Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Double Wedding Ahead?!

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We know Callie and Arizona are getting married on Grey's Anatomy (save the date, May 5). But will they be the only couple tying the knot by the end of Season 7?

Calzona's big day won't be without drama, according to TV Line, and two major absences at the wedding make you wonder if a second pair is also sealing the deal.

The whole cast was on hand for the wedding shoot, sans Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. Could Meredith and Derek be off partaking in their own nuptials?

In the Bed

Will the Post-It on the wall be joined by a legal companion?

Rumors have been circulating that Drs. Grey and Shepherd will make their Post-It union legal this season. Will they choose Callie and Arizona's wedding day to do it?

We know there's a big Mer-Der story coming up this spring as well, but we'll have to wait and see how this plays out. As for the wedding we know takes place ...

“There is a circumstance that leaves Callie’s father (played by Hector Elizondo) to not be able to walk her down the aisle,” says Jessica Capshaw of the elder Torres.

Carlos was not a big fan of Callie's same-sex romance to start with, though he came around. Mostly. But it looks like that may have been just half the battle.

“What’s really beautiful about this episode,” says Sara Ramirez, “is that there is a moment where Callie is really doubting herself, her life, the choices that she’s made."

"To pick this person to be with for the rest of her life is not received well by her mother, and that presents a real difficulty for her because I think she looks to her mother for some kind of emotional embracing around this whole event.”

Alas, Lucia Torres (Gina Gallego) has her own thoughts on her little girl’s conundrum, so by the time of the wedding day, the guest list will have been altered significantly.

Still, buoyed by a terrific pep talk from the ceremony’s extra-special officiant, Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson, who also directed the episode), Callie finds the inner strength she needs to forge ahead - with a McSteamy man on her arm no less.

“Mark ends up giving her away, which is really sweet,” Ramirez reveals.

“He has always been Callie’s best friend, through thick and thin … and now they have a child together. They’re bonded for life, basically!”

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2 go o vä


D show has been incredible,am a huge fan of mer& it is sad when talking about z "infertility"


It's everyone's right to state their opinion and if their opinion comes across to you as 'whining', then ignore it or respect it. As well, not everyone has to love whatever Sara and Jessica are creating onscreen. To me, it's a big mess, it's a mockery of what it's supposed to be a relationship and character assassination on Gary Clark level. That's my opinion on it and I don't have to love it because it should be perceived as THE story. A lot of people hated MerDer's story, others hated Izzie's, and so forth, but people aren't judging on "How can YOU not love this?" but actually expressing that they want to see more of their favorite characters. Not a crime. Another thing, it has not been 4 or 5 episodes. It's the second half of the season. The producers follow a pattern of having a main story for the first and second half of the season. Do the math. It's on 8 now. And finally, great that Shonda wants to stand for human rights and love and what not...but it not always makes good TV. I would handle her more credit if she made a kickass documentary (narrated by JCap if you want) about the current situation but the way she has incorporate it into the show? Total. Absolute. Disaster. Translating it into GA just makes me roll my eyes. And I have tons of gay friends that I love and defend them to death. I've known of lesbians that are offended by what's happening on GA and are in fact, missing the S1-5 GA days (some even daring to want M/D back as the spotlight). I have zero respect for Shonda because while she may defending universal love, she hurt many people who suffer from infertility and miscarriages and I haven't seen SR going off on people for that. It's insensitive. And to end, I will join the 'whining' and demand more MerDer/Alex/Cristina/Bailey/Richard. They were such great characters...


@Juicy87- I agree with every single word you wrote!


I really don't like Callie, and I wish that her story could be on the back burner for awhile. She used to be a total witty badass now she is very bitchy, she complains all the time. I want the storyline to go back to Meredith, Christina and Alex. I really want to see Alex develop more, but not with Lucy, Lucy is just like Izzie. Alex needs someone different.


Sara Ramirez is carrying Grey's Anatomy right now as far as I am concerned. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's great..I just can't understand how anyone could not like what Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez are creating on the screen. They are changing the world and bringing Grey's Anatomy, one of the best TV shows ever, along for the ride. They are a representation of human rights and love. I am a straight girl, and I fell in love with Calzona. And so what if they have 4 or 5 shows out of 24 produced dedicated to their storyline. Big deal! I am a huge MerDer fan, and all you chronic complaining MerDer fans need to quit complaining. It's so childish.


I'd rather see Mer's real Dad and Cristina's step dad walk 2 down the aisle than other cast ,GA's about intern growing up story since Season 1, when change to Gay couple's love romance??? how I think epi 18? I love it, because I saw Mer want the baby badly and Derek promise her she'll get it,Owen let Cristina try her plan and prove her ability almost equal Attending , Alex's capiable to assist Addison and better than Lucy ,


I should probably clarify that I have no qualms with the fact that Calzona is a lesbian couple. Gay, straight, transgender...I could really care less. I see human beings, not their sexual preference. My personal issue with Calzona is that I don't like Callie. I think she's over the top and just plain annoying. I LOVED Callie when she was the badass bone doctor. I LOVED Arizona when she was the badass pediatric doctor that wore wheely-sneaks. Now, it's like because they're together, the entire story line that of their relationship! I miss the patients! How about the guy who went to Hong Kong to have a surgery to make him taller and Callie had to shave his bones down to correct the surgery-gone-wrong or when Arizona yelled at Alex in the helicopter her first episode about the boy who just died because the wrong kinds of treatment were being used to begin with. I would LOVE if their story line was about those things, and then the drama in their relationship was intertwined.


Dimples61 You go girl could not agree more,if that was my partner would have sent the man whore packing maybe with a circumsion ages ago,angry that Callie went there done that but now its time for just the girls all 3 of them.Mark needs to get his own life instead of stealing Arizona's. Mer and Der still get their screen time so chill out it may not happen over the next few episodes but it will happen. Go Shondda let the girls shine.


Hmmmm I love coming here and reading all you comments. If Ruby's comment wasn't so childish. I would have been amused. I'm totally suprised Ruby has a computer. Cause she acts as one lost in the 1950's. Honey this is 2011 and us nasty lesbian's are every where. And in episode 7.20 called "White Wedding" we are going to get to witness the 2 most beautiful women on "Grey's Anatomy" tie the knot. Up until this point I have been pissed off at this story line myself. But the only reason I have been pissed is cause of the freakin sperm doner being right in the middle of the girl's relationship. Callie and Arizona deserve a little alone time and I hope after the wedding they get that. And Mark goes back to Lexie and if MerDer get married at the same time the girls do they get there screen time the beginning of next season. I know everyone is freaking over not getting any MerDer time. And ya know what??? I am a hugh "Calzone" fan. But I would have gladly gave the MerDer fans the time that was spent on this stupid story my girls had to endure with the manwhore. This whole time I have hated Mark and felt sorry for Arizona. Yeah Callie had never got anything she really wanted. But this time she got it all. The baby the woman and the bff. To bad when AZ had the wreck Mark wasn't setting in Callie's lap. He flew through the window and AZ ran over him LMAO!!!

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