Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ma Ke Kahakai"

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Generally, I've found that Hawaii Five-O does better taking things a single plot at a time, so I was surprised this episode held together as well as it did considering everything going on.

There was just the right mix of action, mystery, and character development in "Ma Ke Kahakai" to keep me from wishing one bit of plot was focused on over another.

A Hike Ruined

McGarrett broke his arm while examining a body he and Danno discovered while hiking. The camaraderie between the two characters is certainly growing given that I can hardly imagine Danno deciding to go on a hike with anyone else.

Even in stressful situation like this McGarrett and Danno worked as a team to solve their predicament. Also, Danno miming a little heart as McGarrett was airlifted off the mountain was precious.

I also learned that it's always a good idea to carry duct tape wherever one happens to go. It honestly wasn't a hiking supply I have ever considered before until I saw McGarrett use it to help set his arm.

The scenes between Chin Ho and Kono were quite touching and intense. Kono's naive view of what a good cop is supposed to do, clashed against Chin's own sense of right and wrong.

For Chin it's obvious that despite the law the right thing to do is to help his family and friends. As he says, "Sometimes things aren't so simple."

I'm not sure anyone watching ever doubted Chin's innocence surrounding his dismissal from the H.P.D., but it's always nice to have confirmation. Perhaps next on Chin's list of truths to reveal to Kono will be the real reason he and his fiance split up.

Morrimoto showing up for a brief guest appearance as himself was fun, but sort of only added to my own weird internal conspiracy theory between Iron Chef America and Hawaii Five-O. Somewhere out there a fan fiction writer is having a field day mashing the Chairman and Wo Fat together. Maybe Wo Fat launders all his money through Kitchen Stadium.

The action in this episode wasn't anything monumental, but it was all fun, and appropriate. Nothing was dragged out too far, and I had fears after seeing the preview that most of the episode was going to focus on McGarrett unconscious on a cliff.

McGarrett mentioned at the very beginning of the episode that another piece of missing evidence from his father's tool box was delivered to him. I hope the mention will be expanded on in another episode soon. I'm a little unsure if it's actually Wo Fat handing back the evidence, but it should be interesting to see how that piece of the puzzle plays out.


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this is soo much better then the original show!!

Ann parker

sure is not as good as the original show!!


To Don Marks the song is Walk it Back by R.E.M.


Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing at the end???


I loved that Steve took Danny on a hiking trip Steve wanted to share with Danny one of his favorite places, a special place he went with his father. And my I say hawaii looks absolutely stunning! that view was breathtaking!
Those two grow so much after their first met they become more like brothers now. Their bickering and the relationship they have built together is why I love this show so much. The miming heart Danno made was adorable I liked the backstory to Chin and that Kono knows the truth now the car scene was sad but wonderful done! Chin line "I finally found a home here with Five-0" sab! sab! got tears in my eye's While Steve was absent Danny took over as leader of the Task Force he did great!! Don't no if this a set up for the future but this eppie was more character driven then about solving a crime . I like the focus on character stuff but wonder where it go's to maybe Steve will be away from the Task Force next season but I bet the writers have something in Store for us I loved de music last night specially the last one anybody knows from who it is? Overall I loved this eppie it will be one of my Fav. and the beautiful island of Hawaii is definitely the five person in the Five-O


I thought it was well balanced too (more so than other split story episodes), and just really good and entertaining. I like the focus on character stuff, but there was still enough cop drama and action stuff for those who enjoy that more. And it was yet another gorgeous montage of Hawaiian scenery.


Let's just hope this doesn't become a 'family story' instead of action packed cop show it started out to be.


Last night's episode (4/11/11) of Hawaii Five-O was awesome. I love the plots involving the personal lives of Steve, Danny, Chin Ho, and Kono. It shows that although they are tough cops, they also have a softer side. It was great when Danny used sign language to tell Steve "I love you." Kono did a great job too in the car talking to Chin Ho about cops should tell the truth.

Mrs cleaver

I too love the way the team is developing and learning to depend on each other and work off each other. McGarrett was funny, breaking his arm but still not taking a day off, busting down doors with the one arm in the cast.
Why though was Chin's uncle mad at him if the Uncle stole the money and Chin took the fall for it? You'd think the guy would be thanking Chin for covering for him. That made no sense to me. Anyone?


This was a well balanced epi. I agree with you. I am thrilled the writers were able to create a character driven episode that did not have to involve anymore sob-plots involving the over-exposed members of Danny's family. Bravo, they discovered other ways to show off their characters' characters! I like your Iron Chef theory. Weird crossover, but I like it. Haha!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Kono: You're a cop! You're supposed to tell the truth!
Chin: Sometimes things aren't so simple, Kono!

Shaved Ice, do me a favor, no one wants to articulate with you.