Grey's Anatomy Review: The Recovery

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Much of this week’s episode of Grey's Anatomy, "It's a Long Way Back," focused on Callie’s recovery from the car accident. She repeatedly pushed herself to the limit so she could be the mother that she always wanted to be to baby Sofia. 

One of the most moving scenes of the episode occurred when Callie’s friends snuck her to a window so that she could see little Sofia for the first time. Ultimately, Callie and Sofia both recovered, albeit with some bumps in the road, and were allowed to go home. 

Callie Torres On the Mend

Dr. Bailey showed that she is both a great mother and friend when she told Callie that it was ok to worry as a parent and that she needed to take her baby home. 

This week’s episode also proved that Arizona and Mark are capable of parenting together as they did when they communicated by cell phone during Callie’s and the baby’s surgeries. 

Dr. Stark once again showed that he is actually a complicated character when he kindly supported Arizona throughout the episode. At the same time, he refused to help Alex and basically told Alex that he was not reliable.

April seemed to be falling for Dr. Stark, but now he will not give her the time of day. Do you think they work as a couple now?

Alex, meanwhile, had to deal with an extremely difficult, and funny, lung cancer patient. She added a lot of much-needed comic relief to this episode.

After speaking with Arizona, Alex suddenly got the idea to fly in African children who needed surgery. Clearly, he was initially just trying to land the chief residency, but he seemed to actually care about the project by the end of the episode. 

Alex was his usual self when he continued with the project despite having no funds to do so. At the end of the episode, however, his deceased patient came through and left him more than enough money to care for the African children.

Chief Resident Front-Runner

Did you think that this was realistic? It should be interesting to see if Alex remains dedicated to helping the children and really changes and matures. Also, Alex may be in contention for the chief residency at this point. 

Meredith discovered that Adele was worse than the Chief had let on when she found a post-it that said, “This is Richard. Richard is your husband.” Once again, the post-it was a means of critical communication in Grey’s Anatomy and may have represented a turning point in the show.

After Meredith got Adele into the Alzheimer’s clinical trial, she snuck into the pharmacy and switched the trial information to help Adele get the actual drug rather than the placebo. This twist really was not all that surprising given Meredith’s horrible experience with her mother and Alzheimer’s. 

Meredith seemed especially upset when Adele thought that Meredith was Ellis Grey and accused Meredith of having an affair with the Chief. Additionally, it seemed like the Chief sort of impliedly asked Meredith to help Adele at all costs.

Or at least that’s how Meredith may have interpreted his words. 

Do you think that Meredith truly jeopardized the trial? If so, this will clearly cause problems with Derek and Meredith’s relationship in the future.

Elsewhere, Henry and Teddy bonded over Teddy’s bad dates. When Teddy came over to tell Henry that she was in the middle of a great date, Henry became upset.

Given that Henry has repeatedly told Teddy how he feels about her, Teddy’s behavior in this episode seemed pretty heartless. It was sad that Henry had prepared his apartment for a romantic date. Do you think Teddy will end up with Dr. Perkins or Henry? 

What did you think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Discuss!


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Im waiting for Callie to "pay the bill" now. Mer lost her baby to keep her husband and now she might lose her husband and get a baby. I'm waiting for Shonda to screw Callie over otherwise, it won't be fair!


Meredith: I was very disappointed that Meredith tampered with the trial. This isn't her first trial and she knows it's important to follow the rules or risk a potential life saving treatment for millions. I understand that she cares for Richard and Adele but she just put herself, her husband and millions of Alzheimers patients at risk. Alex is the only person who may (and that's a big MAY) be able to piece together what Meredith did but he would need a lot of background info to put it altogether. It seems her secret might be safe but for how long? What if the lock logs how many times someone comes and goes? Or worse, what if she's caught on camera??? Weren't cameras installed after the shooting? It wasn't very smart and I'm kinda annoyed that the main character not only doesn't have a focused career like her counterparts (Cristina and Alex....Avery, Lexie and...what's that girl's name again? doesn't count)but she just risked the little career she has going AND she risked Derek's career! Clearly, I have strong feelings about this LOL. Meredith and Derek: Again, where's the "big storyline"? It's not big when it's squeezed into the last 4 episodes of the story and over shadowed by Callie and Arizona's wedding amongst other things. It's really annoying that the main character had no real story with her husband especially with everything that happened to them in the last year. As for Derek talking about adoption, I think it's way too soon for them to consider it especially when there are other means for them to have a biological child that they have not considered. I hope this isn't Shonda Rhimes' way of robbing us of a successful pregnancy and delivery just as she robbed us of a legal marriage after all the hype. Owen and Cristina: I think it's funny that Owen actually believes he can convince Cristina to have a baby. Trying to get her to admit the baby was cute was priceless. Clearly, he doesn't know who he married. Can't wait to see the hills they will climb over the next couple of weeks. Alex: Who doesn't love Alex. He called that patient a b*tch so many times I lost count LMAO. I love Alex. When he's passionate about something, he walks into it blind and then figures it out. I really hope these surgeries go well for him and that he wins Chief Resident. Callie/Sofia/Mark and Arizona: I loved how Mark and Arizona worked together to help Callie and Sofia (Sofia Robbins Sloan it but could her name get any longer?). More importantly, I love how Mark is constantly making efforts to include Arizona in Sofia's life. It's great that he's recognizing her as a mom in this situation too. It's important to Callie and I love that they are trying despite the difficulties that arise. Great writing here. I was happy to see that the baby survived and hope this continues. I want to see more of this happy family but less of it in the next couple of weeks -- I want Mer/Der time! Dr. Stark and .....what is her name?!?: For some reason, the name escapes me at the moment but I'm glad Stark is ignoring her. She neglected their friendship because of what others said. I don't like followers generally so just another reason why I'm not a fan of this character. I LOVE Peter MacNichols so I'm kinda hoping Stark pops up from time to time but I don't favor the possibility of another regular cast member. It's too big already. Stark was awesome with Arizona though they disagree. He knew she wasn't confident in him but he showed her she could be and that while they have different work styles he cares about his tiny humans too. Teddy and Henry: I feel bad for Henry. Teddy has been clear. She hasn't led him on but he still doesn't get it. She doesn't want a romantic relationship with him. He's a friend and that's all she'll ever see him as. I'm grateful for that because this would become the next Izzie and Denny...been there, seen that. I was sad that Henry got hurt but he set himself up for that. Bailey: When isn't she great? Love Bailey and the way she reassured Callie. Overall, not a bad episode but not the greatest either. Can't wait to see how the season will end.


I just think it's a bit too fairy tale like that Callie's baby seems to be totally fine. is that realisitic?. Meanwhile Meredith seems to have a lot of 'cr*p' about to be heading her way, again. She's put her own and Derek's career at risk for a man who previously caused her to loose her childhood. I know Mer has positive feelings for Webber and Adele, but its just too mean of Shonda for Mer to be risking everything and getting caught out. Ironic that Alex is gonna manage to get away with his gamble and land the job as chief resident. I really am thinking is Alex or one of her fellow chief resident candidates is gonna reveal Mer's tampering with the clinical trial. I don't like this SL at all, and MerDer had better not breakup cos that will be too much to bear


... lukewarm review, from me. the show has become so- diluted? since its first engrossing, powerful 3 seasons! oh well. I do still catch myself watching new episodes as they post because I cannot help being curious what happens to some of the characters. maybe I shouldn't. I'm wondering if I was struck by the changes in the show because of the longer hiatus? I'm not sure.. but the pat, almost rote quips and dialogue quirks, the annoying musical 'commentary' during even serious attempts at meaningful dialogue, like a predictable tic, make the show- for me- so soap-opera-like. and, truthfully, Alex's interaction with his cantankerous patient, and Meredith's tampering with the trial files.. were a new "low" for me. I'm tempted to rent seasons 1-3 again, sometime.. watch them, and then say goodbye, privately, to the rest of the 'show'.


For some reason, two things hit me while watching the episode: 1) Scott Foley's character Henry, might just commit suicide (as a dramatic way to exit the show). It made sense to me as this will give Teddy more storyline with emotional trauma and grief, and luckily she has Perkins beside her for it. 2) I originally thought Alex and Mer were BOTH gonna get in trouble legally, with their actions regarding his African surgery project and her clinical trial assistance with Derek. And as a result, they'll GO AGAINST EACH OTHER, like rivals, jeopardizing each other's career and their hopes for the Chief Resident post. But now it's all nonsense since the Dragon Lady has given Alex his 200k. Aaand, I just realized I'm using my sister's Facebook account. Fab. :D Okay episode. It advanced the SLs very much. (P.S. Lol at everyone fussing about the "Alice" thing. And to that NICU mom, no offense, but I believe Sofia came out at 12wks.)


I thought that this weeks show sucked!!!!!!!!!!! And I love this show very much. The episode where they sang was crazy stupid!!! And this week a baby goes home from the NICU after 5 weeks!!!???? Not even possible. My baby was born at 25 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 5 months. And to have the peds Doctor do the PDA surgery is not even possible!!!!!! What a huge dissapointment on there point and what a slap in the face to mothers all over the world that have actually gone through the whole NICU experiance. They should have thought that through a lot more!


Whatever be the consequences of Meredith's dishonesty in the clinical trial, I just hope that Meredith and Derek do not split up. It will ruin the show and shoot back to season 3. They are supposed to have grown in this relationship and it's time they show this maturity in such a tough and rough. And what about the struggle for Meredith to get pregnant for one whole season? If they split up, it means that this whole season 7 was futile regarding the Merder relationship. I personally think they should be rewarded in that sense. Good things rarely happen to them in this show.


@McSleepy....LOL at your comment corrections. I too would love to see more Stark, he is growing on me.


@Katiej....I'm going to have to disagree with you. The show has been on for 7 seasons with the main characters names mentioned everywhere in this site. This has been a noticeable mistake made by so called "die hard" Grey's Anatomy fans numerous times. I just find it funny.


I was just SO excited to see Alex finally getting some much deserved screentime! I missed him so much, in this was completely in true form of the character. And I love how good Mark and Arizona get along now, the little fist-bump ro whatever they did at the beginning of the epi was great.

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