Grey's Anatomy Review: The Recovery

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Much of this week’s episode of Grey's Anatomy, "It's a Long Way Back," focused on Callie’s recovery from the car accident. She repeatedly pushed herself to the limit so she could be the mother that she always wanted to be to baby Sofia. 

One of the most moving scenes of the episode occurred when Callie’s friends snuck her to a window so that she could see little Sofia for the first time. Ultimately, Callie and Sofia both recovered, albeit with some bumps in the road, and were allowed to go home. 

Callie Torres On the Mend

Dr. Bailey showed that she is both a great mother and friend when she told Callie that it was ok to worry as a parent and that she needed to take her baby home. 

This week’s episode also proved that Arizona and Mark are capable of parenting together as they did when they communicated by cell phone during Callie’s and the baby’s surgeries. 

Dr. Stark once again showed that he is actually a complicated character when he kindly supported Arizona throughout the episode. At the same time, he refused to help Alex and basically told Alex that he was not reliable.

April seemed to be falling for Dr. Stark, but now he will not give her the time of day. Do you think they work as a couple now?

Alex, meanwhile, had to deal with an extremely difficult, and funny, lung cancer patient. She added a lot of much-needed comic relief to this episode.

After speaking with Arizona, Alex suddenly got the idea to fly in African children who needed surgery. Clearly, he was initially just trying to land the chief residency, but he seemed to actually care about the project by the end of the episode. 

Alex was his usual self when he continued with the project despite having no funds to do so. At the end of the episode, however, his deceased patient came through and left him more than enough money to care for the African children.

Chief Resident Front-Runner

Did you think that this was realistic? It should be interesting to see if Alex remains dedicated to helping the children and really changes and matures. Also, Alex may be in contention for the chief residency at this point. 

Meredith discovered that Adele was worse than the Chief had let on when she found a post-it that said, “This is Richard. Richard is your husband.” Once again, the post-it was a means of critical communication in Grey’s Anatomy and may have represented a turning point in the show.

After Meredith got Adele into the Alzheimer’s clinical trial, she snuck into the pharmacy and switched the trial information to help Adele get the actual drug rather than the placebo. This twist really was not all that surprising given Meredith’s horrible experience with her mother and Alzheimer’s. 

Meredith seemed especially upset when Adele thought that Meredith was Ellis Grey and accused Meredith of having an affair with the Chief. Additionally, it seemed like the Chief sort of impliedly asked Meredith to help Adele at all costs.

Or at least that’s how Meredith may have interpreted his words. 

Do you think that Meredith truly jeopardized the trial? If so, this will clearly cause problems with Derek and Meredith’s relationship in the future.

Elsewhere, Henry and Teddy bonded over Teddy’s bad dates. When Teddy came over to tell Henry that she was in the middle of a great date, Henry became upset.

Given that Henry has repeatedly told Teddy how he feels about her, Teddy’s behavior in this episode seemed pretty heartless. It was sad that Henry had prepared his apartment for a romantic date. Do you think Teddy will end up with Dr. Perkins or Henry? 

What did you think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Discuss!


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Also... you probably meant to write two? Wow


loved this episode :) it was AWESOME! much as I love Meredith and all of the original characters...I spent the entire episode wanting more Tenry! I love them too together! Teddy has to pick him over Perkins. and, with it being a tv show I think she will, but knowing Shonda she'll have her pick perkins as he's a doctor and will be more use to the show. but by having her pick henry then it shows that they can have relationships that work outside of the hospital as everyone is dating someone there!!! seriously...TEDDY AND HENRY FTW! tv line having a couple having sex for the first time...please let it be them


By the way katiej. What's the "bog" deal. At least make sure your comment is spelled correctly if you're going to get into issues concerning spelling.


Why do you weirdos even care how a character's name is spelled. Anyhow, I give the reviewer credit for being so objective. He creates more room for discussion about what actually occurred in the show. Some of you don't seem to realize this. I still think stark is very cool and I want to see more shows stark as a focus. He is a very complex character


@tisha. Big difference between adding an h in Christina. We rarely see the show write the characters' names, so it's an easy mistake. There's a bog difference between Ellis and Alice- they're too separate names.
I love Alex, he's one of my fav characters- he's grown so much it's crazy. Urgh, I hope meredith's mistake doesn't screw stuff up. Not only does the test now have Zero integrity, she's robbed another person's family. Sigh Meredith, think like a doctor!


I was surprised that not more people were upset at the way the writers destroyed Mer's character this eppi. It was like character destruction. Mer would have never jeoprodized her career or Dereks! I read the comments on the Grey's Anatomy Blog: Grey Matter I am glad to see so many people, the majority (Mer/Der are the majority of the viewers) share my same opinon. Seems like most people on here are CAM xD I don't know why...since MerDer kinda make the whole show and are the MAIN characters. Alex, Der, Mer, Cris should be on the whole eppi and the way we see barley any alex i would be happy if that was exchanged with CAM. I could care less what you respond to this comment because I am tired of Torres to watch season 1&2 which was amazing because...oh yeah, it focuses on the best characters.


So much better than a freaking musical! I have been thinking about not coming back and watching the show for the last four weeks after that abhorrent excuse for an episode. I am so glad I did because this episode was class. And I love the family of four!


LOL at all the people that are correcting the reviewer's mistake of calling Ellis Alice yet are spelling Cristina's name YOU watch the show? LOL


i really liked this episdoe alott. it was well done. to me one of the best this season. the MerDer storyline thats gonna get started im really scared for i dont want anything to happen to them they are perfect. I dont want what meredith did to ruin that relationship becasue they are finally together for real. I will be freaking out if somehting happens to them because of what mer did. The storyline for mark callie and arizona was cut ei really lked this epsiode with themm. I am happy for them. And Lastly alexx was cracking me up with the dragon lady and the money. All in all great episode


What was the song called where Callie gets to see the baby

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