House Review: "Last Temptation"

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On this week’s episode of House, "Last Temptation," Thirteen re-appeared and Masters had to decide whether she wanted to be a permanent fixture on House’s team. 

The beginning of the episode showed Masters quizzing herself in preparation for facing House.

It was interesting to see Masters from this perspective and learn how truly disciplined she is. House hired Masters as his intern and then predictably fired her when she refused to turn in a forged log. Once again Masters’ strict morality was pitted against House’s distaste for following the rules. 

House and His Understudy

House later invited Masters back when she began to tell white lies in order to work on House’s case.  

The episode explored the gradual erosion of Masters’ moral code, which came to a climax when Masters drugged the teenage patient in order to get the patient’s parents to sign a consent form allowing the team to amputate the patient’s cancer-ridden arm. 

Masters clearly related to the patient, who saw herself as different. Following House’s advice and breaking the rules to save the patient’s life, however, was the last straw for Masters. 

Rather than become more like House, which Thirteen and Chase warned against, Masters decided to quit and distance herself from House.

The last scene, where Masters tripped over one of the chickens involved in a bet between House and Wilson, was very appropriate.

Masters, who was sad after quitting, quickly was able to recover and show how happy she was that a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

Thirteen came back for her first day of work this episode. She gave Masters some advice and appeared throughout the episode but did not have a large role.

Do you want to see more of Thirteen? Did Masters make the right decision? Discuss last night's episode of House with us below.


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The only good part of the episode was the chickens!!! That's how bad the episode was!!! We did not need an episode dedicated to Masters, she was annoying and boring and I'm glad she's gone!!!


Reading the other comments I can't help thinking how people are exaggerated. And ranking Masters as the most boring character on the show, seriously? ¬¬ No character in the story of TV Shows will ever be as boring as Dr. Eric Boreman.
I am sad Masters is leaving. She was a really good addiction and was very refreshing to the show not to mention a much more interesting character than 13's. It is really a shame she's leaving. I know she was just a temporary replacement but I wish they had showed us a bit more of her personal life or lack thereof.


Masters, one of the greatest characters of the season, and even the whole serie. She gave a sort of balance to the group and i found her naiveness funy most of the times. But in the end I think she made the right decision... I will miss her, though.


i never thought after this episode i am gonna miss masters


I am glad Thirteen is back. I wish we saw more of her!


I just keep telling myself House is on drugs again. But I like Masters and hope she does interact with them even if she isn't a doc. I want her and Chase to hook up and it leads to something longer term.


@JJ your comment just made me laugh! I had to point that out. Personally I don't think the episode was the worst ever, don't get me wrong, it was pretty bad alright! Just not the worst.
Ok so was anyone even remotely bothered to whether Masters would stay or leave? As long as she doesn't come back I'm a happy fan! She brought NOTHING to the show, had a few funny lines throughout her time (I'll give them that) but apart from that she will NOT be missed, especially not by me.


@Sheck If you don't think Wilson would have agreed to the chicken bet, then you've obviously never watched any season of House prior to this one. This ep actually worked for me. It had a little too much Masters, but that wasn't a dealbreaker, and it's good to see the team welcoming Thirteen back with open arms (and a little jealousy from Masters? Looked like she had a thing for Chase in previous eps.) Too bad next one isn't for a few weeks.


Jonathan, the point of Masters was to have someone at last object to what House is doing on ethical grounds and for him to have someone to fight against since Cuddy became his doormat. There's been no one to do it since Cameron left. Unfortunately, the writing for the show has been so weak these last seasons that the character wasn't effective at all. Instead of a boss or even a high status doctor, Masters was a med student who had no power at all so all House had to do was roll over her.


I loved a couple of things in this episode regarding Masters. Her roommate said what we have all been thinking; she's weird, she dresses strangely and she should get away from Houses. Later the roommate changed her mind when there was an actual internship and the other male intern was jealous, which was funny and also creepy. Masters had to go and not just because 13 returned, it took even Chase several years to become totally corrupted, Masters couldn't change in the space of one 6 month duty. The 'real-ish' heart surgeon had a couple of good lines too, "I'm already forgetting you," was great. The chicken thing was dumb, House was obviously setting Masters up and the team gave her good advice. In the end, she will go on to being EXCEPTIONAL in her own way somewhere else. Bye Masters.

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Disgusting beasts. I don't know why I ever agreed to this bet.


House: Nothing will ever be simple again.
Masters: That's fine with me.