Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: Here Come the Brides!

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Callie and Arizona's wedding day is fast approaching on Grey's Anatomy.

Next week, the show returns with a new episode, "It's a Long Way Back." The following Thursday, May 5, the brides-to-be make it official in what looks like a magical event.

Of course, it won't be without its pitfalls (what wedding isn't), but from the looks of this huge photo gallery, when all is said and done, Calzona should come out of it fine:

Callie-Arizona Wedding Picture

While most of the gallery from the episode, "White Wedding" understandably focuses on the happy couple, here's one unrelated shot we wanted to make special note of:

The Big Decision

Does this shed any light on Meredith and Derek's big decision? Could those be adoption papers he's holding? OR might we be in for a double wedding day May 5?

We'll have to wait and see, but it looks like a very special episode. Follow the jump for the rest of the photo gallery and share your thoughts in the comments:

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Priyam srivastav

Ok, so the kid in the picture isn't their baby. But their could be a Mer/Der wedding and an adoption. They never had a legal document for the wedding. And that would be a hindrance to adopt. So they quickly get it done at the city hall and file for adoption!


I might have an idea! Well, shonda said that in the finale, Meredith will be leave in a position that is surprising. We saw the pictures where meredith and Derek are holding a cute cute baby (i don't think that it's just a patient). Plus, they said that in the 21th episode, "Personal and work pressures are adding up and have Meredith visibly on edge". So i think (let's say hope...), that Meredith and Derek will begin the adoption thing (sorry, i don't know the word,i'm french), that they get attached to the baby, and at the end she finds out that she is pregnant! So she doesn't know what to do, if they want to adopt the baby anyway, have two children etc.... It would be a good storyline :) Well, i just really really want a see a real mcbaby! Their biological baby, with derek's hair and everything :) I'm getting really excited about this story!!! Grey's is just awesome


@fan of the show Now THAT is a Meredith/Derek baby storyline that I could get behind. A+


do you guys not think that the baby in the pics is a patient???? Why would they be taking their baby to work (they're in scrubs and lab coats) they would never allow pics to get out if that was the way the story was gonna go.


After his promise I expect that very soon Derek will snatch someone's baby and will bring it to their home (like a big turkey for Thanksgiving) and that will turn to be a great source of misunderstandings.


Wow! on the pictures of Mer and Der with the gorgeous baby. An interracial adoption would be a very compelling story...Wow!


@domcos: You tell 'em! Love the speech. 5 stars! :D


@Cristinarocks Not every one can be patient like you, you have that quality EXCELLENT its worth respecting and I respect that, but others may not and I feel for MD fans not because I am an MD lover but because this season at least they have a valid reason to be bitter, if you ask me personally I adored the first half of the season even with less MD because it was loaded with Derek and even Mer individually and I personally ADORED the DerStina bonding so ya for me the first half of the season has been GREAT but it might not be the same for others and I respect that and to a certain extent I agree with them that such huge issues as miscarriage and infertility were just brushed off and that was not fair. No one here is asking for a 42 min run of just MD all we want is balance. And my point is while MD fans might be nasty towards the characters or story lines, I for one haven't seen any of them getting personal with the fans, you want to fight over characters and sls and differentiating view points with regards to them then fine lets fight, but why every time attack someone who is wining about the show personally? these characters are still fiction but that person out there is REAL so instead of attacking him or her why not just stick to the show and the characters instead because honestly none of us out here have a right to make each other shut up or judge each other, we all live in a free world people not every time will we find people who have the same views as us, and we can't just make them SHUT UP e have to find the tolerance to co exist. Anyways am out of here. this site is beyond repair I guess I hadn't been coming here since a long long time because every time I come here someone or the other is getting into personal fights, but ya those MD pics did get me excited and I just wanted to be part of the magic of MD and spread their love, but looks like coming here was a mistake


@BettyBoop Honey if the "SOMEONE" you are showering your love at is the lucky me then I surely need to go find HELP, inhaling too much toxic air isn't good you see.


@domcos Honey I am not ranting bitching slapping YOU am I? I am ranting bitching slapping the show the characters and the story line I don't like and last time I checked you weren't the owner of the show so yeah it still is MY freaking right to rant bitch slap these characters or do whatever I feel like doing but you sweetheart don't have any damned rights what so ever to ask ME or any real person out there who is an individual in their own right to shut the hell up. Thats the difference btw MDers and other fan bases We bitch slap the characters or the show not the freaking fans of the characters no matter how pathetic the characters might be their fans at least are real people out there with emotions and I for one would respect them and their freaking freedom of expression @Aries93 Honey my post isn't irrelevant at all I just pointed out to you whats selfish to you may not be to me and vice versa

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Meredith (closing voiceover)

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