Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Spoilers: Emotional Shots Fired!

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The upcoming season finale of Grey's Anatomy won't feature a crazed gunman, but there will be bombshells, victims, collateral damage and emotional scars aplenty.

On May 19, Shonda Rhimes promises a season-ender quite unlike the event we saw a year ago, but with some thematic parallels. Here's what Rhimes told TV Line:

“Last year, we had a gunman ... This year, there’s an emotional shootout when the season is done, and Meredith, Alex and Cristina are not left unwounded.”

Doctor A. Karev

“What I love about what happens at the end of the season of Grey’s Anatomy is everybody takes very interesting turns,” she continues, “and things will happen that I don’t think anybody is expecting to happen for our characters.”

A clue about Mer’s looming crisis may come in this week’s episode, Shonda says:

“We see Meredith do some things concerning the Alzheimer’s clinical trial that just aren’t good - or even legal - but she feels are right. And once that happens, the consequences for her start to emerge, and it’s about how long she can keep them at bay.”

As for who becomes Chief Resident, that was a fierce debate in the writers room.

“We had big arguments about who should be Chief Resident,” she says, “and part of it really came down to what we wanted the story to be going forward and where all our characters needed to be at the end of the season.”

Well, that's a lot to take in. What do you think the "emotional shootout" is all about? What do you think happens with Meredith - and who becomes Chief Resident?

Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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What I think will happen (humble opinion) 1. April wins CR. There have been various hints indicating that. I was a resident and I know how things work in that environment. Remember that Stark put a good word about April with Owen. In a residency program when a tough to please, old and seasoned attending likes a resident his word is taken very seriously. Also, April demonstrates that she has the clerical and organizational skills that the others do not have, plus a more pleasant personality and better bed side manners. 2. Alex will be out of the Chief race. I think that when Lexie finds out that he ratted Meredith to become CR contender, she will rat Alex out for what he did with his african children project. Remember that the funding for all of that came from a personal check from a patient. I work at a hospital and I know that by him accepting that donation without notifying the hospital or the department of surgery he is violating the "Stark Law" which prevents us doctors to receive compensation or personal gifts from patients. He also harrassed that woman for the money, which is also a clear ethics violation. Remember that Lexie witnessed all of that. 3. Christina gets pregnant and probably will have the baby. There may be a period when she and Owen are going to be in trouble but I guess they will be back eventually. She aborted once already, I doubt that the writers will do the same again. 4. Avery breaks up with Lexie. She finishes the season alone. Then, she will get very close to Meredith since she is the only one in the house left for her. Derek will probably move out, Alex is not her friend anymore and Avery will probably break up with Lexie. Christina lives with Owen. 5. Meredith and Derek are breaking up. The usual thing.. they get married by a Stick It Note and they are having a great time. They finally officialize it and things will get ruined. Like real life! The main issue will be that both of them will want to adopt the baby but they will put a fight as to who of them will have her as they will probably separate. The story line of the series shifted from them a while ago, so the series will go back to having Meredith as the key regular character. 6. Callie's story takes a seat back as she is happily married and has her baby. However, I think that her story (if the series is not cancelled before) will come back since Sofia was a micro-preemie baby born under bad circumstances and these babies have a good chances of developing developmental problems. I have the feeling that Sofia will end up with some form of disability in the future. 7. Mark and Lexie are not going to be back together yet. 7.


cristina pregnant - wow


oh and i reallllllY HOPE APRIL DOES NOT GET CR!!!!


some guesses -mer gets fired
-mer and der break up
-mark and lil grey get back together
-christina get cr anyway
-kurev ends up with that blonde dr anyway
-kurev gets in trouble
-something happens with mer trial bc of her messing with it and ADELE dies
-ricard quits
-mark get hurt
-burke comes back
-telly dies in wreck


April totally deserves CR. Remember when Derek was Chief and resigned because he missed actual surgical time? April is the only one I know that doesn't seem to be 100% a surgeon. She seems to be more a doctor and a organizer first.
I like Avery but I would really love to see Lexie and Mark get back together, but the only way that would work is if Lexie grew up some and wanted to be involved with Sophia's life (which would totally make that a more complicated situation than it is already) The way she is right now though, Avery suits her better. I just really want Mark to find romantic happiness. He has always been my favorite.
I want Henry and Teddy to be together.
I know it is extremely far fetched, but I really am hoping Cristina steps up to being a mom. I really hope she doesn't abort, she would prob lose Owen over it if she did. I mean, I don't want her to just give in to him, I hope something clicks and she sees she can have it all. Most likely though, she will lose the baby so no one has to make the tough decisions.
Totally would love to see Alex and Izzie ride off into the sunset somehow, but I am pretty sure Katherine Heigl is done with the show. Kind of tired of Alex's Character but would like to see him happy for a change.
I HATE this storyline for Merder. So much of it is hypocritical. How can the chief fire her after doing that for his wife? I am wondering if she will have some kind of epiphany where she decides her career isn't the most important thing and get some kind of easier job with fewer hours to raise the baby. At first I thought she really didn't want to adopt, but after the interview on the last show, it was so sincere, that I think she wants that baby as much as if it were her own, maybe she would have the same insecurities with a biological child.
Whew! I think I covered everything, sorry so long.


Just saw the preview for the finale. As usual, it's going to be all jumbled. I am a big Derek and Meredith fan, I believe that is holding fans to stick to this show for so long. Last 2 season, last year, and this year has been a bit bland and uncreative stories for our characters that we love. What happened to the intense medical stories that fit with what's going on with the docs? what happened to showing meredith and derek after they got back together? And if they show them break apart, that is going to cause a big dent in their fan base, which may jump the shark! Ok, this is how I saw it. meredith is with baby, and there's a room with nothing in it, not even bed sheets? I'm guessing that alex went back to move in after the rv got towed, and after his tatter tell, he moves out before he gets stoned in that house. Chief is going to fire someone; obviously the screen will point out to Meredith, but I think it's going to be...christina. she's been great in her surgeries but she's really gone behind teddy and her overconfidence will cause a patient's life in jeopardy. Even teddy has been hinting that she's like a ticking bomb. If it's april that wins it, I won't watch as much before, it should go to either Meredith, christina, Alex, or even yes Lexie. April is too naive, and not confident to take charge and for people to take her seriously. Jackson is not really there to do much other than to continue with family tradition of being doctors. In a way, I can see it going to Lexie, she's got everything in memory, she's organized, and has less drama as a doctor than the others. As for Meredith and Derek, derek is going to say he doesn't see how she can't see from right or wrong, but will remember his mom saying that Meredith is one that fits in between and will go after it. I hope and think he will stick it out with her, after all they just got married! and I dont' think the show would jump the shark with the on/off, on/off, on/off relationship. FAns have had enough of that, and now they want a happy ending for them and so far, we have been robbed of it!


i think that april should be chief resident as she does have as much a passion and working in the o.r...unlike mer.christina and alex...what do you all think???


heres my predictions: 1) Alex: Im guessing alex wins chief resident. And after reading a ausiello blind item about 2 BIG shocking returns on the same show on an hour long drama, i think izzie will come back for some sort of closure. 2) cristina: the other blind item return, burke is back (or erica)!! Teddy is probs running of to germany, which means cristina needs a cardio god...and burke would stir up major drama with crowen 3) meredith: merder try to adopt zola, but it doesnt happen (shonda said in an interview that the adoption storyline is gonna progress to nxt season) And the mers trial dishonesty is going to be brought to light causing major issues. 4) april: There was a spoiler about a character contracting HIV on a major hour long tv drama...and april was just exposed to the virus when the african girl puked blood all over her. plus isnt something life changing going to happen to her ok, so these are my predictions...maybe im wrong or maybe im right but either way this should be an awesome season


heres my predictions: 1) Alex: Im guessing alex wins chief resident. And after reading a ausiello blind item about 2 BIG shocking returns on the same show on an hour long drama, i think izzie will come back for some sort of closure. 2) cristina: the other blind item


my guess is merder adopt a baby, or at least i hope soy, shonda hasn't payed any attention to the at all this season, i mean it was all callie and arizona, i don't dislike them but it's GREY'S anatomy not calzona's my guess lucy and alex will have an affair but then she will leave him, although i hope so so izzie returns, i know she won't but just wishin' and hopin' i think one of the six charaters left from the beggining (derek, meredith, bailey, alex, christina and the chief) will go

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