player and Party Chuck is backkkkkkkk FINALLY.


    I don't need a Chair ending in this season I just need it eventually. I think Chuck has still a lot to learn. I mean he screwed up spectaculary in this relationship and he takes Blair for granted. Now he realizes she can move on too and it scares him but I think it's not enough. Chuck needs the feeling that he has really lost her at least for a little while. Because then he'll hopefully never forget this feeling and maybe finally treats her like she deserves it. Because I also go for Blair/Happyness but in my opinion she never could be entirely happy without Chuck. God I mean you can't honestly consider this prince as her match. She doesn't even know this guy for real. It's his title she's attracted to and maybe the farytale ending (same situation as with Nate back then) And Dan? Come on! She's Blair Waldorf. This never would work out well. Not for Dan and most certainly not for Blair! Just let them stay friends!

    Yournobodytillyourtalkedabout xoxo

    Hmm, my thoughts on the upcomming episode titled 'The Kids stay in the Picture' set to air on the 18th April.
    Firstly I would like to clarify that I highly disaprove of the romance/relationship between Dan and Blair. When things ended last time on gossip girl we were left with a cliffhanger where we witnessed Dan and Blair's kiss which 'freeze-framed' as soon as the two unlikely indivudals locked lips, literaly. This tourchered us as it gave endless possibilites, I personally think that they will finish the kiss gaizing into each others eyes seperated when Blair will say something like 'well now we got that cleared up, you can go back to brokyln.' :/ Well not escally like that but I think you got the jist. Perez hilton posted that after Blair and Dans ahem... Blair catches a fake bug and refuses to see anyone especially Dan and Chuck. Regardless if this infomation is true I think it may suggest that Blairs kiss ment more then she was letting on. Things also left with the breakup of Serena and Ben. I am very relieved as I thought there relationship was very well boring to the touch. And without knowing much about Ben given the fact he looks like a stiff-dork and just spent years behind bars I dont like the idea of Ben and Serena together. At first I thought it was just because Ben distracted Serena from Dan which saddened me as I hoped they would recconect or be friends at the least. Now to Blair and Chuck,
    I thought there games were cute at first but after seeing the aftermath of there games, they end up getting hurt. Its sort of repetative, Chuck Likes Blair---Blair Likes Chuck---they have sex---complications are introduced ie.Hotel---They end up hurting each other---Break up---Blair breaks it off with chuck--- Chuck shags everything that moves---Blair goes on a couple of dates---Blair forgives chuck. And it starts all over again. Dont get ne wrong I liked the whole Dark night dynamics and all of there games and fooling around with each other, but there not in high school anymore. Blair has matured but I feel Chuck hasn't, therefore cant handle a serious relationship. When chuck grows up an 'redeems' himself as some of you may say then I will be all for Chuck and Blair. :) So you may ask...
    Team Prince (Prince Louis)
    Team Pauper (daniel)
    or Team Dark night (charles) My anwser... Neither I guarantee that by season 5 episode 5 Blair would of ruined her relationship with all three potentials.


    There's a common misconception that people enjoy Chuck and Blair's agony and it's about the acting. I like those scenes because Ed & Leighton are incredible actors and they portray heartbreak so well. It's clear the writers don't have an endgame in mind despite everyone so convinced they are. The writers would have a lot more respect for the characters and not have written 3.17. Blair & Chuck are a tragedy, star crossed lovers who I've come to believe aren't going to end up togetheer.


    Who knows dan & blair getting engaged would be a huge omfg moment. I wouldn't put it past the writers but i think it would be blouis because he's the easy choice: blair's escape. It would be in Blair's character to pick the easy choice and run off than for her to pick Chuck or Dan. Chuck would have to do a lot in 5 episodes for Blair to consider him especially when she has this new found interest in Dan.


    I am a chuck and blair fan but they're not ready for a marriage. Chuck has a lot of making up to do and change before I ever root for a marriage between the two.


    I really don't like Dair,they're to...normal.Good boy,turning bad girl in good girl.Blair can't turn into a good girl.It would kill her personality.The thing that I like about Chair is that they're both bad guys.And,to make the relashionship work,they have to go against their nature,and,sometimes,they fail.But,in the end,it's worth it.
    The writers spent four season building them,why would they stop now?It all starts at Victor Victrola,when Chuck starts to have feelings for Blair.In the begining of the second season,she realizes she loves him,but it takes little more time to admit it.In the season finale,Chuck admit it too.Since then,they screw up,they break up,they move on,something happens and they make out in some weird place.I mean,they have already had sex on a piano.
    Anyway,I think Chuck is the one who causes Blair physical harm,but isn't his fault and Louis is the guy who proposes.But she'll probably break up with him.


    theres no way its dan. at the point of the finale sure he may be in love with blair but he wouldnt be ready for a proposal, so dans out and we know chuck has a ring and planned to propose last season finale. so its chuck v louis and i seeing as the plot goes into S5 im sure its louis and blair has deep deep regret and bails by the end of the season and chuck and blair get married


    urgh chair/ chuck go awayyyyy


    From all the spoilers this is what I think will happen: The first two episodes will focus on Dair v/s Chair. Dan will admit to his feelings but I dont think Blair will. Yet Chuck, maybe becuz V calls him, assumes that B is seeing someone and goes on to Dan to confront him. Dan tells him that he likes her and C tries to take him down thru a scheme. B realises this and defends Dan and blasts C. Also Serena gets oh-so suspicious and puts Charlie on their trail. Meanwhile Louis comes back and B is swept away. But maybe because the royal family is not happy abt L's love for a commoner she acts like she is dating someone else. Vanessa films the second kiss and sends it to S who confronts B - who says that Dair have a real connection- S then runs to be act like a petty girl in pink and rattles to Prince. I think thats when B tells L that she wants to be wid him. Now C I guess will try to win B back but fail epicly. So he gets away and finds out some dark secret which sends him over the edge. He is about to hurt himself but B , as always, runs to save him. While saving him B gets hurt- unintentionally on C's part but still he blames himself. Then he has a edwardish epiphany " I can only hurt B and never make her happy kind" - He then makes a great gesture which woos B to her knees. I guess she then comes back to C- Though I would love it if she momentarily goes off to the sunset with Prince Louis. Dair I think will be brought to a sudden end romantically though Dair as friends maybe continued thru out next season.

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