Grey's Anatomy Scoop: What is MerDer's Big Decision?

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Callie and Arizona get married May 5 on Calzona's Grey's Anatomy. This we know.

Here are details you may not know, but now do, via Sara Ramirez and TV Line:

Not only does Bailey officiate Calizona’s nuptials, but she serves as the couple’s spiritual guide after Callie's mom fails to approve of the same-sex union.

“Bailey says to her, ‘God is everywhere. God is in you and me,'" Ramirez says. 

Tony Winner

"'Between us here in this room. And you don’t have to be in a church in order to marry someone and have a meaningful ceremony, union, marriage, wedding.’”

“So at the end of the day, Callie starts to embrace and understand that the person she needs to look to for self-assurance, love and acceptance, is inside of her.”

As for the other big event that day, pertaining to Meredith and Derek?

The episode synopsis we revealed earlier this week includes this telltale line: “Meredith and Derek make a decision that will change their lives forever.”

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Totally agree @Cristinarocks. I would like to think that TV Fanatic can report GA news a little more objectively. I am a Callie and Arizona who finds the cross out offensive. And I don't believe it is the first time.


i dont care about Meredith she could leave and I wouldnt care. Hope the new season focus on Alex and Cristina! @ TV fanatic You dont have to crossed out Calzona's name we all know that the show its call Greys Anatomy. I bet that the Meredith's fan find it funny but Callie and Arizona fans dont. Dont be asshole and focus on given news and spoilers about the show.


Glad callie is getting her act together with the spiritual thing. Will she be more positive caring and have more depth with how she interacts with arizona?


Do ANY of you realize that whatever baby they cast, whether or not its MerDers biological baby, or an adoptee will not be the ACTUAL LIVE child of Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, right? Yes, I'm sure any child that these two beautiful people made would be a stunning child, but still at the end of the day whatever baby they CAST will not come from Ellen's uterus or made from Patrick's sperm. It will be a beautiful baby that some idiot mom is renting out for a few dollars for a "college fund". Yay for stage moms! The way you all go on you act as if they were taking a real, live, baby right away from them. They're actors. SHeesh. NOT REAL. And OTOH, if these people WERE real...... isn't love more important than DNA?


MerDer are probably getting married for real in order to adopt.


I love Mark, so I don't mind all the calzona stuff......wish there was a little more mer/der, though:)


Hello Just had an epiphany, Season 7 is just like Season 5. Season 5 was all Izzie and her hallucinations and discovering she had cancer. We all got sick of Izzie being the centre of attention and no MerDer drama. Now Season 7 is going the same way and is focusing on Callie/Arizona and Mark, as previous we have gotten sick of them getting the attention. I would like to see Grey's Anatomy venture back to it's heyday that made it so great, it is suppose to be about Meredith and her struggles not everybody else's drama. Let's focus more on Meredith and Derek. We hardly see any Meredith and Derek time, and when we do Derek sticks Meredith with a needle.


Well I know it is television, but in real life you have to be a married couple in order to adopt a child. So in order for Derek and Meredith to adopt a baby they would indeed need to be married.

Mumbles cit

maybe they will adopt and then unexect happens and mer get pregant.


Yay for Calzona! Can't wait for May 5th! I love Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw, they are two brilliant actresses with amazing chemistry :)

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